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Bike Messengers - an example of Experience Prototyping.

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Experience Prototyping

  1. 1. All pictures and text in this document are copyrighted by the authors and should not be used without prior consent.
  2. 2. Experience Prototyping by Kshitiz Anand Jordan Fugate Hyewon Gim Human Computer Interaction/Design School of Informatics Indiana University
  3. 3. A journey, from disability experiences of the participants, to user experience prototyping for museum goers.
  4. 4. Project Goal Study the different kind of disabilities Identify disabilities to experience Generate insights from experience prototyping Generate concepts Select concept Execute concept User testing NOTE: This project is NOT to design for disabled people.
  5. 5. Identifying Disabilities
  6. 6. Kinds of disability Physical, Cognitive, Visual, Aural Permanent, Temporary
  7. 7. An old man with palsy and impaired vision
  8. 8. A pregnant lady
  9. 9. A dyslexic kid
  10. 10. Identifying Characteristics of each disability
  11. 11. Pregnant Woman Social Significance Physical Constraints Nausea Pain in stomach Feeling heat
  12. 12. Partial blindness Inability to see clearly Hunchback Shaking fingers Inability to bend Constrained movements Old man with palsy and impaired vision
  13. 13. Directional confusion Inability to remember things Tendency to see reverse Confusion in differentiating characters Unable to follow multiple instructions Kid with dyslexia
  14. 14. Body Storming Exercise Goal : Experience the disability first hand Selecting props Enacting scenario Performing tasks Experiencing disability
  15. 15. Old man with palsy and impaired vision
  16. 24. Pregnant Lady
  17. 31. Dyslexic kid
  18. 33. Enlisting Insights from body storming exercise
  19. 37. Concepts Generation for Museum Exhibit
  20. 38. Narrative Story telling
  21. 39. Around America experiencing different seasons
  22. 40. Walking on the streets of Kolkata
  23. 41. Bike Messengers in New York city
  24. 42. Deciding concept Parameters Meanings Intention Experience Multimodality Creativity Potentiality Universality
  25. 43. Decided concept
  26. 44. Physical Prototype Sketch for Bike Messenger exhibit
  27. 45. Mapping disabilities, insights into concept
  28. 46. Scenario building, execution plans
  29. 50. Prototyping
  30. 54. User Testing
  31. 59. Context of Museum Exhibit
  32. 68. Video Editing
  33. 72. Editing done on iMovie on MacBook Pro
  34. 73. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gVnQWrw8Xmc Watch video here…
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