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Willem lammers energy_psychology


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This is my keynote address at the first European Conference for Energy Psychology in July 2001. It offers an integrated world view for science and spirituality. I was surprised how much of my current thoughts about Logosynthesis are reflected in this presentation.

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Willem lammers energy_psychology

  1. 1. is a Welcome to the First Energy Psychology Conference Europe! July 5-8, 2001 © 2001 – 1
  2. 2. is a The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives – Albert Einstein © 2001 – 2
  3. 3. Quick Fixes & Creative Intelligence Professional Dilemmas on the Energy Odyssey
  4. 4. is a Energy Psychology  Energy Psychology      is fast is efficient it doesn’t hurt It resolves many psychological and somatic symptoms It can even be fun!  Many EP practioners don’t feel comfortable in academic psychology and medicine © 2001 – 4
  5. 5. EP and Classical Treatment  The EP frame of reference generates resistance  We need to build bridges to traditional treatment and research  If we stay in contact, we have:    Tested methods and equipment Protection against isolation Common developmental paths  We need to respect the thoughts and opinions of others  We need to make our experience known to the world, in a language understood by clients and colleagues
  6. 6. Miracles don’t happen in contradiction of nature, but in contradiction with what we know about nature... – Augustinus
  7. 7. Medicine & Psychology  Western civilization has taken the Divine out of healing  Neurobiology focuses on the study of the brain, the wet mind  Psychology focuses on biography and behavior  These three B’s determine treatment
  8. 8. is a Energy Psychology  We perceive humans as energy beings  We need two main extensions to the frame of reference of academic psychology and medicine  Their frames of reference can still be true, but they are incomplete as a description of reality © 2001 – 8
  9. 9. Extension # 1  The concept of an energy body, which contains the physical body  Disturbances of the flow of energy show as   destructive or blocking beliefs physical or emotional complaints
  10. 10. Extension # 2  A spiritual framework, with a creative intelligence, a formative cause, beyond thoughts, emotions and feelings  This formative cause can generate every phenomenon in reality through intention
  11. 11. Extension # 1: Hypotheses  We have an energy body  The body as a living system cannot be reduced to atoms and molecules  It’s defined by organizing patterns for atoms and molecules  Sensitive persons throughout history have described the energy body and its layers  etheric, emotional and mental  Within the energy body, a life energy, Qi, flows  This flow can be disturbed
  12. 12. Extension # 1  We can demonstrate that such an extended energy system exists, with the instruments of classical science  Beyond measureable forms of electromagnetic energy, there are manifestations of subtle energy  These cannot be measured with current equipment  In energy psychology, this is the area of the founding schools
  13. 13. Extension # 1: Treatment  At this level, problems are treated in reaction to immediate suffering of the client  If symptoms are not rooted in systems of complex experience, they easily disappear  Treatment starts from the idea   that suffering can be relieved that we have the means for that  Existential causes of the suffering are not explored
  14. 14. Extension # 2: Hypotheses    We have a causal body It is characterized by creative intelligence The causal body creates, manifests the mental, the emotional, the etheric and the physical bodies  This is what we really ARE  In consciousness development, there is a transition from being created to creating
  15. 15. Pathology  From extension # 1: Pathology is an imbalance in the energy system of the individual  From extension # 2: Pathology is rooted in the mind, in the disconnection from the One Source
  16. 16. Fragmentation  As a result of traumatic events, we’re fragmented, dissociated, caught in polarities  Our consciousness loses its focus  We’re disconnected from the creative potential of the causal body  Fragmentation makes us sick, lonely, aggressive, bitter and unproductive
  17. 17. is a © 2001 – 17
  18. 18. Our Goal  Healing the deep fragmentation, dissociation, polarization  Reconnecting our thoughts, emotions and behaviors to our Self  Being healthy and loving, able to develop, to grow, to create  To focus our energy  Thus our causal body can focus our intention
  19. 19. A Paradoxical Task  Our language must be understood  The essence of our work is beyond description  Deep work will only manifest through indirect results
  20. 20. If We Use Our Skills...  …in the service of quick fixes:   We will get quick fixes We might be seen as great magicians  …in the service of creative intelligence:  We will get the reconnection with the One Mind That’s the real magic You can choose
  21. 21. The Way Empty your mind of all thoughts. Let your heart be at peace... Each separate being in the universe returns to the common source. Returning to the source is serenity... When you realize where you come from, you naturally become tolerant, disinterested, amused, kindhearted as a grandmother, dignified as a king... you can deal with whatever life brings you, and when death comes, you are ready – Lao-tzu