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HILA After School Program Newsletter


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HILA After School Program Newsletter

  1. 1. F A L L 2 0 1 2 the KIDS From The Hope Institute Learning Academy Topics Each newsletter will highlight several topics we have discussed and researched during our after school meetings. Some of the topics we discussed that we plan to share with you are:  Apps reviews Dear H.I.L.A. Families,  Online Safety  Website reviews  Bullying/Cyber-bullyingWe are creating a student newsletter during after school  Upcoming holidays and celebrationsso families will know what we are learning. We are  Author/Illustrator birthdayslearning tips on what good readers do, how to pick out  Book reviewsgood fit books, how to share books and computers, funonline resources and so much more. Please see our  Healthy LivingTopics outline to the right. We hope you have fun and o Cookinglearn a lot from our newsletter too. o Gardening Sincerely, o Reduce, Reuse, Recycle o Environmental Awareness Your friends from the after school program o Physical fitness
  2. 2. THE KIDS FALL 2012 Scholastic Book Fair The Scholastic Book Fair is coming to the Hope Institute Learning Academy Library on Friday October 22 through Monday October 29. Students will get two chances to visit the Book Fair during their library lesson. The Library is looking for parents and families to volunteer their time to make the Book Fair a success for the entire school community!Justina says, “the Book Fair has tons of books that we can buyand then take it home and keep it forever. If your book getstorn up, you can bring it to Ms. Thurston and she can try torepair it.Justina would really like to buy the Barbie book if she can. 2
  3. 3. THE KIDS FALL 2012 Birthday Book Program Begins!The Birthday Book Program is a and September birthdays can selectgreat way for each and donate their birthdayfamily to celebrate the book from the "Birthdaystudents birthday while List". Students withcontributing to the birthdays during theSchool Library. Each remaining months of thechild can select a book academic year will choosefrom the “Birthday List” and gift their book duringduring his or her their birthdaybirthday month to gift month. Students withto the Library. A book birthdays in June and Julyplate, with a dedication will choose and gift theirin the students name book in May so they canwill be placed in the enjoy them before thebook. That student will school year ends.be the first one to takethe book home before it The Library requests thatis placed in circulation. all Birthday Books gifted to the Library be new andThe program will begin hard cover. You and yourin September and students with student may gift their birthday book any time throughout the year.July, August If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Thurston at kthurston@thehopeinstitute.us. Fun Kid Recipe: Ants on a Log by Martha Stewart 3
  4. 4. THE KIDS FALL 2012 Recommended Magazine: National Geographic for KidsFayha says, “the magazine is funny, it hasnice information and colorful pictures. Ilooked at the Halloween issue and myfavorite part was the article on AmazingAnimals because I liked the clothes andjewelry and their hard work making thecostumes for the dogs and horse.”Recommended Website: National Geographic Kids http://kids.nationalgeographic.com/kids/Mariah looked at many different types of gamesin the Games section on the NationalGeographic Kids website.Fayha looked at the Fun Stuff section onNational Geographic Kids website and enjoyedthe Cool Clicks. At Cool Clicks Fayha saw a lotof fun pictures and read about book reviews, learnedjokes, found delicious kid friendly recipes, many moreactivities. Mariah watched a video on the National Geographic Kids website. She watched the video “Spooky Spider”. “I liked it because it was spooky when they showed a lot of different spiders.” The Kindness of Rangers (about 12 minutes long) is another of many videos available. Mariah has seen this video at home and really enjoyed it. She says it’s a must watch. 4
  5. 5. THE KIDS FALL 2012 Recommended Website: Ed Emberley at www.EdEmberley.comEd Emberley’s birthday is in the month ofOctober so we thought we would visitand review his website for thenewsletter. Ed Emberley is an authorand illustrator who has published manybooks that teach children how to draw. The afterschool students visited his website and learned how to drawsome interesting pictures. Please enjoy their hard work andreviews! Justina said Ed Emberley’s website is fun because you can learn all sorts of things about his stories. Mariah liked learning how to draw a house just like Ed EmberleyAnna drew thefront cover ofThanks Momwhich shediscovered onthe website. Fayha said, “it’s cool because I like the scary skeleton that I am making from his website.” 5
  6. 6. THE KIDS FALL 2012 Holidays and CelebrationsSeptember OctoberLabor Day: Monday 3 Sukkot: Monday 1Rosh Hashanah: Monday 17 Columbus Day: Monday 8Yom Kippur: Wednesday 26 Shemini Atzeret: Monday 8 Eid al-Adha: Thursday 25 Halloween: 31, 2012Our plans to celebrate:Fayha says "for Halloween I get candy and make costumes, like zombiesmummies and monsters." This year Fayha would like to dress as a fairy or azombie for Halloween.Justina says "I celebrate Halloween, Labor Day and Columbus Day. ForHalloween I am going to be a Princess, the same as I was last year."Ms. Thurston celebrates Halloween too. She remembers as a kid, she dressedas a pink crayola crayon for five years in a row. "I loved being a pink crayon,"says Ms. Thurston.Author and Illustrator Birthdays