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Domain name registration


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Things you need to know before selecting domain name for your niche blog site.

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Domain name registration

  1. 1. Domain Selectionand SMM for BlogThings to know!
  2. 2. Al-Amin KabirCo-Founder and CEO, DevsTeam LimitedStarted my career as Journalist, Later moved to blogging from passion!Let me introduce myself!!
  3. 3. Ways to select right Domain Name fora blog.• Brainstorm 5 Top Keywords• Make the Domain Unique• Only Choose .com, .net, .org Available Domains• Make it Easy to Type• Make it Easy to Remember• Keep the Name as Short as Possible• Avoid Copyright Infringement• Reject Hyphens and Numbers• Avoid Hipen
  4. 4. I assure - SMILESuggestive = suggests something about thebrandMeaningful = your customers “get it”Imagery = visually evocative to aid in memoryLegs = lends itself to a theme for extendedmileageEmotional = resonates with your audience
  5. 5. I Avoid SCRATCHSpelling-challenged = looks like a typoCopycat = similar to competitor’s namesRandom = disconnected from the brandAnnoying = hidden meaning, forcedTame = flat, descriptive, uninspiredCurse of Knowledge = only insiders get itHard-to-pronounce = not obvious,unapproachable
  6. 6. How to get domain name ideas!# NameTumbler.comEnter A Keyword -> Combine What type of Suffix/Prefix You want to use ->Add Keyword (Select where to use the keyword) -> Click on check domains
  7. 7. Now use Godaddy Bulk Domain Search# Copy suggested domain names fromNameTumbler and Paste it into Godaddy BulkDomain name search option to see which areavailable!
  8. 8. Domain Name Finalizing &Registration.• Finalize your Domain name following theprevious slide.• Use Namecheap, Godaddy or forregistration.• You can even by from local registrars
  9. 9. Choosing web Hosting & Registration.• Use Hostgator or Bluehost for Hosting.Recommended Local Resellers:1.ABHworld2.Arfitech3.Hostpair
  10. 10. Branding your Domain Name & SocialMedia Integration.• Use professional looking Logo Text andFavicon while representing your domain.• Integrate Social Media icons and Spread yournew domain to the whole social media circles.
  11. 11. Recommended Social Media Sites• Facebook• Linkedin• Twitter• StumbleUpon• Pinterest• Google Plus
  12. 12. Any Question?