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Hired4 sure

hired4sure offers job agencies or career sites increase their conversion rates by turning their site to "one stop shop" for job seekers.

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Hired4 sure

  1. 1. Interview questions & answers Would you like to make your job board both and ? Now you can upgrade your site instantly !
  2. 2. Your Goals hired4sure professional content Engage users Stickiness Increase conversion rates Job boards Career & business sites
  3. 3. What interest job seekers? are interested in interview questions and answers
  4. 4. • Directory of interview questions that were asked at companies in all industries and occupations - Behavioral questions - Technical questions • Expert answers and advice • members answers About hired4sure
  5. 5. • hired4sure repository contains interview questions from leading industry companies About hired4sure hired4sureFacebook Amazon Microsoft Intel IBM
  6. 6. Why do you need us? Give your customers the knowledge they need to make the next step in their careers Job offers Interview questions & answers 100% information
  7. 7. How does it work? Next to every job offer you will add a link to interview Q&A’s that were asked according to vast filtering criteria (company, location, occupation, dates etc.) For example : View interview questions in .Net Link To interview Q&A’s
  8. 8. Create your own job interviews section. Customize the look and feel of the results to match your site: How does it work?
  9. 9. 1. h4s™ Standard – access to our interview questions and answers repository with a link to the questions and answers on 2. h4s™ Premium – access to our interview questions and answers with no connection to, as if it is your own unique content hired4sure products
  10. 10. What our users think of us “Thank you for the info ...I am sure I will learn a lot...Teuta” Teuta Dalip , Mathematics Instructor “went through the site and found it interesting and would be useful to many. congratulations to the great idea and best wishes to you.” Krishnan D G , HR Professsional “I find hired4sure to be quite interesting and informative. I had to add that one to my favorites ;-) “ Rudi Ramey , Web Application Developer at ARCADIS-US
  11. 11. Thank you for viewing Visit us Contact us Email Phone +972-52-8791144 (International call)