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SEO tips


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Published in: Technology, Design
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SEO tips

  1. 1. SEO tips How to increase traffic to your website BuffyAndrews
  2. 2. Why it matters? • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps drive traffic to your website • When people are searching for something (service, product, article, etc.) they use most relevant keywords • By making your site more SEO friendly, more people will find it. The more people who find it, the better BuffyAndrews
  3. 3. Web headlines can stand alone • Do you immediately know from the headline what the article is about? BuffyAndrews
  4. 4. Use keywords • Think about how you would search for something. • Put keywords at or near the beginning of the headline. Word order matters. BuffyAndrews
  5. 5. Don’t abbreviate • Always use full names for: Famous people Organizations Places Teams Businesses etc. BuffyAndrews
  6. 6. Use city/region names • Be specific with geographic names BuffyAndrews
  7. 7. Don’t use puns, cute headlines • They’re great for print, horrible for website • Print: Too much Heat • Web: Detroit Pistons lose to Miami Heat 101-98 BuffyAndrews
  8. 8. Not too long or too short • Aim for about 8 words or 65 characters BuffyAndrews
  9. 9. Use full company names, etc. • Put the names of companies, organizations, etc. in headline BuffyAndrews
  10. 10. Descriptions/keywords • If the person’s name is not familiar to your audience, use a likely search phrase. BuffyAndrews
  11. 11. Use descriptive first words • Start columns with the columnist’s name and opinions with the word OPINION. Likewise, use PHOTO or VIDEO to denote multimedia. BuffyAndrews
  12. 12. Helpful articles • 55 quick SEO tips • 5 Tips to Boost Your SEO in a Competitive Online Environment BuffyAndrews
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