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iHT2 Health IT Summit in Ft. Lauderdale 2012 –Atlantic Coast Health Information Exchange (ACHIE)


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iHT2 Health IT Summit in Ft. Lauderdale 2012 –Atlantic Coast Health Information Exchange (ACHIE)

  1. 1. Current Status and PlanForest Blanton, Sr. VP and CIOMemorial Healthcare System 1
  2. 2. Agenda Status of the Atlantic Coast HIE Lessons Learned Questions 2
  3. 3. The Atlantic Coast HealthInformation Exchange (ACHIE)Memorial Healthcare System Strategic Plan a. Plan completed in 2008 included the following recommendations: i. Replace MHS’s home-grown Accounts Receivable Management System with a commercial ARM system capable of supporting integrated inpatient and ambulatory clinical operations ii. Select and install a Health Information Exchange to connect MHS physicians 3
  4. 4. Background of ACHIEb. RFPs completed in Spring of 2009 and selections made i. EPIC for an Integrated Clinical/Financial system ii. Axolotl for HIE and “EMR Light”c. Contract executed late 2009d. Initial implementation March 17, 2010 4
  5. 5. Participating Vendors Contracted:  In Negotiation:  Allscripts MyWay (Healthcare Data Solutions)  GE  CompuGroup Medical  Amazing Charts  eClinicalWorks  NextGen  eMDs  Sage  Epic  CureMD  Greenway Medical Technologies Inc.  IOS Health Systems Inc.  Soren Technology  Suitemed LLC  MedPlus Inc./Quest  First Medical Solutions 5
  6. 6. ACHIE Project Status HIE Go-Live Vendor Forecast1. Currently implementing with eMDs Live 9 EHRs and 103 providers IOS Health Systems Inc. Live Soren Technology Live eClinicalWorks 6/14/2012 SuiteMed LLC 6/22/20122. Current signed practices (56) Allscripts MyWay 6/25/2012 (Healthcare Data Solutions) should be implemented by MedPlus Inc./Quest 6/26/2012 Greenway Medical end of Q3 2012 Technologies Inc. 7/16/2012 State of Florida HIE 8/1/2012 CompuGroup Medical TBD 6
  7. 7. ACHIE Technical Specifications2. Interface methods a. HL7  Discrete textual information sent in real time as it is made available  Include Lab results b. Continuity of Care Document (CCD) Exchange  Newer standard for exchange  XML Summary documents queried for by physicians  Multiple standard exist, standards are published by Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE)  Not all EHR vendors support CCD at this time 7
  8. 8. Atlantic Coast HIE Configuration Data Delivery  Push: Data for patients with an existing relationship can be pushed automatically to an EHR (HL7 Interface)  VHR Search (Pull): VHR can be searched by patient demographics then information can be pulled into the EHR (HL7 Interface)  Query: Patients can be located from a provider’s EHR system and data placed in the EHR (CCD Connection) Patient Consent  “Opt In” HIE: Patients will need to specifically consent for information to be shared in the HIE  Responsibility of individual physicians to educate patients on the consent policy Information in EHR systems  Information sent to EHR systems can be integrated directly within other electronic medical records 8
  9. 9. ACHIE On-Boarding to the FLHIE 1. ACHIE accepted as early adopter in Group 2 to connect to the Florida HIE 2. Kickoff Meeting January 19th 3. Policies updated to comply with State Guidelines 4. Consent policy modified to conform with State standards 9
  10. 10. National HIE FL HIE Inter HIE Gateway Private HIE Atlantic Coast HIE Health Management Reference Other System Group MHS Facilities Labs ProvidersIndependent Physicians Voluntary MHS Physician EHR’s Other Personal Health Independent Record Physicians 10
  11. 11. ACHIE Governance Model1. MHS is offering membership in ACHIE to any provider who wishes to join2. Governance model has being revised to make it more participative and open 11
  12. 12. Lessons Learned Be Transparent Lots of Contracts Be Patient Tie HIE Connections to EHR Contracts Promote Value 12
  13. 13. 13