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A very simple step-by-step guide to creating your first website and using it to make you money.

Includes screenshots and links to help you at every step.

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  • Thanks for the guide. I plan to follow some of your instructions and advice.
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Website monetization

  1. 1. Monetizing Your First WebsiteTopics: Keywords, Domain,Hosting, Wordpress Installation,Advertisements, Backlinks
  2. 2. 1. Get a Google Adwords account. Once you log in, go to the Tools andAnalysis tab and click on Keyword Tool. Use the Keyword Tool feature to find akeyword that gets a couple thousand searches a month with low competition.You can try to get a few similar keywords and rank internal pages for each one.If this is your first site, try to find a specific keyword phrase that gets about 3,000or 4,000 searches a month with low competition.
  3. 3. You will need to be very specific to get a low competition keyword. For example, if you want tomake a website about video games, you might need to narrow it down to “top racing video games” or“racing video games 2012” to get the search volume under 5,000 along with low competition.
  4. 4. Click here to go to Namecheap and see if you can get an exact match domain for your keyword phrase. They are about $10. Getting the exact match domain will help you get the site ranked for that keyword.Make sure you can get your exact keyword phrase ending in either .com, .net or .org. These will give you the best search engine rankings.
  5. 5. Now you have your domain, but you need hosting. Click here to go toHostgator and select your plan. I suggest the Baby Plan. This plan is cheap,yet it allows you to have unlimited domains. It is $95 for a year, but you canuse the code MISCCOUPON to get 25% off. So you can get your first year for about $72. If you would rather get the 1st month for $0.01, then use the code ONEPENNYHOSTINGPLAN.
  6. 6. • This step gets your site setup through Hostgator hosting. First login to your Hostgator Control panel and scroll to the bottom. On the left will be two nameservers.• Now, Login to NameCheap and click on the domain you want to change the nameservers on. Then click on "Domain Name Server Setup" on the left menu, click the "Specify Custom DNS Servers ( Your own DNS Servers )" radio button and then enter the two nameservers in the text fields named 1 and 2.• Hit save changes and once the nameservers are propagated the site will be live. Propagation can take a few days, but usually it will be complete within 24 hours.
  7. 7. Installing Wordpress (if you want it)• Login to your Hostgator Control Panel, then go down to the bottom and find “Fantastico De Luxe” (blue smiley face). Click on that and find Wordpress in there. This will allow you to use Wordpress to build your site, which is very easy to learn. If you have a different program that you want to use, dont do this step.
  8. 8. When you have Wordpress installed you should be able to access it by going to Your Domain page, then adding /wp- admin to the end. Like this: 7. At your Wordpress dashboard you can add new posts or pages. You can change your theme/template, menus or background by going to the Appearance tab. Also underAppearance is the Widgets option. By putting Text/HTML widgets in your sidebar, you can have ads on the side of your page.There are more Wordpress themes available to buy. One of the best themes for SEO purposes is the Thesis theme.Under the Plugins tab, click on Add New and get the All in OneSEO Pack. This will help you optimize your titles and tags for SEO purposes.
  9. 9. Monetizing Your Site• The way you are going to make Commission Junction Ad money via your website is by using advertisements. Ads are basically broken into two groups: PPC (pay-per-click) ads and affiliate ads. Some sites you can use for affiliate ads are Clickbank, Commission Junction, and Amazon Affiliates. To make money on these, someone will Amazon Ad have to click the ad and purchase an item or service. The commission % for these can vary from 6-7% for Amazon all the way up to 75% or more for Commission Junction and Clickbank.
  10. 10. Google Adsense• You can also try using Google Adsense ads on your site. These will pay a certain amount per click. There is no purchase necessary for you to get paid for this. You will get a few cents up to about $1.00 per click, but you can get quite a few clicks a day with enough web traffic.
  11. 11. Backlinks• Moving on to backlinks. Backlinks are links to your site from other sites. These can be in the form of comments on blogs. So before you spend money on backlinks, just find blogs in your niche and make thoughtful comments on them. In the name spot, put your keyword. Put your URL in the website spot and you have just created a backlink. Backlinks are of much higher value to the search engines when they are on blogs with authority, but this is a good start.
  12. 12. Automatic Backlink Sites• One site you can use to get free backlinks every day is Social Monkee. With their free option, you can get your url, keyword and description submitted to 25 social websites a day. This site includes a spinner that will make each of your submissions slightly different from the others.
  13. 13. Bookmarking Sites• Another very similar site is SocialAdr. With this site, you integrate your social bookmarking sites, and get credits when you submit the websites of other users. These credits will then be used to submit your website to these social bookmarking sites.
  14. 14. Advanced Bookmarking• When you are getting more serious, you might want to try a program like BuildMyRank. Their service starts at $60 a month for up to 5 domains. You write a short article (150 words minimum) and the program will automatically submit it to a large number of high ranking article sites. These high ranking sites will have a much larger influence on your search engine results than a bunch of blog comments.
  15. 15. Build My Rank• BuildMyRank now offers a free 15-day trial that includes 10 backlinks.
  16. 16. Resources• For more info on Namecheap how to write articles to get your Hostgator site ranked on Google, check out these resources: The Backlinking Strategy That Works• The Challenge