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Digital marketing campaign

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Dizimarq presents

  1. 1. DIZIMARQ Presents A conceptual proposal ForA strategic digital campaign
  2. 2. Web and youThe relationship between you, yourbusiness and the web is no more amatter of choice, but of compulsion. Toremain competitive, keep your marketshare in tact and acquire newbusiness, you must have to thinkdigital and act digital. The web hasthe potential to transform yourbusiness and unroll new opportunities.
  3. 3. The opportunitiesWith the proliferation of digital mediaand platforms, access to informationhas been democratized. There is nogeographical frontiers of market nowand the number of potential customershas increased exponentially. Insurgeof customer insights and responseswill keep you updated on the changingpattern of a customers behavior andsubsequently help you redraw yourmarketing strategy.
  4. 4. The challenge The real challenge emerge from the right management and processing of the volume of data produced and selection of the right portfolio of tools and methods to launch the digital campaign. This needs functional expertise and analytical skills of highest standard and which forms our core capabilities.
  5. 5. The solutionDevelopment of right strategy alongwith creative and persuasive contentsare critical for the success of anydigital campaign. We use ourexperience and expertise in mediaand market research to deliver rightand effective solution to our clients.
  6. 6. Our roleWe assume the role of a planner, astrategist, a moderator and an executor ofyour digital operation. We ensure optimizationof resources in your organization andachievement of results as per the set target.We remain alert to any new developments inthe technological front like development ofany new tools or platforms and promptlyadopt it to increase efficiency of theoperation. We also keep tab on yourcompetitors moves and take anysupplementary or counter-balancingmeasures to maintain your competitiveadvantage over them.
  7. 7. Identifying needs We identify the exact communication needs of an organization by studying its profile, product portfolio and the target audience. We also ascertain the recent market trends, the comparative efficacy of various available channels and the proportional accessibility of different media to the target audience.
  8. 8. The strategy We develop strategy in synch with thedistinct organizational goal of our clients. Weclearly define the target audience, assessthe accessibility of the digital medium to thegroup, find out the proportional reach of thevarious channels across the audience, theiradmiration and receptiveness for any specificcontent, the pattern of their responses tovarious digital mediums and their potentialimpact on the prospective clients.
  9. 9. The tools We will carry out the operation through various online mediums and platforms. It includes social media platforms like Facebook,Twitter,My space and Orkut etc. Instant messengers like Windows live messenger, Google talk, Yahoo messenger, AOL messenger etc will be used to deliver message , receive immediate feedback and spread the buzz. Apart from it we will write contextual blogs about a product and promote it across various channels to drive traffic and raise awareness about your brand. Online forums will be started to ensure a consistent conversation between the consumer and your brand.
  10. 10. The process Content plays a key role in the digital media campaign. The style, theme and presentation of the content vary in accordance with the platforms and the tools used to run the campaign. We develop diversified contents which are creative and persuasive to highlight the communication proposition and deliver the desired message to the clients. Customers are sought to be engaged through various interactive activities like games, quizzes and many other applications designed to obtain feedbacks and respond to their specific queries.
  11. 11. ActivitiesWe will collect data from social networkingsites regarding the personality traits ofindividuals, identify their behavioralpattern, their opinion about varioussubjects, their response to variousissues, their value orientations and their socioeconomic profile which have a bearing on hisultimate decision making. We will developcontents for websites and blogs, postrelevant updates on social networkingsites, use various interactive applications toengage with the audience and triggerdiscussions on various topics with specificfocus on your brand and products.
  12. 12. How it worksDynamic contents in websites or blogskeep the consumer updated on theactivities and operations of the company.Information about any new productlaunch, change in policy or any othercommunication is instantly delivered tothe client through the web platform.Acknowledgement of consumersgrievances and their redressal areexpedited, Social initiatives taken by theclient are highlighted and attention of theconsumers to the products and servicesare solicited using the web media.
  13. 13. Information management We scan, filter, collate and organize Information streams generated through digital media campaigns, find out its usability to solve problems and identify opportunities. It helps you in modulating your marketing strategies in response to the consumers preferences and feedbacks and ascertain his perception about your brand. It also helps in spotting and eliminating visible and latent flaws in your product, service or process.
  14. 14. Outcome The immediate outcome of a digital campaign is an increased inflow of leads, enquiries, feedbacks, proposals and customer insights. It increases your visibility, strengthens your brand and keeps you updated on the changing behavior, choice and preferences of the consumer. It triggers more interest in your products and drives sales of your products.
  15. 15. Cost advantage A digital media campaign has a definite cost advantage over the traditional media campaign. It obviates the need of an elaborate logistics management and buying costly media space in other mediums of communications. With expense of your marketing communication remaining same, you can reach a wider audience through digital campaign than the conventional marketing campaign.
  16. 16. Benefits Digital campaign helps you in reformulating your marketing strategy and identify the threats and opportunities for your business faster than by any other method. It facilitates quicker research activities. You can remove your flaw, effect product differentiations and adopt more consumer friendly approach in response to consumers expectations and feedbacks.
  17. 17. IMPACTThe major impact of a digital campaignis that it ensures a consistentinteraction and conversation with yourbrand. People remain in the know ofwhat is happening in your organizationand it keeps them informed on anynew product, policy or initiatives ofyour company. It helps in sustainingbrand loyalty and multiply the numberof your prospective customers asinformation spreads virally.
  18. 18. Adopt digital..accelerate growthWith all advantages it has over theconventional mediums of marketing, youcan expect a better rate of growth throughthe digital campaign than other alternativemedia campaigns. It saves your time andresource as well as keeps you in controlover the process of the entire operation.With the flexibility to choose the levers ofcontrol , you can drive your business onthe high track of growth.
  19. 19. THANK YOUDIZIMARQA-180,Saheed NagarBhubaneswar,OdishaE mail—