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Soar Reflections June 2012


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This is a reflection based on the summer reading program SOAR in June 2012.

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Soar Reflections June 2012

  1. 1. Society of Awesome Readers S.O.A.R Book Club A Collaborative Project: Irving Independent School Distinct, the Bilingual/ESL Department and IISD Elementary Schools Farine, Lee, Brandenburg, Townley, Elliott and Brown School Administrators Julie Miler, Wendi Vaughn, Yanira Olivares, Dr. Doug Sevier, Dr. Jill Tokumoto, and Dr. Adam Grinage Coordinator: Renee Newry Site Coordinators Tina Berumen, Tammy Stringer, Sharon Dressel, Mary Jo. Lear, and Lisa Shellito The Society of Awesome goal was to spend time being Readers (S.O.A.R) Summer engaged in authentic readingSpecial points ofinterest: Book Club program offered and reading discussions. This multi-aged book clubs for goal was evidenced by high Student and Parent Surveys students in grades 3-5 while 1 attendance rates and positive Special Events Summer Statistics -2 grade students participated feedback from students, Teacher Feedback in a Family Book Club Thea- teachers, and parents. During Program to continue reading ter during the June. The four the session, students re- throughout the summer. elementary sites hosting ceived 6-12 free books for S.O.A.R were Lee, Elliott, their home library. The stu- Research on Summer Brown, and Townley. Al- dents and families also had Reading though the students spoke access to the school library. Even reading a relativelyA Special Thanks many languages and came Students were invited to par- small collection of books —to... 12 to 15 for kids in first from culturally diverse back- ticipate in the Irving Public through third grades; five inDora Moron upper elementary grades — √ grounds, the students were all Library Summer Reading should keep skills up to par. -Allington 2012 focused on one goal. The Public √ NEWS/707109925/0Library StaffMelanie Chrismer √Slappy’s Play- S.O.A.R Eventshouse √ Author, Melanie Chrismer, Slappy’s Playhouse Clowns,The Sonic Guy@Pioneer Dr. √ and librarians from the Irving Public Library delighted our students with books, storytel- ling, and laughter. This was aArielle LewinInternet Safety for Parents √ great opportunity for students and families to see that read- ing is fun! All programsMackin Books √ stressed the importance of reading for pleasure and en- couraged the students to con- tinue reading throughout theFollett Books √ summer months.
  2. 2. Society of Awesome Readers Page 2 t Metacognitive Thinking and Reading Strategies d en s Stu rvey s Book club session were 1 1/2 hours each day. Each day teachers and Su sult students focused on the metacogni- 60 tive strategies as they read and Re discussed the book club book 50 choices. Students rated the strate- gies that they felt they were most 40 confident in both at the beginning and end of the session. 30 12-Jun Making Connections (MC) 28-Jun 20 Making Predictions (MP) 10 Making Inferences (MI) Visualizing (V) 0 Summarizing (S) MC MP MI V S AQ Asking Questions (AQ) Teacher Survey CommentStudents loved readingin the group led by ateacher who could bringout the fun andinteresting aspects ofreading. The book clubatmosphere encouragedthe love of reading. 70 English Language 60 Arts TEKS 50 (2.7B) 40 read from a variety 30 12-Jun of genres for pleas- The students selected their three favorite genres. 28-Jun ure and to acquire 20 information from Realistic Fiction , Fairy Tales, Folk 10 Tales (Myths and Legends), Fantasy, both print and elec- Mystery, Poetry, Historical Fiction, and Non-Fiction. 0 tronic sources
  3. 3. Page 3 Student Survey Results Teacher Survey CommentsStudents were asked to rate The students lovedhow well they liked to read ontheir own, and how well they 90 reading aloud with dif-liked to be read aloud to. By the 80 ferent voices. It was so 70end of the program, students much fun.noted that they grew in their love 60 50 DONT LIKEfor both choices. Thanks to the Small class sizes al-wonderful teachers for helping 40 LIKE SOMEbring the books to life. For more 30 lowed each student the LIKE A LOTinformation about what students 20 chance to talk and shareread. Click here to see the 10 LOVE IT their ideas and opinionsbooks and reading guides. 0 LISTEN TO READ TO LISTEN TO READ TO about the book. READING SELF (PRE) READING SELF (PRE) (POST) (POST) Parent Survey Parents personally Comment thanked us for doing the program. They My kids were all excited stated that they learned something to read and “complained” everyday. each day that the -Sharon Dressel (Site Coordinator: Townley) session was too short. Attendance Statistics Student Survey Results: How many minutes do you read each day? Lee - 189 students Brown - 65 students Elliott - 110 studentsThe child who sits in Townley- 78 students 40a reader’s lap is more 35 Average Classroom Ratioprivileged than [a] 30 10:1child who is given a 25 Pre The summer reading pro-fancy computer 20 Post gram was a fun, engaginggames, state-of the- 15 opportunity for students toart sports equipment, 10 connect with literature.[or] designer clothes. 5 Amazing Reading fun, thank -Rosemary Wells 1998 0 10 mins. 20 mins 30 mins. 30+ mins. you Irving ISD. M. Lear (Site Coordinator - Elliott)
  4. 4. er a ch ck Te dba ee t ou y ab sa F t te h h ers Pro ac .A.R to ad ram g . ha e S.O w th read from a va- See riety of genres for pleasure and to acquire infor- mation from both print and electronic sources Password “Soar” Program Benefits Favorite Part of the ImprovementCoordinator Comments Session RecommendationsKudos to the Cafeteria  Kids loved gettingManager, Patsy, and  Kids loved the “social  Make session 2 hours new books eachour fabulous bus driver media” type lessons. longWill. These two indi- week  Less emails-more or- Great lesson guidesviduals took pride in ganization of eventstheir service to children  I enjoyed the freedom  More communicationand to their families.  Book discussions to go at your own through first day folder were great and all of  Limit schedule changes groups individualThe faculty and staff the students had theworked well together pace  Meet five days a weekand provided a stellar opportunity to share for two weeksprogram. Thanks for  I enjoyed it when the their ideas  Allow K/1 students whohelping our students are reading to attend parents were involved class sessionsgain the skills needed  Students were ex-to continue their read- with their kids in read-  Allow more flexibility in cited to have accessing journey throughout ing and crafts students changing read-the summer. to library books ing groups