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DNN Awareness Meeting January 2019


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This is our monthly DNN Awareness meeting where we converse about our goals over the past month and set expectations for the next month to help raise awareness of DNN across all ecosystems.

Want to join us and help?

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DNN Awareness Meeting January 2019

  1. 1. DNN EAG - AWARENESS A DNN Ecosystem Advisory Group
  2. 2. ATTENDEES • Will S. • Jeremy F. • Alessandra D. • Clint P. • Daniel V. • David P. • Jay M. • Loukas B. • Paras D. • Tracy W.
  3. 3. AGENDA • Review Primary Goals • Progress Since Previous Meeting • Set Goals for Next Month • Review Long Term Goals • Open Forum
  4. 4. PRIMARY INDIVIDUAL GOALS • (Co-)Champion something • Do at least 2 things a month • Generate a snowball effect • Keep in constant contact
  5. 5. CHAMPIONS: UPDATES • Community Dashboard • Speaker Program • User Group Program • Increase Social Activity • Blogs • YouTube Videos/Tutorials • Training Course • Curriculum • New/Updated Extensions • .Com & .Org Website • Theme Creation
  6. 6. COMMUNITY DASHBOARD • Mission: Create a dashboard that measures & shows the community activity, trends, and health from across mediums • Champions: Jay M., Jeremy F., Will S., Francisco A. • Jay • Created a module that ties into Twitter, GitHub, etc. • Was working locally, but it may not work in public website • Needs to have some sort of delta logic built in • Community members will need to opt-in
  7. 7. DNN .COM & .ORG WEBSITE • Mission: Update to highlight community and apply consistent DNN messaging across the website • Champions: Jay M., Don G., Jeremy F., Thompson K. • Will • lives! Yaaaaaayyyy!!!!!  • Will ping Mitch SSO between .com and .org. • David P. has already built and deployed a theme (Thank you!) • PageSpeed is reporting a 100 and 95 right now! :O •
  8. 8. DNN .COM & .ORG WEBSITE (CONT’D) • Jay • Needs to build a project plan (for everyone to volunteer on items) • We need to work on both .com and .org • .com will be marketing & .org will be community/resources • Looking to have a roundtable at DNN Summit • Jeremy • Want 1-2 channels on this • Exists: #goals-dnn-site-msg • Tracy • What extensions will be used? (open source only)
  9. 9. INCREASING SOCIAL ACTIVITY • Mission: Increase the number and quality of social channel interactions related to DNN • Champions: David P., Clint P., Will S., Francisco A., Kelli K. • Still needs a champion? • {Crickets…}
  10. 10. BLOGS • Mission: Increase the number of DNN blog articles everywhere • Champions: Clint P., Will S., Don G., Francisco A. • Still need a champion? • Clint • Mitch posted a year in review blog • year-in-review-2018 • Daniel • Behind in posting the core module & TAG meetings
  11. 11. VIDEOS/TUTORIALS • Mission: Increase the number of videos available that show people how to be successful with DNN • Champions: Don G., David D., Aderson O., John S. • Will • Aderson has been publishing several videos (standard & DNN Summit) • David • Published several videos on nvQuickTheme • eHEVMXPKxyjoYDW
  12. 12. NEW/UPDATED EXTENSIONS • Mission: Increase the number of new/updated open source extensions • Champions: John S., Jay M., Vicenç M., Jeremy F., David P., Francisco A. • Daniel • Documents module has a significant update to address failed upgrades • Stephan C. released an update to the Form & List module • David • nvQuickTheme has had several updates • Jeremy • Security Analyzer (stand-alone version) updated
  13. 13. CURRICULUM • Mission: Create a reusable curriculum that can be deployed to various types of schools worldwide to introduce DNN to kids • Champions: Clint P., Will S., Don G., Loukas B. • Still need a champion? • Loukas • No updates w/ local university • Been ill over the holiday season • Alessandra doesn’t want him to die :D
  14. 14. TRAINING/COURSES • Mission: Create at least one training course for DNN on external learning platforms • Champions: Will S., Tracy W., David P., Don G., Loukas B. • Tracy W. • Expect that the end of next week it should be complete • $2,497 for lifetime access or annual fee • Thinking about a possible monthly subscription • Mostly likely going to be a per person fee (not per company) • Reseller program (25% commission) • Not yet thinking about a white label version • Jay is suggesting somehow helping getting some of it on .org
  15. 15. THEMES • Mission: Increase the availability & quality of open source DNN themes in the ecosystem • Champions: Tracy W., Loukas B., Francisco A., Waldo M. • No new open source themes over the non-busy holiday season
  16. 16. SPEAKER PROGRAM • Mission: Create a program where speakers & user groups can match w/ each other, including session resources • Champions: Joe C., Tracy W., Loukas B., Will S. • In need of a champion again?
  17. 17. USER GROUP PROGRAM • Mission: Create a user group program w/ tools to help user group leaders start, run, and grow DNN-based meetings • Champions: Will S., David P., Jon B., Don G., Mark B. • Will S. • We need to schedule a meeting to move this forward :P • On my plate.
  18. 18. AWARENESS: MONTHLY GOALS • Next Month • 5 blog articles published • 8 YouTube videos/tutorials • Q1 2019 • 1 training course • 8 new/updated open source extensions
  19. 19. AWARENESS: LONG-TERM GOALS • 1H 2019 • 18 new blog articles • 24 new tutorial videos • 2 new training courses • 14 new/updated DNN extensions • EOY 2019 • 37 new blog articles • 48 new tutorial videos • 4 new training courses • 28 new/updated DNN extensions
  20. 20. OPEN FORUM • Will • Next meeting we will spend most of the time talking about goals for 2019 • Please come to the meeting with goals/ideas • DNN-Connect 2019 is in Switzerland • Alessandra • Crickets are crickets. • Clint • Is everyone going to DNN Summit