January 2013 HILA Hawk News


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January 2013 HILA Hawk News

  1. 1. No School Families of HILA Meeting Monday, January 21 and January 30 - 6 p.m. Friday, January 25 HILA AuditoriumHawk NewsThe Hope Institute Learning AcademyJanuary 17, 2013 Volume 2012/Number 5A Word fromMr. JakubowskiDear Parents and Friends:I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Holiday season and arehaving an even better 2013. We will be very busy at HILAthese next few weeks with AIMSweb winter assessments,Lincoln Park Zoo field trips, the PBIS Incentive Party HILA students benefit from zoo partnership(Traveling World of Reptiles), and finishing out the secondquarter.I wanted to remind everyone of the importance of getting HILA has created a strong partnership with Chicago’s Lincolnto school on time and HILA’s attendance policy. Children Park Zoo. That partnership will again pay dividends in Februarymay be dropped off at 7:30 a.m. each morning. A healthy when our students will be taking facilitated tours of the zoo duringbreakfast is provided each day at 7:45 a.m. to ensure students specially-arranged field trips. The Zoo Explorers program provides a 55 minute inquiry-based program as part of the regular field trip.start their day off right. Children must arrive before 8 a.m. Students have the opportunity to explore first-hand the work ofeach day. If a child enters the room after 8:00 a.m. they are zoo scientists while learning more about the animals at the zoo.marked tardy. The morning routine at HILA is an important Each program is facilitated by a trained zoo educator supportedtime for students to receive information about the day, by the classroom teacher. We appreciate the willingness of Lincolnorganize materials and mentally prepare to learn. This is Park Zoo to make these experiences available for our students.also a time that teachers can work with students individually Classrooms receiveto help them organize their desks and materials, look athomework or make other important individual connectionswith students. Arriving to school after 8:00 a.m. meansthat students have missed out on the morning routine andessential core instruction. Please continue to make thecommitment to your child and HILA to get to school on Donors Choose fundstime so he/she has an opportunity to be as successful as At HILA, we are always looking for new ways to improve thepossible. If your child is late for school, he/she is not given learning experience by bringing additional resources to our classrooms. The Donors Choose program (www.donorschoose.the opportunity to perform at his/her best. org) is an innovative way to gain new support for public school programs. Teachers propose projects, which can then be fundedLastly, HILA students have begun completing their by online donors. The program has been hailed by Oprah WinfreyAIMSweb Winter Assessments this week. AIMSweb as “a revolutionary charity” and has been promoted by First Ladyassessments provide teachers with valuable data about your Michelle Obama.child’s academic progress. A printed report will be senthome with your child in early February. If you have anyquestions, please arrange a meeting with your child’s teacher. We are proud that two HILA classrooms have benefitted from this program. Ms. Birnbaum received $991 toward new library materials for the classroom. Ms. Nelson received $595 for a newMichael Jakubowski classroom carpet. Thanks to all those who donated toward thesePrincipal successful projects!
  2. 2. January 17, 2013 Hawk News Volume 2012/ Number 5HILA PRIDE students walk the red carpet in Decemberto celebrate student behavior and achievementStudents who received more than 20 HILA PRIDE points strutted their stuff on the red carpet in December. Students enjoyed posing for the“paparazzi” on hand to take their pictures.Entertainment awards season is underway, so it was only fitting that students with enough PBIS PRIDE points got thechance to “walk the red carpet” in December at HILA. A member of the paparazzi was on hand to snap photos as studentsposed in front of movie-themed backdrop created especially for HILA students.On January 24, students with 20 or more PRIDE points will be able to enjoy a visit from the Traveling World of Reptiles.This hands-on demonstration is sure to be a hit with all the students. Parents should encourage their students to always dotheir best to earn the maximum number of PRIDE points.Important upcoming datesHere are the dates you need to know for January andFebruary, 2013. Remember, a complete calendar of events isalways available on the school web site -www.hopeinstitutelearningacademy.org Families of HILA to meet• Mondays and Wednedays - ISAT Preparation program The Families of HILA group will meet on Wednesday, January• January 21 - Holiday, no school 30, beginning at 6 p.m. in the HILA Auditorium. Child care• January 24 - End of second quarter will be provided.• January 24 - PBIS PRIDE Event: Traveling World of Families of HILA is a committee dedicate to supporting the Reptiles students of HILA in the learning activities. Being a part of• January 25 - Teacher Institute, no school Families of HILA includes:• January 30 - Families of HILA meeting, 6 p.m. • Helping to plan volunteer events and fundraisers.• January 31 - HILA Admissions Open House, 9 a.m. and • Providing input on after school activities. 5 p.m. • Helping other families become involved in the life of the• February 6 - HILA School Board meeting, 6 p.m. school.• February 12 - Holiday, no school • Spreading the word about HILA and its events.• February 18 - Holiday, no school Plan on joining us on January 30 for a fun and informative Thanks for your support of HILA! meeting!