A sampling of our bank creative work


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A sampling of our bank creative work

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  3. 3. There’s a place in your neighborhood that’sstill making the American Dream come true.Turn to pg. 3 to see what we can do for you.We’re financing yourneighbors’ dreams.What can we do for you? There’s no credit crunch here. We’ve got money to lend for residential mortgages and home equity loans. At very attractive rates. This may be the perfect time to make the American Dream come true for your family. Come in and let us help.
  4. 4. Angry because your community bankgot swallowed up by another big bank?Here’s over 40,000 reasons to be happy.East River Bank has more than 40,000 ATMs that are FREE forour customers. They’re right near where you live, work, and shop.Our free, full-featured online banking gives you 24/7 secure access to pay bills, transferfunds and manage your daily banking needs. We’re local, family-owned and we do morefor our customers. Our high interest-paying Go Green checking account is a great example. rCHECKING n .20 1 %You don’t have to become just another number at a big bank. You’ll get the personal Earnservice, the convenience, and all the benefits of a local community bank. Switch toEast River Bank. APY*Call us at 267-295-6420 or visit us online. Interest on Checking $100 Minimum DepositSee all our SURCHARGE-FREE ATMs near you at www.eastriverbank.com/myATMs. FDIC Insured* Minimum balance of $100 to earn Annual Percentage Yield (APY) which is accurate as of 12/13/11. The APY for accounts with balances of $100–$999.99 is 1.20%. The APY for accounts with balances of $1000–$9,999.99 is 1.20%. The APY for accounts with balances of $10,000–$24,999.99 is 1.20%%. The APY for accounts with balances of $25,000–$49,999.99 is 1.20%. The APY for accounts with balances of $50,000 and above is 1.20%. The Annual Percentage Yield for any tier may change at any time. Offer applies to new money only. Must have an online account. E-statements required. Fees may reduce earnings.
  5. 5. Nothing wastes more time than We’re at it again! The very same people you Now you can get the kind having to go through layers to knew and trusted from of local commercial and Roxborough-Manayunk residential development Bank have opened terms and rates other an even better bank! was gone forever! have turned to us for so • Quick loan approvals. • Flexible and creative terms. • Strong history with area builders. • Excellent rates. 100 YEARS OF COMMITMENT. COMPOUNDED DAILY. 4341 Ridge Avenue, East Falls • 6137 Ridge Avenue, Roxborough • 267.295.6420 Call Jerry Cotlov direct at 267-295-6431 or Frank Toohey direct at 267-295-6442ERB07046_Hat_Ad_A.indd 8 11/1/07 9:47:42 AM