Agency & Publisher Media Kit 2014 White Label / Reseller


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Here's a copy of our publisher/ agency white-label & re-seller media kit in 2014. For more info on becoming a partner, call 800-836-9097 or visit

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Agency & Publisher Media Kit 2014 White Label / Reseller

  1. 1. Agency & Publisher Media Kit
  2. 2. Executive Summary & Management Strategy Integrated Digital Strategies partners with agencies to provide a complete suite of Digital Marketing products and services. We understand the complexities of traditional agencies and the need to keep your focus on meeting the needs of your client base. Although the vast majority of your clients continue to support your company with the many choices you offer, the media landscape is undergoing rapid change and your customers are demanding choices and new media opportunities. Many Agencies are confronted with two choices; either shift their limited resources from core products to take advantage of emerging opportunities, or stay with traditional revenue streams that drive the majority of existing profits. You Can Have It Both Ways IDS provides an opportunity for agencies to have it both ways. We know what’s involved with building a Digital Marketing company. Our team has a combined total of several decades of experience building and managing Digital Marketing platforms. We know from first-hand experience what it takes to select the best digital partners and to build a highly rated integrated online solution. Do you have the resident in-house expertise and available funding to start-up a digital marketing company? Are you able to divert resources from your traditional products and forgo investment in your core business to venture into an area that in all likelihood you are unfamiliar with? In recent years a trend has emerged with traditional agency companies deciding to partner with companies that specialize in managing all aspects of Digital Marketing into one integrated platform. Establishing One Cohesive Platform Integrated Digital Strategies has perfected the complex task of bringing all aspects of Digital Marketing into one cohesive platform. We have accomplished this by assembling a team of dedicated professionals who have the experience and expertise to get the job done. We take the risk and upfront costs out of the equation. IDS will help you manage everything from sales, marketing, operations, customer support and billing. We will work with your team to establish an ROI so that you have complete knowledge of what’s required to be successful. We help you achieve a recurring revenue stream that grows every month to help your agency increase profits and evolve into a full service media company in a short period of time. Let IDS take the mystery out of establishing a Digital Marketing platform for you. You know how to operate and manage a traditional media company. We know what needs to be done to meet the needs of your clients by combining the strengths of your current agency business with our emerging Digital Marketing business model. Integrated Digital Strategies, 198 Tremont Street, Suite 201, Boston, MA 02116 | 978.938.4477 |
  3. 3. A convergence is happening around online and offline media. Consumers dictate how, when, and where they engage with media and your clients need to break through the clutter with an integrated marketing approach. Converged Media is gaining ground and this is an opportune time for multi-media companies to shape their marketing strategies for their clients. Whether it is online or offline, a storyline look and feel will set your advertisers apart and provide an edge over the fragmented approach to typical digital marketing services that exist today. Paid, owned, and earned media is a forward thinking approach to marketing and will elevate traditional media companies with a strong foothold. This is accomplished by leveraging their experience with a strong brand because they understand the message better than new media, which continues to evolve. Leverage Your Relationships Traditional media companies are emerging as significant factors by providing digital solutions that complement their core products. This provides extended reach and value to the overall marketing campaigns and keeps customer spending within your media organization. Your sales consultants will increase the likelihood of maintaining or growing existing contract values and provide a more robust marketing mix to greatly impact overall ROI. Additionally, an opportunity exists to meet your customer’s needs by providing them with new ideas that come from your company; a trusted partner that understands their business better than most. Leveraging your knowledge of their business by providing a message and keeping a similar storyline in their overall marketing mix will set them apart from their competition. Benefits of Working With IDS Our team of professionals has hands-on experience teaching and implementing digital solutions through a multi-media sales approach. IDS will fully engage with your sales and agency teams to ensure a high level of comfort in understanding and conveying all aspects of digital marketing effectively. Our approach is to bring an efficient and effective outsource solution for agency businesses. The team at IDS brings a unique blend of best-in-class solutions combined with a sales implementation plan designed to meet the needs of your customers. This includes initial sales training and on-going online webinars. Our experienced team has a proven track record of designing and implementing a digital infrastructure to hit the ground running to serve your customers most effectively. We reduce internal support costs and add speed to market by providing continual updates of the digital products offered. We are able to match any need with a solution by providing a focus that is adaptive and nimble. Again, there are no upfront fees and we will align with your focus while customizing the product set to meet your needs. No development labor or systems needed as we bring it to you. Our products are aligned with your market. We are agile, and the products have been designed in advance and have been tested in local business markets. The IDS team has significant experience in both the print & digital advertising industry. Integrated Digital Strategies, 198 Tremont Street, Suite 201, Boston, MA 02116 | 978.938.4477 |
  4. 4. Digital Marketing Curriculum Internet Marketing 101 IDS covers Internet marketing principles and will demonstrate how they apply to local businesses. Topics include: evolution of digital media & internet marketing, in-depth breakdown of Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Local Search, Social Media for Businesses, what makes an effective website, and discuss the value proposition of each. Our team of professionals will work with your sales consultants on how best to identify the needs of advertisers to promote an integrated digital marketing approach. We recommend collaborating with your print media value proposition during this part of the training. Complete Product Breakdown Our best-in-class digital solutions provide unmatched value. We will explain the key aspects of each product and what differentiates these solutions from the other providers. Digital Products Include: Digital Marketing Toolkit, Local Search Toolkit, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Email Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Premium Web Design, and Content Marketing, Analytics and more. (See Product Descriptions for more details) We will teach your sales consultants how to position each product based on questions to ask and preparation of the sales call. Handling Objections and Rebuttals This interactive segment is designed to teach sales consultants anticipated objections they may come across in the field. We will ask them to provide us with as many objections as they may encounter. We then conduct an objections workshop by providing logical and accurate responses to each question from the advertiser. This will then turn into a FAQs reference sheet that they may use in the field. Preparation & Planning of Sample Accounts In this session, we will review a few actual advertisers’ current programs and devise a preparation checklist through best-practice prep and planning. This exercise typically takes about 15 minutes and prepares sales consultants on the essential steps to have an engaging sales interview with an advertiser. Integrated Digital Strategies, 198 Tremont Street, Suite 201, Boston, MA 02116 | 978.938.4477 |
  5. 5. Prospecting Best Practices & Tools During this segment we get back to selling 101 with a session on identifying ideal prospects for digital marketing. We will utilize the Internet, current print media, and online tools to find gaps in advertiser’s current online marketing programs and teach them to uncover pain points to match a solution to a specific need. Pricing & Marketing Packages Our pricing and product solution session will review the full suite of products, product descriptions and pricing of all digital solutions. The digital products are intended to be packaged with other print solutions. It is at this time when we review the specific programs to offer your valued advertisers. On-Going Coaching Through Webinars At the conclusion of the 2-day initial sales training, we provide weekly webinars to re-enforce the digital products, provide on-going sales techniques and best practices. During these webinars, we answer questions and feedback as well as provide updates on products. This coaching will be available over a 30-day period and may be extended depending on the participation. We will provide additional one-on-one coaching on a needed basis to help prepare potential sales that require additional input. Administrative Process & Content Collection When sales are complete, required forms must be processed and reviewed by your internal sales support team. Contracts and Payment forms must be signed by customers and Content Collection forms are necessary to implement the agreed upon Digital marketing program. Upon receiving the order, IDS will process these forms to ensure that everything is accurate. Content Collection Form After the sale is made, the next task is to fill out a content collection form (CCF). The CCF contains all the necessary information for IDS to successfully implement your client’s digital marketing initiatives. The importance of filling this form out as completely as possible cannot be overstated; a single piece of missing information can impede prompt implementation for days, even weeks. The CCF is usually filled out with the client at the time of sale. We highly recommend you try and complete it while you have the client with you and excited about starting their new, digital marketing initiative. In some circumstances, however, it may make sense to schedule another call with the client for an "Order Review Call". An incomplete or incorrect CCF will not be accepted. Integrated Digital Strategies, 198 Tremont Street, Suite 201, Boston, MA 02116 | 978.938.4477 |
  6. 6. Order Entry Call After the necessary paperwork is completed, it should be sent via e-mail to Please include a few available dates & times for the "Order Review Call" w/ the operations team. This should be scheduled within 24 to 48 hours. The next communication from IDS will be confirmation e-mail with a scheduled date & time for the Order Review Call. Order Review Call During the “Order Review Call”, the IDS operations team will review the sale/order and paperwork. The implementation process for each product and service will be discussed and timelines for order fulfillment will be set. After this call, the sales representative will have the information needed to set client expectations regarding time frames and turnaround times. Process Work Flow Integrated Digital Strategies, 198 Tremont Street, Suite 201, Boston, MA 02116 | 978.938.4477 |
  7. 7. Product Fulfillment The implementation and turnaround times for product launch vary by product. Fulfillment of orders with multiple products are often scheduled to launch either all at once or staggered, depending on customer needs and best practices. In general, expectations for turnaround times follow the table below. Ideally, customer support and sales inquiries are made through a single channel within your internal departments. We recommend a single point of contact that is an internal resource capable of managing the responsibility. This person often has some digital marketing knowledge with your existing online products. All correspondence will be directed through them to Our recommended process is to use your internal administrative staff member to assume these responsibilities, providing the communication and internal support within your organization. Billing Process and Payment You will be invoiced monthly for the total number of active campaigns for that month. In addition, back up will be provided with a client-by-client breakdown. Payments are net 30 day. It is the responsibility of the agency to pay IDS all fees associated with each signed contract for the entire term outlined in each customer contract. Integrated Digital Strategies, 198 Tremont Street, Suite 201, Boston, MA 02116 | 978.938.4477 |
  8. 8. Wholesale Pricing Sheet – Packages Can Be Customized White-Label & Non-White-Label Products The core digital dashboard will be white-labeled and will report all online activity for the full suite of digital products. Some products, however, may not be white-labeled for you and will have Integrated Digital Strategies branding displayed to your advertisers. Forecasting & Reporting A forecasting tool will be provided at the onset of the engagement, see sample below. The tool estimates the recurring revenue stream generated by sale of digital marketing products / services and provisioned by IDS. See Appendix Partner With The Right Team Integrated Digital Strategies is an experienced partner that knows what it takes to be successful. Coupled with our expert digital partners who will be the engine behind each of our solutions, IDS will enable your newly formed multi-media companies grow revenue and meet the needs of your customers today and in the future. Team Bio Steve Galligan – Chief Executive Officer Steve Galligan is a veteran in the world of digital marketing. Like many others, he started his career in print advertising, then migrated to the digital and online media in the late 90’s. In 1999 Steve was named General Manager for the new Citysearch office in Boston. Since then he has held the position of Senior Divisional Manager at Boston Globe Media, CEO at LocalTel, Chief Marketing Officer at Global Directories, and founder and President of MaineToday Digital, part of the largest media company in Maine. His specialty has been helping traditional advertising and media organizations make the transition to online and digital media. Steve, together with former colleagues Brent Taylor and Joseph Mohay founded Integrated Digital Strategies with a goal of providing businesses with the best in class technology employing new and innovative solutions to retain existing customers and acquire new accounts. Integrated Digital Strategies, 198 Tremont Street, Suite 201, Boston, MA 02116 | 978.938.4477 |
  9. 9. Joseph A. Mohay – Chief Digital Officer Officer Recognized as a hands-on interactive sales and marketing executive, Joseph is highly regarded as an innovative leader and subject matter expert in all aspects of the emerging field of digital marketing. His career began more than 10 years ago with R.H. Donnelley Corp, now known as Dex One. During this period, Joseph was a catalyst in bringing to market a suite of local search solutions to tens of thousands of SMB advertisers, and those solutions are still in place today. He joined Global Directories and earned a leadership role for his expertise at evolving a print focused sales company into a full-service media organization. While at Global, he helped design, implement, and manage the day-to-day operations of a newly formed digital sales division. In the span of 18 months, had successfully created a full service media company that currently serves over 16 international markets. Joseph’s professional expertise is focused on digital product development, sales training, field and virtual coaching, and team-building. His greatest passion is to “roll up his sleeves” and work closely with sales teams and advertisers alike. Brent Taylor – Chief Operating Officer Brent Taylor manages all financial and operational functions at Integrated Digital Strategies. Brent recently helped build and design MaineToday Digital, part of the largest media company in Maine. In this capacity, he was responsible for relations with internal and external stakeholders and ensured that all pre and post sale operations were managed with precision. Taylor is a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with an exceptional record of working in environments that require excellence in all facets of operations. Zach Bain – Director Of Digital Operations Zach Bain brings a solid foundation to IDS of both the fundamentals of digital marketing combined with the latest trends in the industry. Zach’s role is to ensure that a client’s needs are met. He tracks progress from the date of a sale, through the on-boarding process, until completion of a new customer’s program. Zach also works with IDS’s partners to keep abreast of the latest enhancements to our platform so that our technology remains best in class. Zach is a Google Adwords Professional with specializations in Search & Display Advertising. Integrated Digital Strategies, 198 Tremont Street, Suite 201, Boston, MA 02116 | 978.938.4477 |
  10. 10. Integrated Digital Strategies, 198 Tremont Street, Suite 201, Boston, MA 02116 | 978.938.4477 |
  11. 11. Integrated Digital Strategies, 198 Tremont Street, Suite 201, Boston, MA 02116 | 978.938.4477 |
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  13. 13. Integrated Digital Strategies, 198 Tremont Street, Suite 201, Boston, MA 02116 | 978.938.4477 |
  14. 14. Integrated Digital Strategies, 198 Tremont Street, Suite 201, Boston, MA 02116 | 978.938.4477 |
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  16. 16. Integrated Digital Strategies, 198 Tremont Street, Suite 201, Boston, MA 02116 | 978.938.4477 |