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Utter failures and lessons remained unlearned


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Published in: Technology
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Utter failures and lessons remained unlearned

  1. 1. Utter Failures and Lessons Remained Unlearned
  2. 2. Who am I?
  3. 3. Ilari Henrik Aegerter Manager Quality Engineering Europe @
  4. 4. Ilari Henrik Aegerter President of
  5. 5. What is failure?
  6. 6. fiasco, debacle, catastrophe, di saster, flop, washout, dead loss, snafu, loser, underachiev er, crash, collapse, bomb, aban don, betray
  7. 7. photo credit:
  8. 8. The Happy Path
  9. 9. 1. Do (or don’t do) something 2. It becomes a huge success 3. The Nobel prize committee is on the phone for you
  10. 10. Is that how things usually happen? photo credit:
  11. 11. Who here has ever failed?
  12. 12. It is (sometimes) ok to fail
  13. 13. “The best way to recover from failure is to learn from it” - Pradeep Soundararajan, during today’s coffee break
  14. 14. Paths of failures
  15. 15. The thing you do satisfies your own (or somebody else’s) criteria for success to some degree
  16. 16. fail fail
  17. 17. fail
  18. 18. Personal vs. Corporate vs. Community Failures
  19. 19. Personal Failures
  20. 20. Not to learn something that would be helpful for the job
  21. 21. Not to work on relationships
  22. 22. Cultivate an “us vs. them” mindset
  23. 23. Be a pedantic asshole
  24. 24. Personal Failures Possible Reasons
  25. 25. photo credit:
  26. 26. Incompetence Lack of priority (NOT time) Fear Motivation/Procrastination Underestimating effort Halluzination Zombie Apocalypse
  27. 27. Corporate Failures
  28. 28. Not to develop an understanding of what software testing is and what it isn’t
  29. 29. Systematically hire the wrong people
  30. 30. Rely on ridiculously useless certifications
  31. 31. Over-reliance on secondary work products (Absence of evidence != Evidence of absence)
  32. 32. Corporate Failures Possible Reasons
  33. 33. Maybe we don’t speak up No relationship to C-levels Few testers are managers Zombie Apocalypse
  34. 34. Community Failures
  35. 35. Overestimate our importance
  36. 36. Peer certification without concrete evidence
  37. 37. Not every good puzzle solver is a good tester
  38. 38. Not to build relationships to C-level decision makers
  39. 39. Allow worthless certification scheme dealers as sponsors of some of our conferences
  40. 40. Community Failures Possible Reasons
  41. 41. Lack of leadership Halluzination Wrong concept of “evidence” Lack of sufficient lobbying Zombie Apocalypse
  42. 42. The questions that bother me most
  43. 43. 1. How can we effectively influence decision makers to a) develop a sound understanding of testing and b) hire testers accordingly?
  44. 44. 2. How do we massively grow this community to become the reference of how excellent testing is done
  45. 45. alright
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  47. 47. Thank You!
  48. 48. Imagecredit: Open Season @ilarihenrik
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  50. 50. TEXT