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Wing Sang 2012 Volunteer Orientation


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This power point presentation is designed to give Royal BC Museum volunteers who are part of our Wing Sang Sattelite location in Vancouver BC an online orientation for our organization. Welcome to our volunteer program. Holli Hodgson
Volunteer Services Manager

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Wing Sang 2012 Volunteer Orientation

  1. 1. Welcome to the Royal BC MuseumVolunteer Orientation
  2. 2. The Birdcages – circa 1886
  3. 3. John Fannin• Museum’s first curator from 1886 – 1904• Teacher, overlander, shoemaker, surveyor
  4. 4. The Crown Corporation Since 2003the Royal BC Museum Corporation includes: • Royal BC Museum • St. Ann’s • BC Archives Schoolhouse • Mungo Martin’s Big • Helmcken House House- Wa’wadit’la • Netherlands Carillon • Thunderbird Park
  5. 5. B.C. Archives1898 Historical records were first collected by the Legislative Library.1908 The Provincial Archives was founded.
  6. 6. Helmcken HouseOne of the oldest houses in BritishColumbia still on its original site
  7. 7. Dr. Helmcken Statue
  8. 8. St Anns Schoolhouse The oldest building still standing in Victoria.
  9. 9. The Netherlands Carillon The Carillon was a gift of the Dutch Community of British Columbia to the province on the occasion of Canadas Centennial in 1967.
  10. 10. Mungo Martin House - Wawadit’la, in Thunderbird Park • Constructed in 1952 under the supervision of Kwakwaka’wakw Chief Mungo Martin. • A copy of a big house built at Fort Rupert in the mid-1800s.
  11. 11. Our Mission To explore and preserve British Columbia’s human and natural history, to inspire curiosity and wonder, and to share our story with the world.
  12. 12. Our VisionA transformed Royal BC Museum will become BritishColumbia’s leading cultural centre. Our vision calls for majorinitiatives on-site, off-site, and online. We will become alandmark physical site and virtual environment for debate,reflection and knowledge. We will bridge cultures, engagegenerations, and positively impact the lives of all people whoshare a connection to BC.
  13. 13. Our Goals• Support collections that are representative of the human history and natural history of BC.• Be an organization that offers an exceptional standard of visitor welcome, hospitality and service.• Be a sustainable, high-performing organization.
  14. 14. Areas of Collections• Natural History• Human History• Archives
  15. 15. Collections • Over 10 million objects• 20,000 objects are on loan• Primarily objects from BC
  16. 16. Public Programming The Royal BC Museum has seen over 30 million visitorsAnnually:•Approximately 450,000 visitors•5,500 children attend docent led schoolprograms•45,000 school children come with their class fora self –guided visit.
  17. 17. Online
  18. 18. Publications
  19. 19. Permanent Galleries
  20. 20. Permanent Galleries
  21. 21. Permanent Galleries
  22. 22. Permanent Galleries
  23. 23. Permanent Galleries
  24. 24. Permanent Galleries
  25. 25. Queen Elizabeth II by Cecil Beaton: A Diamond Jubilee Celebration June 1 to September 3, 2012
  26. 26. Queen Elizabeth II by Cecil Beaton: A Diamond Jubilee Celebration June 1 to September 3, 2012
  27. 27. Wing Sang - Curious
  28. 28. Intimate Glimpses
  29. 29. Bottled Beauty
  30. 30. Magic Lantern
  31. 31. Artifact or Artifiction
  32. 32. Planning For The Future
  33. 33. Rezoning ProjectPrior to May 26, 2011, the Royal BC On May 26, 2011 the proposed MuseumMuseum was zoned R-2, Two Family zone boundary was approved throughDwelling. a formal zoning application process.
  34. 34. Jack Lohman CEO
  35. 35. Museum Partners• Royal BC Museum Foundation• Friends of the BC Archives• National Geographic IMAX Theatre• Willie’s Bakery
  36. 36. A Longstanding Partnership• 130+ staff• 550 volunteers• Rights & Responsibilities
  37. 37. Volunteer BenefitsWing Sang Volunteers receive admission benefits toboth locations and will be provided with a copy ofRing Of Time or White Bears and Other Curiosities.Two signature museum publications which give thebackground of our organization.Thanks for being part of our team!
  38. 38. Standards of Good Conduct• Be positive about • Avoid any conflict of the museum interest situations• Keep roles as • Treat all other persons private citizens at the museum with separate from roles respect and dignity at museum• Give equal treatment to relatives, friends and visitors
  39. 39. Safety and Security• Security staff are here to assist visitors, staff, volunteers and contractors, particularly in an emergency!• Please…always wear your identification and nametag.• What should I wear?• Who do I report to?• Scents and sensibility!• Can I take a leave?
  40. 40. From The Library
  41. 41. The Ultimate Movie Experience Located inside the Royal BC Museum
  42. 42. What is the IMAX Experience? • 400 seat theatre features the 2-D IMAX Experience • Projected on to a giant screen more than 6 stories high and 80 feet wide • 10 times larger than conventional screens • Fills your entire field of vision giving you the most powerful and involving film experience • Brings images to life with 12,000 watts of IMAX Digital surround sound • IMAX Projectors are the size of Smart car and can emit up to 30,000 watts of light which could be seen with the naked eye from space
  43. 43. Volunteer Perks• Free IMAX Films – Show your Volunteer ID to our usher on the ramp and receive free admission to our IMAX films.*** Please note that entrance is based on availability and if the show is very busy you may be asked to return another time***Please note this perk is extended for Royal BC Museum volunteers and staff only. Your guests need to obtain a ticket at the box office• Discounted tea/coffee at our Sound Bites Concession
  44. 44. ANY QUESTIONS?