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6. Snack/Volunteer Calendar Sleeve ~ The names of
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Parent Letter


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This parent letter has a lot of great information to help parents keep up with procedures and events in the classroom.

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Parent Letter

  1. 1. BACK TO Heritage Elementary School SCHOOL! “Dream, Believe, Achieve” -Author Unknown Welcome to Third Grade! Hello from Mrs. Eubanks Be safe in knowing that no matter what the My name is Melanie Eubanks and this is my third year day holds, your child will be taken care of in of teaching third grade at Heritage Elementary. my classroom. I make a sincere effort to Before coming to Heritage, I had the joy of working make sure that each child learns and has fun with preschool, third, and fifth grade students. while doing it. I am a graduate of Athens State University where I Parent/Teacher Communication graduated with Summa Cum Laude honors. At Athens State, I received my B.S. in Elementary Education. I In a couple of weeks, you will begin receiving our weekly hope to return to school very soon to obtain my class newsletter. “The Eubanks Enquirer” will keep you Masters in Elementary Education. informed of classroom and school happenings. I will give your child a paper copy the first time it is sent out. I will then begin sending it via e-mail. I ask that I absolutely love teaching, and I could see myself you please print out the newsletter and place it in your doing nothing else. I feel very blessed to be child’s binder in the newsletter sleeve. Please sign the employed here at Heritage Elementary. Last year, I bottom of the newsletter so that I know you have had an amazing year with my students. It was viewed it. amazing to watch the students grow in knowledge. I also look forward to working with your child. I Students will bring a “B.U.G” binder home every day. promise to work hard to ensure your child gets the This binder needs to stay in the child’s backpack and quality education that he/she deserves. travel between home and school every day. More information about the “B.U.G” binder can be found on page 7. I look forward to working with you to help your child succeed not only this year, but for the rest of Graded paper folders will go home each Thursday his/her life. (unless otherwise stated). On the inside cover is a About Third Grade sheet titled “This Week’s Work.” Please sign this document, so I will know that you have seen your child’s work. Please help your child get into the habit of bringing his/her folder back on Fridays. Also, please Third grade is an awesome and exciting year. return ALL graded papers. I must keep these on file. However, third grade will also be a Students will receive a sticker on their charts when challenging year. Your child will be folders are brought back signed the next day (more information about incentive charts can be found on introduced to new math concepts, cursive page 6). handwriting, more detailed language and grammar skills, hands-on science Listserv is a great way for you to stay informed about experiments, and independent reading. school events and important information. The principal sends information via Listserv every week. To sign up, I believe that third grade is a year of go to the school website and click on “Listserv.” Follow growing independence. the directions. E-mails are sent out very often! Be sure I have your e- mail address for class news.
  2. 2. Back To School Parent Newsletter - Page 2 7 There will be several reading activities happening Feel free to e-mail me anytime as I check e- throughout each week. mail at school and home very frequently. If your child has special needs or concerns, you • A story for the reader will be assigned weekly (most often with a vocabulary list). Skills that may want to e-mail me as soon as possible to let accompany the story will be taught and me know. Help me ensure your child’s success practiced throughout the week. Some through positive communication. assignments will accompany these stories as homework. Students will be responsible for Mrs. Eubanks’ Contact Information: reading their weekly story, writing vocabulary E-mail: sentences, and studying their vocabulary Phone: 256-772-2075 during the week. The story of the week and vocabulary list will be noted on the weekly newsletter. Vocabulary tests will be given on Fridays. Comprehension tests will be given on Fridays. • Sustained silent reading will happen daily. This may or may not be Accelerated Reading (AR); Classroom Subjects however, it will be encouraged. We will begin working on AR goals after the students have Spelling taken the STAR reading assessment. A spelling pretest will be given on Monday. Students will keep an Accelerated Reading Log Students scoring 100% will not be required to in their binders. The log will give you more take the post-assessment given on Friday. information on your child’s reading range and However, students who compact out will still be AR goal. Students will have the whole nine week period to meet their AR goal. AR tests required to participate in certain spelling concept will not count against the students’ reading lessons during the week. Please do not have your grades; however, rewards will be given to child study for the pretest. The pretest is those students who meet their goals. We will used to assess PRIOR knowledge. chart their progress in the classroom. The English/Writing key is to motivate your child to read. Your child will engage in several writing activities, • The STAR reading assessment will be given use correct punctuation, develop dictionary skills, periodically during the year to evaluate correctly use nouns, verbs, adjectives, and progress and set optimal reading levels for pronouns in written and oral speech, etc. students. Skill mastery will be assessed from writing • Small group instruction will be the primary products and unit tests. reading strategy taught daily. Small group instruction addresses individual needs and Reading allows me to focus more on my students’ Your child will be given the opportunity and strengths and weaknesses in reading. While I instruction to improve silent and oral reading, as am working with my small groups, the rest of the class will be peer-discussing literature, well as strengthen their comprehension through doing reading activities from the class reader, our AR program, chapter books and Harcourt writing, applying language skills, or utilizing Reading Series. Students will be given time in technology. class to read silently from his/her AR book. Reading strategies based on the Alabama Reading • Guided Reading will target specific reading Initiative will be taught and reinforced during the strategies that improve student year, so that your child will continue to improve comprehension. his/her comprehension and oral reading.
  3. 3. Back To School Parent Newsletter - Page 3 • Fluency is assessed in third grade through the Math use of DIBELS. Students at the 3rd grade level should be able to read 110 words fluently Math will be taught as a skill-building/review by the end of the year. Therefore, fluency process using the Everyday Math and AMSTI will be addressed weekly by read-alouds, programs. Hands-on materials will assist daily poetry, and practice DIBELS fluency passages. activities that are practical (i.e. calendar, Students will also be formally assessed on money, and elapsed time). There will be written their fluency. More details about this assignments and homework. assessment will be given to you at a later date. Students are expected to have already • Reading Logs – Students should read memorized the basic addition and subtraction approximately 15-20 minutes a night. The only facts. During third grade, students should way a child can improve their reading skills is learn and memorize multiplication and division by practicing. The practice should be fun! Some strategies for making reading fun might facts through the 9’s; however, we will study include whole family reading, read to a through the 12’s. PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT big/little brother or sister, read to a friend or WILL BE ESSENTIAL with reinforcement of stuffed animal, take turns reading with Mom all new and on-going skills. There will be a or Dad, read something besides books – cereal weekly multiplication test given on Fridays. boxes, comics, newspaper, recipes, game Please see the weekly newsletters for the date instructions, etc. the multiplication tests will begin. • Students will be given a reading log at the Students will also be asked to write about daily beginning of the year. I will e-mail you a blank math experiences in a school-kept math journal. copy, and again, I ask that you print out several copies to place in the reading log Social Studies section of your child’s binder. The reading log should always be in your child’s binder in the We will be learning about communities around reading log sleeve. Students will answer ANY the world as well as a study of Native three questions on their reading log using the Americans, geography skills, map and globe books they are reading. Students should not skills, American history and government, and answer the same questions each week as they good citizenship. Research, note taking, and need to work on all of the skills listed on the the writing process will also be taught within reading log. The reading log does ask for this area. parents to take 5-10 minutes to discuss and record your student’s thoughts (only on one Science question). I understand that you all have busy Our science curriculum is enhanced with schedules; however, if you are unable to fill in AMSTI (Alabama Math and Science Technology this section, your child can complete it himself/herself. Students should only use Initiative) kits that we receive through UAH their weekly story out of the class reader one and FOSS. Each classroom kit is packed with night a week when answering the questions. enough materials to last approximately six to The other two nights should come from eight weeks. The kits include: Plant Growth and reading material within their reading level. The Development, Earth Materials, The Human reading log will count as a reading grade. Body, and Chemical Testing. Reading logs will be due on Fridays. I will periodically check your student’s reading log Health will be taught throughout the year in during the week to make sure it is being P.E. completed. Also, I will conference with students often to discuss their reading logs. We will do examples together in class before students are given the assignment to complete independently. • Book reports may be assigned during the year. Book reports will be assigned two weeks prior to the due date.
  4. 4. Back To School Parent Newsletter - Page 4 Homework Cursive Handwriting Homework promotes self-responsibility, establishes organizational skills, and provides Cursive handwriting instruction will begin parents with information as to what knowledge their child is mastering. You should expect that immediately. Hand and paper position, posture, your child will have some type of homework most and letter formation will be practiced and every day. The only time homework will be rehearsed daily. Grading of an S (satisfactory) assigned on Fridays is if your child has makeup or N (non-satisfactory) will be based on work or projects that he/she needs to complete. improvement in legibility, neatness, slant, and application. However, we will not begin writing You will always find the homework assignments assignments in full cursive until we have learned written in the assignment notebook that is kept in the proper formation of all upper and lower the “B.U.G” binder. I encourage you to set up with case letters. your child a scheduled time for homework each day. Students should be able to do most assignments independently, but do help if it is completely necessary. If you notice that your Specials child is having trouble with a concept, please send an email or jot a note to me on the assignment. Projects are periodically assigned and the due Physical Education date is given at that time. You should find your Physical Education is required for 30 minutes on child’s homework worksheets in his/her “B.U.G” a daily basis. For your child’s safety, please binder in the back pocket. If your child fails to complete his/her homework at home, he/she will have him or her wear appropriate shoes and receive a warning on his/her “Work clothing to school. Study/Character Calendar”, complete the Library homework assignment during recess, and lose 5 I have heard that we are on a flex schedule for points on his/her homework grade for each library this year. This means that there is not missing assignment. Please refrain from bringing a scheduled time for our class to go to the homework to school for your child. library. Students will be sent to the library at different times during the school day. Word Banks on Graded Art/Music Assignments If a word bank is provided on an assignment, Art/Music will be provided on a rotating basis. your child is expected to spell the words For example, students will have art first correctly. If your child chooses not to utilize semester and music second semester. the word bank provided, points (usually 2) will Computer Lab be deducted from his/her grade. Technology is incorporated across the If a word bank isn’t provided, your child is curriculum. Students have computer class once encouraged to spell the words to the best of a week for 30 minutes. Students will use his/her ability. Your child will not be penalized computers to practice keyboarding skills, work if a word bank isn’t provided. However, he/she on Success Maker, research, take Accelerated must spell the word so that it makes sense and Reader and STAR tests, and publish their is identifiable by the teacher and student. If writing. We will be doing a technology project neither the teacher nor the child can read the this year and you will be invited to view your word, the answer will be marked wrong. student’s technology project.
  5. 5. Back To School Parent Newsletter - Page 5 Classroom Rules and CHILD’S WORK STUDY/CHARACTER CALENDAR in the space provided if he/she failed to show Discipline acceptable character during the day. Praise your child for showing acceptable character and encourage Discipline is necessary for the welfare of the him/her to accept responsibility for his/her actions otherwise. Please keep ALL “Work Study/Character students as well as the entire school. Calendars” in your child’s binder throughout the Therefore, we will act in accordance with the school year. guidelines set by the school. I am firm, yet Consequences fair, about following classroom/school rules. The rules will be posted and consistently For each negative work study or character followed throughout the school year. Please behavior, students will receive a check on discuss the rules and consequences with their Work Study/Character Calendars. your child. Your child should be encouraged to follow the rules at all times. Students will be taught the meaning of all rules during the No first weeks of school. Rules will be practiced Great Day Positive Reinforcement and role played for a clear understanding. Our First classroom rules are: Offense Warning Second 1. I was not listening and/or not following Offense Student will lose 5 minutes directions. of recess OR free time. 2. I was not truthful. AND 3. I was disturbing others. 4. I was not keeping my hands, feet, and Student will complete other objects to myself. “Behavior Reflection Form” 5. I was not respecting others, school, and/ or my property. 6. I was not working and playing safely. Third Parent will be notified by 7. I did not complete my assignments on Offense phone, email, or note. time. 8. I was not walking in the building. Student will lose 10 minutes of recess OR free time. Your child will receive a monthly “Work Student will earn 10 minutes Study/Character Calendar”. This in any of the following: document breaks down our classroom Work Study/Character Calendar - isolation in buddy rules into 21 statements that will help teacher’s room. make you more aware of your child’s - isolation in lunchroom. behavior at school. If your child chooses to break a classroom rule, you *If misbehavior continues, detention will be implemented will see a circle around a check mark, and parent will be notified. and a number written beside the check mark for a particular day. Please join Detention will be held on the following Wednesday from me in helping maintain an effective 2:45-3:15. classroom by INITIALLING YOUR
  6. 6. Back To School Parent Newsletter - Page 6 Group Rewards Marbles In our classroom, students will sit in groups. Many times during Individual the year, students will be asked to work cooperatively with their groups. It is very important that students learn how to work Work Study/Character Calendar together and socialize. Each day a student does not sign his/her “Work Study/Character Calendar,” he/she will receive a Each group will be given a letter. For example, group A, group B, money stamp. etc. Each day, the groups will start out with two marbles. These marbles will be shown by two dots on the classroom board. The groups can earn more marbles; however, they can also lose At the end of each day, I or a student will draw to marbles. see how much money the students will earn for not having their calendars signed. The money amounts After the students leave at the end of the day, I will place the number of marbles earned in each group’s box. will range from 5 cents to 25 cents. At the end of each semester, I will work with the students to On Fridays, students will be given the opportunity divide the marbles up within their group. Students will be to trade in their money for items in our Classroom allowed to take home the marbles that they have earned. Store. On Thursday night, students should total Class their money and write the amount down. Students who have signed their “Work Study/ Character “Bucket Fillers” After reading a story entitled Have You Filled a Bucket Calendar” during the week will not be able to visit Today, students will realize that we all carry an invisible the Classroom Store until the following week. bucket around. This bucket is full of our feelings. When we are saddened by the events of our life or negative words from a peer, our bucket is empty. When Students may choose to save their money if they I or other students see a classmate being kind to would like. others or doing a good deed, the class will receive one or more “warm fuzzies” to place in the bucket. By having this type of reward, students learn money However, if students display a negative action such as bullying or saying something inappropriate, they will lose amounts, how to add and subtract money, how to one or more “warm fuzzies” from the bucket. Our goal save money, and how to do what many of them is to work as a team and to display good character. already do well…spend money.  Once the bucket is full, the class will earn a reward. Stickers Grading Procedures When students display good character or good Grades in each subject will be taken from daily work behavior throughout the day, they will receive samples, tests, projects, teacher observation, rubrics, stickers that will be placed on their individual checklists, etc. Letter and number grades will be used to incentive charts. Students will also earn stickers indicate your child’s progress. The Madison City School when they return signed Graded Paper Folders, System has adopted the following grading scale for all Character Calendars, permission slips, report cards, students: etc. (if they are returned the following day). 100-90 A When a student’s incentive chart has been filled, they will be rewarded with one of the following 89 – 80 B rewards: • Buddy Lunch with friend 79 – 70 C • Homework pass • Five small marbles 69-65 D • One large marble 64 – below F
  7. 7. 6. Snack/Volunteer Calendar Sleeve ~ The names of Back To School Parentstudents whose parents have volunteered to bring in snacks Newsletter - Page 7 on Fridays will be listed on the calendar. Also, if you are the reading or craft volunteer for the month, your name will be PROGRESS REPORTS/ on the calendar. REPORT CARDS 7. Reading Tab ~ Students will write their vocabulary words and definitions on a sheet of paper and place their work A progress report with your child’s academic behind this tab. average will be sent home every three weeks. A report card will also come home at the end of the 8. Reading Log Sleeve ~ Your child should complete any nine-week grading period. Look for the exact three nights of the reading log. The reading log will be dates for the reports to be sent home in the checked often to make sure that it is being completed and weekly newsletter. Please sign the progress your child is keeping it in his/her binder. report and report card and send them back the 9. AR Information Sleeve ~ An Accelerated Reading Log next school day. will be kept in this sleeve. This log with give you information on your child’s AR goal and reading range. Students will use B.U.G BINDER this log to keep up with how many points they have earned. The B.U.G Binder will be used to help keep us 10. Language Tab ~ Behind this section you will find your organized, and it will assist with things running child’s “Daily Proofreading” exercises. Also, practice smoothly in our classroom. Listed below is a brief activities for language will be found here. description of what is found in your child’s “B.U.G” binder. 11. Editing Information Sleeve ~ Students will use the 1. Messages from School Pocket ~ The first pocket Editing Symbols sheet that is included in this sleeve to to the left of the binder is for important notes. This correct their “Daily Proofreading.” includes the monthly lunch calendar, work done in class that will not be graded, any notes from the office, and 12. Assignment Notebook ~ Your child will write his/her other communication that does not need to be assignments on his/her homework book each day. Please returned to school. Please check this pocket daily and purchase an assignment planner from the PTA. I will assist remove all material so that it is empty and ready to be a great deal with getting students prepared for their used the next day. nightly assignment. It is your child’s responsibility to follow my instructions, so that he/she has the correct homework 2. Zipper Money/Note Pouch ~ Please place all money assignment, and all of the material required to complete sent to the classroom for pictures, PTA membership, homework goes home with him/her. Please check your book orders, field trips, lunch, etc. in the zipper pouch. child’s assignment notebook daily to make certain all work *Remember: All checks sent to Heritage should have a listed has been completed before going to bed at night. valid driver’s license number written on them. 13. Math Reference Sheets Sleeve ~ Students may refer 3. Sign and Return Sleeve ~ This section will hold to the math reference sheets to help them complete their forms that will need to be signed and sent back to math homework assignments. school. Ex. Report Cards, Progress Reports, Field Trip Forms, Notes from Teacher, etc. 14. Multiplication Information Sleeve ~ Students should study the multiplication chart that is included in this 4. Newsletter Sleeve ~ This sleeve will house section. Also, we will use this section to record when your classroom newsletters. The newsletter is entitled child has mastered each multiplication fact. Your child will “The Eubanks Enquirer.” The newsletter will keep you work toward earning a Multiplication Sundae. updated on classroom happenings and important dates. 15. Work Study/Character Calendar Tab ~ Please 5. Schedule Sleeve ~ Once the schedule has been remember to check your child’s “Work finalized, students will receive a copy to keep in their Study/Character Calendar” daily. binders.
  8. 8. Back To School Parent Newsletter - Page 8 Parent Volunteers 16. Homework Pocket ~ Any practice Students love having visitors read to them, as well as worksheets or information about projects that help with various activities. Please let me know if you have been assigned will be found in this section. have any special talents or ideas that you would like to Please check this nightly. share. Also, if you would like to help with parties, chaperone Policies and Procedures field trips, or volunteer in any way, please complete the Parent Roundup form and return it to me as soon Illness as possible. Our room mother will be getting in contact with you about bringing small snacks on If you feel your child is not well, but you want Fridays and having a parent come in and read or make him/her to try coming to school, please don’t say a craft with the students once a month. Anything to your child, “If you are not feeling well by that you do will be greatly appreciated! lunch you can come home”. Your child will watch the clock and conveniently become ill at that Student Numbers time. Instead, please send me a note, and I’ll Each student will be assigned a number. I would make sure that the proper precautions are taken like for your child to write the number on all of for the benefit of your child. his/her homework and class assignments in the Early Check Outs/Late Arrivals upper right hand corner of his/her paper. This number system will help me identify student work If you will be checking your child out early, please when they forget to write their names, and it will send me a note, so that I may have your child’s also help me speed up the filing process. assignment(s) ready upon your arrival. When checking your child out early, please go to the Classroom Helpers office first (not the classroom). The secretary Children need to have responsibilities in order to will then call our classroom to notify me of your become responsible adults. Throughout the arrival (this is less distracting to the class). school year, students will have important jobs When entering school late, this same procedure that will contribute to the operation of our must be followed; please note that it is important classroom. Students will rotate jobs weekly. for your child to arrive on time. This will teach your child that being on time is important and will Birthdays prove to be an important life-time skill. Birthdays are special times. If you would like to celebrate your child’s birthday by bringing special Transportation treats to school, please send me a note in Any time your child’s mode of transportation advance. Before sending or bringing in treats, changes, please notify me by email, phone or a please see and follow the Nutritional Guidelines written note. that you will receive. You may bring the treats PTA during our lunch period. There are ____ students in our class. Please make sure your child I would like to encourage you to join the Heritage brings enough treats for all of the students. Elementary School Parent Teacher Association (PTA). Membership in the PTA is an excellent Students will also receive a coupon from me for a way to be involved in your child’s education. free ice cream treat from the cafeteria (to be Please take the time to join at Open House or the used on or after their birthday). first week of school, if possible. Prizes or incentives are usually given for the classes in If your child has a dairy allergy, he/she will each grade level obtaining 100% membership receive another small special gift. first. I urge both parents to join if possible.
  9. 9. Back To School Parent Newsletter - Page 9 Snacks Classroom library rules: Students will be allowed to have a snack. If you 1. Find a book that you want to read. would like your child to participate, please pack a 2. Place the index card that contains the nutritious snack for your child to enjoy each day. book’s title and author in your number’s Book Orders checkout sleeve. Book orders will be sent home periodically. The due 3. Please do not get books wet. date will be found in the newsletter. This is an 4. Please do not “dog ear” any pages. Use a excellent way for you to purchase quality books at bookmark to keep your place. discounted prices. Also, with the bonus points that 5. Return the book to the check-in box within I receive, I am able to stock our classroom library a week. with some of the students’ favorite books. Please 6. Be sure to write in the date when the book complete the form thoroughly and return it along was returned. with your check (made payable to Heritage 7. Take responsibility for any damage that you Elementary) or you may order online on or before may have done to the book. the due date. *If your child loses a book or damages it beyond repair, I ask that you or the child please replace Field Trips it. Third grade field trips this year MAY include the following: • YMCA swimming lessons Student of the Week • Botanical Gardens • Cathedral Caverns Assignment: • Space and Rocket Center Any items brought to school will be returned the same day they • Huntsville Stars Game are sent. However the items are the responsibility of the Parents will be asked to attend trips where extra student. Listed below is everything your child needs to do help is needed. If we participate in the YMCA during their special week. The “Student of the Week” bag contains most of the items needed to complete each activity. swimming program this year, then I will need a The bag will come home with your child on the Friday before few parents to swap out days to accompany us. their week. VERY IMPORTANT: PLEASE RETURN THE BAG BY THE NEXT FRIDAY. It is very important for each child to If students bring money or other items on a field know he/she is special. During your child’s special week he/she trip, they will be responsible for these. may share anything about him/herself. This can be pictures of family members, special occasions, special toys, awards, etc. • Students/families should take our pet rock, Buggy, on Classroom Library an adventure. The rock will be in the bag. The adventure could be going to the grocery store, taking a I am very proud of our classroom library walk, reading a book to our pet rock, or anything you collection. Most of the books were either bought can think of to do with the rock. Students will write a by family members or myself. Many of the books story about their adventures with Buggy. were my husband’s when he was younger. Also, While your child is the Student of the Week, each day of the week will several of my previous students donated books to consist of an exciting event or activity to honor him or her. the classroom library. • Monday: “The _____ Times” - Your child should bring at least one photo of him- or herself to school. Also, he/she Students are more than welcome to check out should complete “The _____ Times” in the binder and return books from our classroom library. However, once it to school by Monday. The photograph may be attached to the books are checked out, that book becomes the questionnaire. the responsibility of the student. • Tuesday: Favorite Book – The student should bring one of his or her books to read to the class. Students can read the book I have created a procedure students must follow aloud to the class (if it can be read in less than 10 minutes) or in order to help us all keep our classroom library give a book-talk if the book is longer. organized and complete.
  10. 10. Back To School Parent Newsletter – Page 10 • Wednesday: Estimation Jar - Students should fill or partially fill the estimation jar that is included in the Parent Night “Student of the Week” bag. The jar should be returned to school on Wednesday. The student of the week should count the number of items before bringing the jar to school. Just You are all invited to attend Heritage’s Parent a hint, it may be a good idea to write the number down Night on ____________ at ____ p.m. On this somewhere, so your child doesn’t forget. Items could night, you will be able to tour our classroom, and include: toy cars, rice, beans, Q-tips, game pieces, cotton I will be discussing classroom procedures and balls, beads, baseball cards, marbles, etc. PLEASE NO LIQUIDS. Edible items will no longer be edible due to the plans for the year. Also, I will be answering germs in the estimation jar. questions that you may have. I look forward to • Thursday: Parent Letter (Optional) - Parents will write a seeing all of you! letter to the class telling us how special your child is to you. Send the letter in a sealed envelope to school with your child, and I will read the letter to the class at class meeting. Box Tops and Campbell’s Soup Labels The content of the letter is up to you, but you may want to choose from the following ideas: Describe special or funny stories about your child for the class to hear, write a silly or Please remember to save Box Tops and Campbell’s serious poem about your child, tell us some neat things we Soup Labels. The school uses the proceeds to may not know about your child, send silly or special pictures with a letter describing the pictures, or write a short story purchase equipment and supplies. with your child as the main character. Student Work • Friday: “Buggy Story” – Students will share the story that they have written about their adventures with Buggy. The student will be recognized by his or her classmates and This year students will be responsible for presented with a "Student of the Week" certificate. completing homework assignments and projects. I am not at all against parents helping children. I • Some games will be packed into the bag. Please try to play at believe that one-on-one time is essential to least one game with your child during their special week! student learning. Parents are encouraged to help • Before returning the bag, please complete an inventory their child; however, please refrain from sheet. completing your child’s assignment for them. • We will all make a Buggy Jr. at the end of the year!  Reminders Closing Statements School Supplies Needed These first weeks of school will be a period of adjustment for all of us. The students will be • 4 small glue sticks • 1 box of 24 crayons settling in, learning school and classroom rules, • 1 box of colored pencils with sharpener and getting to know their classmates. They will • 1 gross (144) of #2 pencils also be learning to be comfortable with me as • 1 spiral notebook their teacher. Schedules seem to change • 1 composition notebook somewhat during the first few weeks of school, • 1 graphing notebook so I will send one home as soon as it is finalized. • 5 packs of wide-ruled loose leaf paper • 1 pack of dry erase markers with Please be patient and supportive so that we may eraser smooth out all of the rough places, such as • 10 pocket folders with prongs transportation, scheduling, etc. • Zipper supply pouch • one - 1 1/2 inch 3 ring binder (white with clear pocket on front) with 5 divider tabs. Open House Packet Be sure to complete all the forms and assessments sent home in the Open House packet
  11. 11. Back To School Parent Newsletter – Page 11 • Hello from Mrs. Eubanks • About Third Grade • Parent/Teacher Communication • “B.U.G” Binder • Classroom Rules and Discipline • Policies and o Work Study/Character Procedures Calendar • Consequences • Parent/Teacher Communication, • Policies and continued Procedures, • Classroom Subjects • Rewards continued o Individual • Student of the o Group Week o Class Assignment • Grading Procedures • Classroom Subjects, continued • Classroom Subjects information • Student of the • Progress Reports/Report Cards Week • “B.U.G” Binder • Classroom Subjects, continued Assignment, • Special Classes continued • Word Banks • Reminders Please detach and return I have read and understand the information in the Parent Handbook provided by Mrs. Eubanks. Signature _____________________ Date _________ Please keep this handbook throughout the school year. Parent(s) Comments and/or Questions _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________