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Welcome to wales

  1. 1. Welcome to Wales Stegalovka Research work Done by Gladysheva Anna, form 10 Teacher: Terekhova L.N. 2013
  2. 2. The aim of my work -to get more interesting information about Wales, the country of lakes and mountains.
  3. 3. Country Facts: Motto: Cymru am byth (Wales for ever). Flag: Red dragon on a green and white field. National day: 1 March Area: 20, 779 sq km Population: 3,004,600 Capital city: Cardiff Official languages: English and Welsh
  4. 4. National emblems: the dragon, leek and daffodil.
  5. 5. Wales is one of the four parts of the United Kingdom.
  6. 6. Here you can find high mountains, picturesque lakes,
  7. 7. long sandy beaches, rivers,
  8. 8. bays and waterfalls,
  9. 9. high sand dunes
  10. 10. and the deepest cave in Britain.
  11. 11. Although Wales is seven times smaller than England, it has three national parks and four areas of outstanding natural beauty!
  12. 12. Wales first appeared in recorded history when the Romans attacked it in the 1st century AD. The people living there were the Celts, an ancient European people. They were warriors, farmers and traders. The Welsh are very proud of their Celtic origin. They keep alive their traditions and still speak Welsh, their ancient Celtic language.
  13. 13. There are over 400 castles in Wales! Some of them are in ruins, but many are still standing and are some of the most famous and well-preserved castles in Britain.
  14. 14. The largest castles were built by King Edward I of England. When he Conquered Wales in the 13th century, he built massive castles to keep the Welsh under control. After defeating the native princes of Wales, Edward I named his son ‘Prince of Wales’. Since then the eldest son of the king or queen of England has traditionally been given this title.
  15. 15. The present Prince of Wales is Prince Charles who is expected to become the next British King.
  16. 16. Everybody in Wales can speak English, but it is not everybody’s first language. For about 20% of the population, the mother tongue is Welsh.
  17. 17. All children in Wales learn it at school, there are many local newspapers in Welsh and nearly all signs are written in both Welsh and English.
  18. 18. Wales’s patron saint is St David.
  19. 19. March 1st, St David’s Day, is now Wales’s national day. It’s celebrated by Welsh people all over the world.
  20. 20. On this day they wear leeks or daffodils, traditional Welsh emblems.
  21. 21. Since the 12th century special competitions have been held to find the best poets, writers and musicians in the country. Wales has always been known as a country of poetry and music.
  22. 22. The most important eisteddfod is the National Eisteddfod of Wales. It’s the largest cultural festival of its kind in Europe, and a very important event in the Welsh calendar. It takes place every August and last for 8 days.
  23. 23. Cardiff has been the capital of Wales since 1955. In fact, it’s the youngest capital in Europe. It’s an important industrial and cultural centre of the country. Cardiff is one of the flattest cities in Britain and has more hours of sunlight than any other city in Britain.
  24. 24. Cardiff Castle is a popular tourist attraction. It’s also a place where many rock concerts and other performances take place.
  25. 25. Combining history with modernity, Cardiff has become one of Britain’s top tourist places. It attracts more than 12 million visitors a year.
  26. 26. A favorite souvenir for the tourists is a Welsh love spoon. They are made of wood and are very beautifully carved. In the old days in Wales, a young man would carve a spoon to give to his sweetheart as a sign of his love.
  27. 27. Traditionally, the spoons were carved from one piece of wood and had a number of symbols such as hearts (for love), bells (for the hoped- for wedding), a horseshoe (for luck), a dragon (for protection), etc.
  28. 28. Today, love spoons are often given as wedding, birthday and Christmas gifts.
  29. 29. To sum up: •All over the world there are so many countries. Wales is a very picturesque and beautiful country. Thanks to my report I have known many interesting and wonderful facts of that country. I would like to visit it.
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