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June 2018 DNN Awareness Group Meeting


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This is the slide deck from our June 2018 meeting for the DNN Ecosystem Advisory Group that focuses on generating more awareness of DNN.

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June 2018 DNN Awareness Group Meeting

  1. 1. DNN EAG - AWARENESS A DNN Ecosystem Advisory Group
  2. 2. ATTENDEES • Will S. • Aderson O. • Clint P. • Alessandra D. • Francisco A. • Jeremy F. • Mark B. • David P. • Jay M.
  3. 3. AGENDA • Review Primary Goals • DNN-Connect • Progress Since Previous Meeting • Set Goals for Next Month • Review Long Term Goals • Open Forum
  4. 4. PRIMARY INDIVIDUAL GOALS • (Co-)Champion something • Do at least 2 things a month • Generate a snowball effect • Keep in constant contact
  5. 5. DNN-CONNECT 2018 CONFERENCE • • 31 May – 03 June • • Discussed in last night’s TADUG meeting (Clint P.) • David P. • Really great conference (best ever?) • Content was incredible (great sessions on a wide range of topics) • Great conversations were being had (platform, community, etc.) • More spread out than previous EU events • All sessions were professionally recorded (slides too) • Getting posted to the DNN-Connect YouTube channel •
  6. 6. HOTCAKES COMMUNITY TOOLS REVIEW • Coming from • Donated by Arrow Digital • Will S. • Forward the source to Jay • Jay will try to look at this over the weekend • Goals to be properly defined over Slack • Clint P. • There’s a Jira item for it • The tester said there’s a bug • Ben Z. needs a link to the GitHub • May be waiting on Will (and Jay)...
  7. 7. CHAMPIONS: UPDATES • Community Dashboard • Speaker Program • User Group Program • Increase Hashtag Usage (social) • Blogs • YouTube Videos/Tutorials • Training Course • New/Updated Extensions • Homepage/Messaging • Curriculum • Theme Creation
  8. 8. COMMUNITY DASHBOARD • Mission: Create a dashboard that measures & shows the community activity, trends, and health from across mediums • Champions: Jay M., Jeremy F., Will S., Francisco A. • Still in limbo (kind of) • Will sent source to Jay M. (yesterday) • By next meeting: • We should have defined what we’ll be measuring • That should result in a plan forward
  9. 9. DNN HOMEPAGE/MESSAGING • Mission: Update to highlight community and apply consistent DNN messaging across the website • Champions: Jay M., Don G., Jeremy F., Thompson K. • Not much traction since last meeting due to not being able to get the meeting setup for everyone • Should have a meeting within the next two weeks for next steps • Next Steps • Will to setup a meeting specifically making sure Jay and Thompson are in attendance • Everyone to review comments and add their own comments • Slack Channel: #goals-dnn-site-msg
  10. 10. INCREASING SOCIAL ACTIVITY • Mission: Increase the number and quality of social channel interactions related to DNN • Champions: David P., Clint P., Will S., Francisco A., Kelli K. • Clint P. • Thinks Aderson is doing a great job with Clipisodes  • Next one may be about upgrades • Will S. • FB groups continue to be very active • Need to recruit an official Champion for this • David P. • @DNNAwareness account has a few more followers
  11. 11. BLOGS • Mission: Increase the number of DNN blog articles everywhere • Champions: Clint P., Will S., Don G., Dennis S., Francisco A. • Will S. • Blogged about the previous meeting • Plan to have 2-3 more over the next two weeks • Should we be using other mediums, like Medium? • Francisco A. • Continues to translate blogs en Español • EPT is going to follow his example
  12. 12. BLOGS (CONT’D) • David P. • About to blog about how horrible WP is for security (BLEH!!!!) • Everyone RT and share this • Cross-posting: is that still a good thing? • Clint P. • Mitchel Sellers Example: suggests that people ghost write for others • Aderson O. • We pick a theme for the month (e.g., upgrades) • All content will be related to that topic
  13. 13. YOUTUBE VIDEOS/TUTORIALS • Mission: Increase the number of videos available that show people how to be successful with DNN • Champions: Don G., David D., Aderson O., John S. • Aderson O. • 2-3 questions that became videos over the past month • 3 tips of the week • Most efforts were around the conversion from Evoq to Platform (1.5 hr) • Already on YouTube: • Mic has been dropped!
  14. 14. NEW/UPDATED EXTENSIONS • Mission: Increase the number of new/updated open source extensions • Champions: Jay M., Vicenç M., Jeremy F., David P., Francisco A. • Will S. • Hotcakes Commerce 3.2 released • Helped fixed a bug for SQL View Pro 5.0 • Began using Matt R.’s DNNGenerator (Yeoman) for creating MVC/SPA modules • • David P. • nvQuickTheme adoption continues to increase (DNN-Connect helped) • Aderson O. posted a few videos about it
  15. 15. CURRICULUM • Mission: Create a reusable curriculum that can be deployed to various types of schools worldwide to introduce DNN to kids • Champions: Clint P., Will S., David D., Don G., Loukas B. • No updates or traction on this yet • We need a leader for this! 
  16. 16. TRAINING/COURSES • Mission: Create at least one training course for DNN on external learning platforms • Champions: Will S., Tracy W., David P., Don G., Loukas B. • No updates – team not here, really
  17. 17. THEMES • Mission: Increase the availability & quality of open source DNN themes in the ecosystem • Champions: Tracy W., Loukas B., Francisco A., Waldo M. • Tracy isn’t here
  18. 18. SPEAKER PROGRAM • Mission: Create a program where speakers & user groups can match w/ each other, including session resources • Champions: Joe C., Tracy W., Loukas B., Will S. • Joe has been running this, and we’re having a meeting soon
  19. 19. USER GROUP PROGRAM • Mission: Create a user group program w/ tools to help user group leaders start, run, and grow DNN-based meetings • Champions: Will S., David P., Jon B., Don G., Mark B. • Will S. • Looking for someone to champion this
  20. 20. USER GROUP PROGRAM • David P. • Might be able to help get the development started • Clint P. • Mitch is trying to get access to GitHub accounts/repos for community members • Next Steps • Find someone to be “the” champion • Will to hand off the work he’s done so far • Determine the repo name in Slack • Create the repo in GitHub
  21. 21. AWARENESS: MONTHLY GOALS • Next Month • 5 blog articles published • 2 YouTube videos/tutorials • Q1 2018 • 1 training course • 5 new/updated open source extensions
  22. 22. AWARENESS: LONG-TERM GOALS • 1H 2018 • 18 new blog articles • 24 new tutorial videos • 2 new training courses • 10 new/updated DNN extensions • EOY 2018 • 37 new blog articles • 48 new tutorial videos • 4 new training courses • 20 new/updated DNN extensions
  23. 23. OPEN FORUM • Jeremy F. • Contribution to the silence :D • Clint P. • DNN Awards update from Jon B.??? • • Will S. • Jon B. hasn’t been on Slack in a bit • David P. • The DNN Awards site has been released, but may not yet be active