Process Focus For Health Care


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A process-centric view of business makes for accelerating operations improvements.

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Process Focus For Health Care

  1. 1. Process-Focus Solution For Healthcare •Discover missed patient privacy and regulatory safeguards. •Transform workforce performance. •Evolve organizational productivity in less than 30 days. Installed on over 500,000 computers worldwide. Smart Process Works, Inc.
  2. 2. Situation You are under strong pressure to Improve Patient Safety through electronic records and case management. You are reacting quickly to train and coach staff on Evolving Coding Standards (ICD-10) and Changing Regulations (HIPAA). It’s a challenging environment to Motivate Employees and Improve Patient Experience. Already strained Resources. Smart Process Works, Inc.
  3. 3. Response You’ve invested heavily in response to these conditions. However, you know you’re still missing hundreds of improvement opportunities everyday. And instinctively you know your workforce is not as productive and effective as it should be. Smart Process Works, Inc.
  4. 4. Opportunity 8% – 20% increases in Potential of 10% increases in Patient Satisfaction productivity are typically realized Discover Transform Capture details of missed Capitalize on every opportunity. opportunities. Optimize critical processes. Visualize actual process flows. Minimal Impact Realize compliance and On IT Resources! Easily Prove productivity gains in less than 30 days. Compliance! Create a cycle of continuous improvement. Find The Bottlenecks And Evolve Eliminate Them… Smart Process Works, Inc.
  5. 5. Breakthrough 8% – 20% increases in Potential of 10% increases in Patient Satisfaction productivity are typically realized The Focus Suite of technologies help you see more and understand where and why your processes need improvement. Focus Suite produces a visual chart of your actual transactions and process flows, allowing you to see the opportunities for improvement. Focus Suite enables HIPAA compliance and audit reporting. Focus Suite then enables you to monitor, guide and improve opportunities in patient safety and case management in real-time. We do this without integration and without impacting your IT resources. Evolve Center of Excellence Smart Process Works, Inc.
  6. 6. Breakthrough Technology… Focus Suite IT Agnostic … Installed Within Will Work With Weeks With Your Existing Minimal IT Systems Involvement Follow Processes People Make Within A Process Work… Department Help Employees OR Between To Be Able To Departments… Do Their Jobs Better Using The Tools They You Know Best Practices… Have Now Evolve What Will It Mean To Discover The Metrics? Center of Excellence Smart Process Works, Inc.
  7. 7. Focus Suite Will Help Healthcare Institutions By: •Improving Patient Service By Identifying Best Practices •Identify Existing Workstation Usage & Eliminate What’s Not Used •Cut Costs By Identifying And Eliminating Known Inefficiencies •Follow Processing Within As Well As Across Departments To Improve Productivity •Understand Processing Reality And Affect Change That Increases Compliance Immediately •Instantly Create All Auditing And Processing Reporting To Prove Compliance To All Let Us Prove It! Increased performance and more productive staff within 30 days! • 10 day Proof of Value/Case Study • • Opportunity Definition Workshop • Installation for up to 30 employees • • 15 day configuration, testing and deployment • • Complete reports and analysis • (847) 828-4719 Smart Process Works, Inc.