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Lakecity News - Year

Lakecity News

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Lakecity News - Year

  1. 1. 5’ IAGRAN LAKECITY UNIVERSITY .1 BHOPAL iqnifino; ‘vnin3s; changing lives I Awarded :13 THE MOST i EIVIERGING UNIVERSITY ‘ ""‘; “ (JF MADHYA PK/ DI-"SH Faculty Development Program and Staff A chievement 1 . u~ 'i'.4i= N[;4: "at -mzi": aid‘ )5: um: um i"[Q VA‘/ V;1:J. ' I3 «VI, Kéinfinug rlhslol: » H1»/ ;. : ;;; r[; ;;~
  2. 2. CHIEF PATRON Shri Han’ Mohan Gupta Chancellor. Jagran Lakecity University Chairman. Jagran Social Welfare Society PATRON Prof. (Dr) Anoop Swarup Vice-Chancellor MANAGING EDITOR Shri Abhishek Mohan Gupta Chief Executive Officer EDITOR Prof. H Nesamoorthy Registrar ASSOCIATE EDITORS Dr. Yogendra Kumar Srivastava Ms. Pooja Prakash EDITORIAL BOARD Prof. (Dr. ) Vivek Khare Prof. (Dr. ) Atul Mehrotra Prof. (Dr. ) Sanjay Ranade Prof. (Dr. ) Karunakar Jha Dr. Ruchi Shanna Mr. Nafees Haider Naqvi DESIGN & CONCEPT BY Pristine ideas Pvt. Ltd.
  3. 3. Page JLU Bhopal Achievements '7‘ N A Page 2532 Students Achievements Page 33_34 Faculty Development and Achievements Page 3560 Events and Celebrations Page 6170 Igniting Minds Lecture Series Page 71_85 Conference & Workshops Page 8792 Sports Facility Page 93_94 Jagran Shakti
  4. 4. JAGRAN LAKECITY i*L‘= ig’i UNIVERSITY ——- BHOPAL igniting minds; changing lives ABOUT UNIVERSITY Awarded the most emerging university of Madhya Pradesh by FMPCCI, Jagran Lakecity University (JLU) is a center of quality and excellence in higher education and a vital part of the City of Bhopal. its state-of-the art campus combines contemporary architecture and sustainable design with a holistic learning environment. The University's real pride lies within its people and the achievements in the field of education of the promoting body ‘Jagran Social Welfare Society (JSWS)‘. JLU Bhopal is a fully government recognised and approved state private University under section 2(f) of UGC Act 1956, Government of india. JLU Bhopal is a practice-based University, which carries forward the legacy of JSWS in being a pioneer in provision of quality education. The courses on offer through various schools embody the University’s longstanding commitment to leadership and innovation in higher education. The curriculum for individual course is designed through perfect blend of inputs from renowned academicians and industry leaders who are a part of our academic advisory board. The academics at JLU is of the highest globe caliber and is committed to excellence in teaching and learning. JLU Bhopal is offering full time degrees at undergraduate, postgraduate and research level in the field of Management. Media, Communication, Banking, Finance, Law, Hospitality, Commerce, Economics, Engineering & Technology, Humanities and Arts.
  5. 5. “On earth there is no purifier as great as knowledge. ” I am delighted to introduce you to Jagran Lakecity University (JLU Bhopal). At JLU, we think of education as the means of developing our greatest abilities, because in each one of us there is a personal hope and dream which when fulfilled, can be translated into benefit for everyone and become a great strength for our nation. We at “Jagran Social Welfare Society”, the promoting body of JLU, are focused on our mission of making quality higher education more accessible and affordable so that many more students can pursue their dream of excellence. its a mission we believe, will help make the world a better place. We dedicate ourselves at JLU, to create a human capital for our country and endow the world with beautiful minds. Our purpose is to prepare students for exciting careers and lifelong achievements. We believe that when our students succeed, countries prosper and societies benefit. You are welcome to Jagran Lakecity University. ‘Han Mohan Gupta Chancellor Jagran Lakecity University Bhopal
  6. 6. A message from v Greetings to all! As we launch the inaugural issue of Jagran Lakecity University's Year Book, I fondly recall and cherish the philosophical zest and zeal of our Founder, Chancellor Shri Hari Mohan Gupta as also my deeply spiritual interactions with him over the past many years that brought me back to India for setting up the University. Indeed it was his vision. passion and leadership that Jagran Social Welfare Society had embarked on a mission to ‘Ignite Minds and Change Lives’ through quality education at DPS Schools in the very heart of India more than a decade back. There is no doubt that the quest to make this dream a reality and to take it forward has been possible because of the dynamism, dedication and drive of CEO. Shri Abhishek Mohan Gupta, and a league of outstanding individuals particularly Shri Sanjeev Saxena (Project Director), Archana Jain (CFAO), Prof. Nesamoorthy (Registrar) and the entire Team of J LU Bhopal. Success for this youthful University is because of its uniqueness, to highlight a few: A global curricula and pedagogy offered by faculty with international expertise, implementing the best practices from around the world, and multidisciplinary studies. Indeed now and more so than ever, the country needs ingenuity, imagination, innovation and a commitment to creativity where we can Mould young minds, ignite them and change their lives for the time to come. I am proud of being a part of this visionary enterprise as we present the inaugural issue of the University Year Book. We Prof. (Dr. ) Anoop Swarup Vice Chancellor Jagran Lakecity University Bhopal ohanoello
  7. 7. 1 I _. t - __ ~-. _ _ -5.. :_ is to be a leading teaching and research University of distinction that promotes the betterment of the world and welfare of our society through creativity and character building, integrity and innovation, entrepreneurship and enterprise by cooperation and collaboration. The University aspires to be a foremost institution of higher learning that achieves unsurpassed quality standards both in teaching and research through discoveries and inventions and by producing foremost leaders who think globally and act locally, who Mould tomorrow's world with honesty, fortitude, hard work and vision in all spheres of human endeavor and existence.
  8. 8. World Class Infrastructure At Jagran Lakecity University. we want our students to get the most out of their study time and free time too. The campus has some world—class learning resources and social facilities that will give students an excellent academic experience. The ambiance and facilities are among the best anywhere in the country and have been a testament to our long term commitment to providing an excellent student experience. Outstanding learning environment has been created for teaching and research, including state—of-the-art laboratories. workshops and modern lecture theatres. Brand new spaces are added where one can relax. drink and eat with friends. The entire campus has Wi ~ Fi internel connectivity ensuring that the student learning is not restricted to classrooms or library only. Our well resourced library along with e-library enables access to an extensive range of academic resources including books, journals, magazines, online published papers and reports. The Fully Equipped Laboratories. Audio & Video studios, Recording & Editing rooms and Practice kitchens ensure that knowledge gained by students in their respective classrooms can be applied in a practical environment. ‘(Ctr 1111"" it‘? _'n‘ “J; L’: [L[~“‘ -:3; :7‘ 1r . !‘j: .‘lll-w. . l. .», .~. - -&= —i: .lt'; t:. _~iiii tin 3E. ‘:i! ";i ‘ll it I ":7" _ ' _ ' 1 I ‘ ~ . - 7 “ °‘ i ‘ ‘ . , ii —; _' t>~. ¢. . . .4‘.
  9. 9. -_ g T5.‘ _: ,g. _.>-, ,'. ' ’ l T l‘ " ' ’ * F’ 1 , . , _ . l T i it « l l ‘ 1., , l‘ 1 l I I ] iufli u. . 1 ‘ ll A I ' l l I | lg ii ‘if -l , l‘ ‘ I‘ I’ —, ', .,-. -~ I , , ' ; - 5‘ ’ . ill‘; _ ' ‘ _ l_[‘ m‘ ~ '~- ‘--: — 1 “. .s'. .'. . i3‘£'. . ll" '1 ‘t . »~ ‘ lit . ‘ ll ‘ V fililu 'l': '?. " “ ‘ . t£, .= i it _ (3 ' I 1.1,’; '* ,3» * . _ , ' l —: - ‘ ~”, i , ;<. ‘§ v p. -veg Ir u , a, : ,-3;" _ : l"‘l‘: j - _k ’—: :‘ A, Y A ‘ I ‘ I I II A — i. sit - « ‘h —‘ ‘. ‘_‘ > I I “i “H: . __. :-_ , ._ h_ ‘- at K. 5“~‘___ V 1 . I it t. :u: -4 fit’ l : I H F‘ ; 1 " 27‘ ‘ 3 C 3.“ . .~n~-‘ ; .. .:a ‘ IL in - ‘ "i I z ‘ 51 . — 7 _’-‘K ‘ s7_4_c'-‘ “’. ..‘l . .. ~:i. i. r - l ~_ ~ ~*. ‘ _ “ I _ . 3.3 l I r- til .1‘ I I ‘ ‘A ~ ‘ F1.. . ‘-1 = :;-. ‘__‘ ‘ ".0. l L ' '. r " ‘- 0* ~ _— . _ - : ::. w ' ‘ _. . «‘ v _ - - —— ‘I: . S"; -— “ I A ‘ ‘M E“ I t; &I’_t__ i; :‘ r ‘: §§fi: ‘ , a_- 3}’ ll ‘: :p~J“ .7 ‘ V . _ I ‘ ' i ". i. ll . ,. .3 . . . . £, L i H. .. . gt - t_i- i : I I N’, ‘Ft I i ii‘ V _v_-.1“ I 1 g 1‘ *3. iii -A . ' . I t it’ 1‘ - _. ... i ”‘J: ;_'_*. _
  10. 10. In“, _1 ‘V '3‘ J . rt. ‘ ~, : A *1 >O§| ~—‘. ‘ . ’ ‘t ‘all l‘_, K ‘ I 9- IR. . ‘ea - R — I [; I' l ‘H, l ’~ _ t 1 ' : 7 7 _- 5 . . . , 5- _; /, egg‘- ‘ lllv ‘ I II’ I r"4' ‘I " » . g_| |.+i| t_ ‘ I 3 o1 ’, }:_-_'l‘i-“'-- . —. (‘tn - ‘ | ’t' a n ‘ g -I ‘ .1‘? in ‘j? ‘ . . I . A l , . ~r-. ‘~ '- f"“ S , - 1 ' T l“, ." _ 1 I I ’ _ _ E‘ '1.. ._‘. :'- l l | i_ A : . n , «.. _., : _ - g , . “‘ V aI: r.__ __ _cp iii " A p l , -- Jr. . ; "<" ‘I; "IV: .1 ‘. :.a V '5 I l _ -‘o f. ’_ . ‘1' , ‘I _ _ it ‘i -no ‘I T5»; .: .-Em~—~* ; :~--‘ ~ . .. —. ..~ ".1 l . . I ‘ 4' . ' “ ~'; i:;4 ' A ~ _. ~ «1, . ,«—- _ t-» - . -,; -.. . . . . .__- ' '3 _ -a-_. .—->— LP ‘ ’ - -u .2. V 2 a g, _. =____ - -s_: ~.. , q 1 ‘ ’” . -I‘ '-5 _Il , l I ‘ , .t i_ : : ‘ __K a - “tr _' i L_ , 3,, ‘ _. fis. ... ,__ ‘ 77.. . 1 I _7 ‘ , .a—--4. - La
  11. 11. V I ’’l; Fully Equipped Gymnasium and Swimming pool
  12. 12. '. '?i | . . '. .i ‘? - -‘ — JLU Student Enrichment Hub The University also has an exclusive student enrichment center, which is spread across a sprawling 36-acre land with lush green woods around. This center is the heart of JLU SEH with various facilities ensuring that the students have a relaxed and enjoyable time studying at the University. The following facilities are available at this center Academic block encompassing studios and labs for special practical training and workshops Student resource centre enabling students to connect with journals from across the globe Students’ entertainment zone where students can enjoy social gatherings. concerts or movie screenings in nights Health care center with a full time nurse for attending emergencies Appetite — the food court which will be operational 24hrs where students can enjoy mid-meal snacks and spend time with their friends Travel desk to facilitate students travel Book shop facilitating books and stationary for day to day use Separate boys & girls hostels enabling 200 students staying on campus Guest house for visiting industry expert Sports facilities like swimming pool. football ground, fully equipped gymnasium with full time trainer ensuring physical growth of every student 9
  13. 13. ‘ . r l i, ... vt. Jun. i_- i. i : _.. .v. ... . . . V/ flawl m lime . . . . . . . Food Court '__ 10
  14. 14. Audio Recording & Editing Studio ’. ‘ril’l | ,I1l<: ~l'll= ,. l_l'Ii. ': : «lt‘ lt. i~. s‘>’~| .li. l lti~ir»1<‘: l , .. « : .:*. iilj_ilii; , J5‘. lji'l: i‘i': ij {ii iiliri iii 2*: ;3.i', .ii"= 'ii l__"lTll l. i‘i‘, =vi'i Hui‘ Till». ‘| ll, l ‘. ",lil lie; . t~. i-ij ll‘, lliii »; ll, iij, i;il" 'li"»: 'l f: l‘ i‘rii»l rll l. li= ifil. g -* l'iiill"iiiili- rl' rm iui’ iji-~t: iii~, ; i‘i. i"i l-~ 'll (‘i“; ll‘l'l"‘i'l‘ ~. = ii~j. -it'll: ~lli~. ' iliv. ll it ill‘, 11
  16. 16. iii; Jagran Lakecity University Bhopal has been awarded the “Most Emerging University of the State" by Federation of Madhya Pradesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry. The award was received by Shri Hari Mohan Gupta, Chancellor, Jagran Lakecity University Bhopal at a recently concluded ceremony. The award was given by Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Chief Minister, Govt. of Madhya Pradesh. PIN: . . . . ,. . .5 - . i Jlllifilklsl If_ a s I1 . .I . I . i. . . emrulnhfl lI‘iH. .WU. ll. ... -lx I In 4.. j J _ _ . IV . i , . ; . . _ .2 . l y. D . . (. I _ . l. r»'. 4! . .._. ., it . $ -. l . . I , ,. _ -. nI. #., M __: .I. i . _r. .. ui , u.. hI . _ . .v. h.H. _ H __ . . 3.- . . H . lIuP uni. . . . it a II . V4.. -nls. . . ... .l. fi. . . li. .ii. m.. mW. .1. J . . . ls. .. . J ’. .l. L
  17. 17. Mr. Hari Mohan Gupta Chairman, Jagran Social Welfare Society has been recognised as SkillTree Education Evangelist of India 2013 Jagran Social Welfare Society, Promoting body of Jagran Lakecity University Bhopal is proud to announce that its Chairman, Mr Hari Mohan Gupta has been recognised as SkillTree Education Evangelist of India. in a recent annual recognition program — SkillTree Education Evangelist of India, Mr. Hari Mohan Gupta was featured as one of the evangelist out of 25 educationists from PAN India. The televised series showcasing finest education visionaries of India was telecasted on national broadcast with ET NOW. In an award ceremony hosted on the 23rd of December in New Delhi, Mr. Hari Mohan Gupta was recognised for his exceptional commitment to provision of Quality Education in the state of Madhya Pradesh through the institutions under Jagran Social Welfare Society. Along with being recognized as the Education Evangelist of India, Mr. Hari Mohan Gupta was also conferred with the ‘Karmaveer Chakra' Award. The Karmaveer Chakra award has been instituted by the UN and the award along with a Fellowship is given to those change makers. who believe in ‘right every wrong’ and have brought about a social change. Mr. Hari Mohan Gupta, dedicates this award to all his colleagues, students and their parents for the continuous support and trust. Jagran Social Welfare Society promotes Jagran Lakecity University, Delhi Public School Bhopal, Delhi Public School Indore, Delhi Public School Kolar Road Bhopal. 15
  18. 18. J - . ll * . . 39. l I - V. ’ l j I | ' I _ ~‘_ e" “ H §. ‘l ‘' - ii I «, ,~- _. »I , J, _. " 3.’ -.5‘ ‘ “ 4" , _~_) ‘ ' ~ J
  19. 19. JLU Film Society Launch Campus Film Society at Jagran Lakecity University was launched by School of Media and Communication in presence of the honorable Chief guest Mr. Sudhir Nandgaonkar, Vice Chancellor Shri Anoop Swarup. Registrar Mr. R. Nesamoorthy and Dr. Sanjay Ranade. It is Madhya Pradesh’s first campus based film society where the members will be given a platform to understand and review world cinema. The members were presented with a membership card for film society by the Registrar. Mr. Sudhir Nandgaonkar addressed the students over an area- “Towards Film Appreciation” where he discussed matters concerning the future of film society in India in terms of academic role of cinema. According to him, Indian society takes cinema as a source of drama and thus, has a bad taste for films. ‘‘India is a country where a masala movie like Dabang earns 100 Crore in a week and an art movie like Welcome to Sajjanpur doesn't even run for a week. ” Mr. Nandgaonkar mentioned the historical relevance of cinema in the world and its arrival in India. He showed the students first films by Lumiere Brothers and shared photographs of the ancient equipments used in the film making process. He explained how dramatically cinema has developed and conferred that cinema is the child of science which has evolved as a modern art which is highly technology dependent. Therefore, with progress in science, cinema tends to improve in quality. 17
  20. 20. Mr. Nandgaonkar feels that cinema is a medium beyond words and every cinema is made by a team where Director is the real hero. He concluded with an analysis that unfortunately, Indian cinema is just a source of entertainment and most of the people fail to understand the science & art behind it. The session was followed by question-answer round where students argued on lack of popularity for art cinema in India and its poor marketing strategy. Also, questions on writing film reviews as critic were put up before Mr. Nandgaonkar for which he suggested sensible techniques. He recommended the members of film society to promote art cinema as in true sense, art is the reflection of life and society in the world and so is the cinema. Towards the end, a Hungarian film; Two and a half times in hell was screened for the members of JLU Film Society to celebrate world cinema under its realm. 18 argoiyzii , _ it (‘.3 is ‘ TI’ .31 ; =:L'. -= ~ ~- , ' ~ ; ‘ ,1 . , . ,_ .4537‘ . . f j if 7'4.“ ' I 1;‘: r: ElV, |m I’! ‘V . _. __. ._. ~ T . . ‘t', ‘ 5”‘ . ii" I b; " 7r .13, . ‘[r_. ¢;i . ‘.. ‘.-’: .': _ §3'__ . I . q ' - g_ J . ~, ':}‘-. .ml-. .i: im = ‘_“ll‘.4>i‘. .*’. wH-' __ . . l 7 -‘_ ‘ . v . I. . . p. ./ '--' _ ~ ' ', .; ..‘_ = , {. ,K vi . , I . . . . l'- ‘ * v_ _. " __ -7- —' ' ta
  21. 21. Our Knowledge Partners The University’s bilateral partnerships and agreements with world class universities and international institutions are extensive and unique, offering every student a real opportunity for the first time ever to be part of the global student community. Our collaborations enable students to benefit from the experience of faculty from JLU as well as expert faculties of international acclaim. Our partnerships enable visits by academic staff, cultural exchange, joint research and an array of unparalleled opportunities for the students to share learning space with other international students. UK . 0 Germany Us‘ China India 0 Australia 19
  22. 22. e . iCarnegie Curriculum powered by Carnegie Mellon Jagran Lakecity University Bhopal has entered into an MoU with iCarnegie, International arm of Carnegie Mellon University to jointly deliver their Software Development Program under our school of Computer Applications in the State of Madhya Pradesh 20 -_ . ,. . - , ‘~‘-‘Ll. ‘‘: .v_. _ World Fcdemion or Unltrd Nations Assodntions Jagran Lakecity University Bhopal has entered into an MoU with World Federation of United Nations Associations under its School of LAW.
  23. 23. , ‘x. 5- ’w c J 2 £_V. ..= . , ‘,! A 5,». Chartered Institute of Management Accountants Jagran Lakecity University Bhopal has entered into MoU with Chartered institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) for delivery of professional qualifications of CIMA through Jagran Lakecity University Bhopal in central India. Jagran Lakecity University Bhopal and University of Lincoln has signed an MoU, under the School of Media & Communication to facilitate student and faculty exchange programs and joint research in India and UK. Li'. i"(iL'. § 21 cf 1 l/ “i’ ’ g .3 Kg (:1: Ir . .,‘-‘7}‘ . ,~ ha fj if 6,4‘ . '.i_-r, *l>": -I‘ 0' -1‘ '. ' - "“. >‘. :‘_"‘ 1 .3. z. 1. . ‘til _ if ‘I T‘: 1; I ~93 4 _ I. " -J, ._ —a. '.. a?, .‘. " . Axle. : 1'} '. Jagran Lakecity University Bhopal has entered into an MoU with Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, UK for exclusive delivery of their programs in India.
  24. 24. . SCHOOL OF INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP STEINBEIS UNIVERSITY BERLIN Jagran Lakecity University Bhopal has entered into an MOU with Steinbeis University to establish Jagran Lakecity University — Steinbeis Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The University will also be offering a two continent MBA under this partnership. .1‘ ’. T -. 5/l. .=''; :n'‘ ‘ J I v- t» L UNITED NATIONS ASSOCIATION OF AUSTRALIA Jagran Lakecity University Bhopal has entered into an MoU with United Nations Association of Australia for exclusive delivery of their Corporate Governance and Sustainability programs in India. 22
  25. 25. ,5.-r A"< I J : '3,’ ‘; :~'7-. ‘ cutting through contplizxity ' . —~~', .. , r . _, , Jagran Lakecity University Bhopal and KPMG India has signed an MoU, under the School of Commerce and Economics to run a professional regular three year B. com (Hons) degree in Accounting Practice. This degree is jointly taught by professionals KPMG and faculty from JLU Bhopal. INDIAN ‘ , INSTITUTE OF BANKING AND . I FINANCE 23 . FF LL14 Confederation of Indian Industry . Young Indians Y Y; Jagran Lakecity University Bhopal and CH Young Indians, Bhopal Chapter has signed an MoU to launch the student net program in the University. Jagran Lakecity University Bhopal has signed an MOU with Indian institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF), for setting up a "Centre for Banking and Finance" in the university campus for delivering their programs. This partnership is under the School of Banking and Finance.
  26. 26. Jagran Lakecity University Bhopal and SIAS international University, China has signed an MoU to facilitate student and faculty exchange programs and joint research in India and China. 24 = '-Ill‘. -‘. -|. t’~-’. ‘-13:5‘ (‘tw- 20l4E1". 'K.933‘%.9$-‘CL’
  27. 27. STUDENTS ACHIEVEMENTS 4‘. '4 J h M a A photograph clicked by Nikita Kothari, our student from MJMC program was selected in an exhibition at Bharat B h 0 | Bhavan on the occasion of Jheel mahotsav, 2014 THE BOATMAN! documentary submitted for the Film Festival After hours of hard work of rewriting scripts, practicing narration, visiting places. experimenting shooting and developing a story out of bits and pieces, our amateur film makers have come out with this beautiful fi| m- THE BOATMANI Jagran Lakecity University extends appreciation to Ankita Bisen, Vivek Patel and Mazid Hussain for the successful completion of their very first professional documentary submitted for the Film Festival at Noida International University (March 3- 6, 2014). Video Link: https: l/www. youtube. com/ watch? v=uLMAroDHJbc Ga hl The film was showcased at Short Film Fest 2014 It includes a brief life story of Mahatma Gandhi, his contributions during Indian freedom struggle, peoples‘ opinion on the relevance of Gandhi in today's context (short interviews) and some important aspects of Gandhian philosophy such as peace & harmony, principles of non—vioIence, sustainable development, alternate technologies. Gram Swaraj, simple living etc. and the need for the present generation to understand the value of Gandhian ideology. 25
  28. 28. - AamirAli _ t . ; & Ashish Nag E; j MBA student@ a; JLU Bhopal Invited to the SIAS international University China, to participate in SIAS-AUAP student mobility program in China. “*9. 9:. ’ , E’ ' I I I‘‘_ VI; 7- E Mazid Hussain / / ‘B5 I. 3,4? / ; 'hr; I.v_‘f'»‘I'. ‘J; M MJMC student @ JLU Bhopal tn, ~~l I For summer internship appointment at CNN IBN ' ‘I W E ‘7.‘>. ‘ 3:7,‘ . .a . . ' 1 ‘ I _ ‘ I-4;‘ ‘I r-: .«-; _,-_; _ i I " ~; i;'»: +.; ?<+, '»l I/ ~:‘; 9*! ’ V I ' JLU Students @ .7 I‘ ‘:3!’ r 7, 351,1’. :25?’-' f I "7 ‘ {'9 ‘V, V ‘ , W; I» 3;; ) IAMCR conference, '~ 4, LE-: .-‘, ,:i__ " l . - ie'Hd bd _. ~.i i yeraa Nikita Kotharl & Ankita Bisen, our students from the School of Media and Communication are one of the youngest and proud presenters @ IAMCR international conference in Hyderabad. Here's what Nikita has to say about her experience: "They just loved it and appreciated us after the session. We are one of the youngest people in the entire conference of 2000 delegates who are academicians and media professionals. They were astonished to know that we are just students. " 26
  29. 29. AXIS Bank Visit School of Banking & Finance “Banking is just not only depositing cash or withdrawing money but a vast and wide field” beautifully said by Mr Fiajesh Madan (Branch Head) of Axis Bank, MP Nagar, Bhopal Branch. Thanks to School of Banking and Finance and its Director Dr. Atul Mehrotra for such an informative and knowledgeable visit to ‘Axis Bank’ where students got to know more about how the bank operates and how money circulates and channelized by way of making advances to needy customers/ borrowers. Excellent guidance was provided by Mr. Amit Chibb (Cluster Head), Yatish Shanna. (Manager- Priority Banking), Ms. Sethi (Sr. Manager- Priority Banking Relationship) and Mr. Pramod Malviya (Branch Sales Manager) of the same bank, who beautifully explained about bank's each and every operational level and its types like retail banking, wholesale banking and corporate banking etc. They also made students familiar with the loan process and its other departments like Forex departments, RTGS and NEFT. They not only talked about the possibilities and great scope in the banking sector but also told us that this is going to increase with a rapid pace in near future. Career related aspects in the banking and non-banking sectors were discussed with the students and they were guided to plan their future by removing future uncertainty in their mind, building confidence, enhancing aptitude and other important skills etc. The purpose of this visit was to make Banking and Finance students of JLU Bhopal aware about what actually bank is. Overall, this trip was a great learning experience for all the students.
  30. 30. Social i34Ll'if'[€l"iil8S Social Club Activity— A group of 25 students was taken for a special visit to SunCarrier Omega Solar Power Plant to learn the latest developments in the emerging field of Green Technology. Students got a chance to interact with the General Manager of the firm and know the working of the entire plant that follows of ideology of saving energy for future generation. Later, all the club members were taken to Tribal Museum and State Museum to have an idea of Indian heritage and cultural depictions of Madhya Pradesh displayed in both the museums. This entire trip was guided by Mrs. Shanthi Mathai (Social Club Faculty In-charge). it was a learning experience for students from different courses. Also, it gave a platform to know each other and spend some interesting time together as a social club team. "I. " ‘S’ 3 , ,, ‘ ‘wit J/ L‘. i“_r/ :"‘. _‘. ‘r: il"__ i 2-_. : . r . . . s . ‘“"+ Q ~ _. -. if I3 i it it "3’! l . "‘+. ~‘f‘; ,; - l ‘ ’ii-‘- i” i)«—~—-F‘ l . i.3._, .5.‘ -i'«‘i_', ;r. A l; _-' *3 ‘i ‘I ‘T5 3*-V‘i‘7"~»+ -. - "" ‘ - ; :(_ __ “rd, ~h SunCarrier 31’ 1 yo‘? "1_; ._" 1 1 U 9‘ “l .3 r, _.; ~l , ' ‘ . l "I ‘ J ‘ I b I - ¢r—. — r ‘ ‘'3' , ‘‘. ‘-TI‘ -mg‘: 4
  31. 31. SEL ll, /Ian ufa ctu ring ‘ii es, C0ntpany_ lannied Fa ctoiy llisrt *( , Jagran Lakecity University’s School of Management organised a factory visit for students at SEL Manufacturing Company Limited in Sehore. SEL Manufacturing Co. Ltd. is the lndia's biggest spinning factory with more than 500 spinning machines operating under the same roof. The factory is spread in the area of 450 acres and has a turnover of 1800 crores per year. The plant has 6 units. The students got to see the unit IV and were exposed to the process of making threads from cotton. Mr. Jain. CEO SEL Manufacturing Co. Ltd. along with Mr. Fl. K. Singh. General Manager. HR addressed the students and answered their queries. It was a very rewarding trip for students and they thoroughly enjoyed it.
  32. 32. Industrial Visit to Dainik lagra Press ll -h_- 4 -I ‘V Students from School of Media and Communication visited Dainik Jagran Office for industry based learning. They observed working of a newspaper organisation. departments and their roles- Editorial. Marketing, Circulation, Printing and Personnel. Students interacted with Mr. Mrigendra Singh; Editor of the newspaper. It was a valuable opportunity to understand the printing technology and changes in process in recent years in print media industry. 30
  33. 33. JAGRAN LAKECITY UNIVERSITY, BHOPAL Class Representative - Course wise Konica Mridha Purvi Makwe & Aniket Pagey Rahul Gupta & Vipin Harlani Diksha laiswal & Minhaj Khan Deepak Vaswani & Tanya Narwani Ashish Nag & Himanshu Premi Anshu Soni & Anuja Gurele Sarabmeet Singh 8: Nikita Kotharl Rahul Jadwani & Soniya Rajwani Akanksha Jain & Nitesh Kundnani Gunjan Chouksey & Ajay Singh Ravat Swati Sadhwani & Abhiuday Jha Ali Asghar B. Com (Financial Risk Management) B. Com (Investment Banking) B. Com (Accounting & Finance) B. Com B. Com (Hons. ) MMC BJMC MJMC BBA—B BBA — A BMS MBA MBAE
  34. 34. .. ..H. .i . J, .. _. . . . . . . .W .1 . . . .. . i A . . , ..» . aw . .1 L .1 i . _ u I. so . .I . . . : . . _ . , . ,. .. r . . p. O . A . C . . . .. . sat! ’ & fan a 1.. a r 2 .1 . .i. a I. r.. ill )‘. ,' i . »l. r.»Jv} . - as 32
  35. 35. . v-1 1 1% ii is. i_li. «l, ‘1l; *i. i“ I i= “«lI ii F. V | ‘.i»“. ~’. ?f“? .ll~'”‘ -‘it-‘lv= ‘ll~“It= Ill— ~"| Uf'—i>~‘1-‘i"t J-’ = Iii-"i, -ici I'. 'i. i = ,-, ,., ,_. ‘ liilc lIIL, i‘iii (‘ . I'. iii«-n; iri; ,_' l; ~,m', ., V i«_yirr, .,, ”.m, ''n (, Assistant Professor, JLU Bhopal Dr. Sehba Husain ph_D Dr. Sehba presented a paper on ‘I_? y.§. ;*~«<; .‘ ‘EIDOSE for Leadership Effectiveness’ _ _, _ ‘ii :1 I at‘NexusEQ’ Conference, 24th to 26th "‘ 75 7’ l. ,l June 2013 at Harvard Medical School, 3 ' r. . Harvard University, Boston MA USA. ’ / J MFS. Dr. Manohar Kapse Dr. B Padmapriya Lecturer’ JLU Bhopal Asst. Professor Asst. Professor Ms. Mathai presented a paper on l A " 3.. ..-—. .._ “Analysis of Sadharanikaran: Theory of C ii3“'; =i‘ Communication in the context of ~ —- ‘(la ll _. A, W women in India‘’ at the 21st AMIC (The l (V E l l)—' V; -ill‘? Asian Media lnforrnation and ‘ ’ Communication Centre) Annual ‘A V‘ A F Conference held in Shah Alam, P‘ . :5, L V1. ‘ __‘“‘ Malaysia from 11 P 14 Ju| y' 2012' “Dr: Rolii l. (h—are Dr. bleera] Khattri Asst. Professor Asst. Professor 33
  36. 36. Faculty Development Program Dr. Alok Misra Professor of Law, Amity Law School. New Delhi Dr. Alok Misra, Professor of Law, Amity Law School. New Delhi took the first faculty development program for the University faculty. He shared his vision and experience while discussing the role of Universities in today’s education scenario. Later in the workshop Dr. Anoop Swarup, Vice Chancellor, Jagran Lakecity University motivated the faculty to keep high academic standards in the University. Ms. Marie—Pau| e Sheard Visiting Faculty at Jagran Lakecity University Ms. Marie-Paule Sheard, visiting faculty at Jagran Lakecity University, and an expert in the management of Higher Education Institutions including curriculum planning. staff-development, quality auditing and establishment of international partnerships visited Jagran Lakecity University. She has over 30 years of teaching experience at university level in UK and elsewhere. She conducted an academic audit over a period of an entire week and a faculty development program for mapping the University curriculum and teaching methodology to international standards. She praised the efforts put in by the faculty in the classes conducted during the first Semester of the University. She encouraged the faculty to adopt an interactive style of teaching and to be friendly with students while maintaining discipline. She also discussed the Bloom's taxonomy on learning objectives and its adaptation to the Indian Context. The faculty registered great enthusiasm during Ms Marie-Paule’s Program and is confident of employing her inputs in raising the high standards of teaching at JLU to international levels. An honour well deserved Dr. Vinay Joshi, a permanent member of the Madhya Pradesh Economic Association was made the zonal secretary at the 24th annual conference of the MPEA held in Indore between February 7 and 8, 2014. 34
  37. 37. clllii i‘lo"l= IIIIf0_i= lr '. {I"~t£<‘— “Give Blood Save Lives" was the underlined theme at the Blood Donation camp organized by the JLU Social Club. Students, Faculty and Jagran Lakecity University staff joined hands in this noble cause to make the blood donation drive a success. 35
  38. 38. I I A brilliant splash of colours To celebrate the festival of colors ‘Holt’, A face painting competition was organized in the campus of Jagran Lakecity University, student enrichment hub by Fine Arts Club of JLU. The students showed their creativity by painting the faces of their partners on the theme ‘Save Water’. Best two faces were selected by the judges on the basis of theme and creativity. Swati and Ankit of MBA and Nishi John & Komal from BIB & BCAF were the winner.
  39. 39. Youth Chalo Booth School of Management organized ‘Youth Chalo Booth’ session in collaboration with Confederation of Indian Industry, Young Indians and Election Commission India (Bhopal Chapter) on Wednesday April 9, 2014. The Chief Guest for the session, Ms. Qureshi, Nodal Officer, elected by the Election Commission addressed students about the importance of their votes and encouraged youth to ensure maximum voting this year. Officials and representatives of CH and Young India also interacted with students to address many of the election issues. Finally, JLU students, faculty, staff and everybody present in the event took the oath that ‘we will vote, right time for the right candidate, to create government of our choice’ this is what democracy is!
  40. 40. School of Management Proposes THE AD/ MAD SHOW 2014 The school of Media & Communication at Jagran Lakecity University organized Anuncio: The Ad/ Mad show on 6th of May with Mr. Janak Bhatt (Creative Director, Pristine ideas) as the Judge. Students had created conceptual and enticing Ads out of which 11 were shortlisted and played. The winner was the product White+ by Ankita, Mazid, Pranav and Vivek . The second award went to lshita for “Potato Trips”, while the third award went to Dhawal Arora for “Energy Drink". It was quite an entertaining afternoon for all and students learnt the application of what they study.
  41. 41. JLU Students With 8 Our students Nikita Kothari and Saman Ali doing masters in Journalism and Mass Communication spent an afternoon with SHALMALI KHOLGADE! With lots of Gupshup. Photos and Dhamaal they had a great time interviewing her! 39 ; i. Ii olge
  42. 42. Cross Cultural Business Correspondence - September 2013 to January 2014 The students of JLU participate in an international project called Cross Cultural Business Correspondence where they set up a virtual company and do transactions with virtual companies of other universities/ educational institutes in Europe. This project is funded by the European Union under the Leonardo da Vinci funding where, after the successful completion of the project the students get an internationally recognized certificate. This is basically a communication skills project and the students learn about other countries. how to do business with them and practice the use of English Language for their dealings. The displayed logo was designed by the students for the company ‘Kalakriti’ which they established for the year 2013-14 of the project. 40
  43. 43. ‘K a 1'. I . " * 1, Jagran Lakecity University, School of Management organized a ' if , z__. ‘ Guest Lecture on 9th April 2014. The topic of the lecture was “Trends I :3‘: ’ . in Marketing and use of Social Media in Business". It was delivered 4' I by Mr. Rajesh Khanna, General Manager of Everest Industries *“ Limited. He had an interactive session with the students and was thrilled to see their participation. Faculties of School of Management _ and 45 students attended this session. He also decided to pick a few students for summer internship. The lecture proved to be really /1" exciting and beneficial for students. ’f'b CLEANLINESS BEGINS WITH ME, with this great thought, the Jagran Social Club team came forward to clean the campus and promote awareness about cleaning habits in Jagran Lakecity University campus. Club members placed dustbins and placards all around the campus as part of the activity.
  44. 44. Business Confluence An Inter School Competition on Business Plan School of Banking and Finance organized a Business Confluence- An inter school competition on Business Plan at Jagran Lakecity University. This event was conducted at two levels. Initially the students were asked to form a team as per their idea and frame a business plan over an outline provided by the event organizers. These Business Plans were submitted in soft copy format. Based on certain parameters, totally seven plans were selected for final level. Before the finale, a special session was taken by Dr. Atul Mehrotra, Director, SoBF where shortlisted teams were provided with basics and importance of a business plan. The finale was a platform to pitch the plan and gain limelight, invaluable feedback from experts and experience to explain the business model while having fun. The session also welcomed questions from judges and audience which made it a healthy discussion. The event was coordinated by Mrs. Padmapriya. The winners of the competition are BaiCycIe Team- Nikita Kothari, Jer Ftin and Akanksha Jain. Runners up are Bibliophilic Team- Ankita Bisen , Anuja Gurele, Mazid Hussain and CaiWash Team- Robin Arora, Arpit Jain, Manik Yadav. Hearty congratulations to all the winners and participants for their active involvement in the process. l. ‘”lT. ~9iTltfi. ' Bibliophilic Your own reading spl I
  45. 45. Collage Making Activity By way of Collage making exercise. students of School of Banking & Finance and School of Commerce 8. Economics. Jagran Lakecity University, were encouraged to participate in the activity. Themes were Mutual Funds, Insurance Sector and E— Commerce in India. CIMA Seminar School of Commerce & Economics. Jagran Lakecity University organised a seminar on Career opportunities In Management Accounting hosted by CIMA and Jagran Lakecity University. Shrlkant Koundinya. a Fellow Member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants with over 19 years of diverse experience in finance and capital markets in areas such as audit, research, ERP. MIS and training, gave a talk to our students.
  46. 46. I. ’-*? i:; wiiro¢’. tii: u:is - j§ie. riIa'r. iif, z’r. =.‘iir-‘imi aii. .liI. r=: rI*I*t‘Iii'_-iz? _r‘; *,I“iits*: *IIt3iII*rIf'ta. ie. (steep -omiirqttrsivzzriottgi L§1lI$l§13.'; l.I°l! Il' 1-. t‘. n.i.2x. -J. l at “ ; i: $rr*zr. r:+i. r.-gr Lilli; Itiarerttaitat IIT¢i. Iiu‘rr Clay Modeling Unless our fingers have strength It would not be possible to write. Which is why before leaming to hold the pencil and write, one plays with clay. Clay modelling is an important exercise that is required life long so that the nimbleness and dexterity of our fingers stay and we are able to use them efficiently. Dr Mangesh Karandikar. Assistant Professor. Department of Communication and Journalism. University of Mumbai, a member of the Board of Studies of the School of Media and Communication, also teaches clay modelling. Members of the School of Media and Communication worked on clay models to produce their first three dimensional works of art. .1?-.1JfIIlI; °;l2t'¢. =.(91;, '{’*"I. i.= !2,L'. l'l(_§ii~: t titre t. tint-aiiuaiiz Etasieiaist-glttstirr taxes " "gT€llflt‘9’i‘-. i. oejlflail . - "ii? IE3 i§’I‘. '-. ‘T. !‘. i.~ : i‘t§i: 'l fzaiiijiijstiaéillfflfilllfi. Be ' ’ 9.1.11 1Il. ‘l1°J. l-Z“1i: 'l| !i ‘it 44
  47. 47. Case Study Development Competition School of Management congratulates students for winning and active participation in the Case Study Development Competition. School of Management organized this event wherein students developed and presented their cases in different sectors which included Automobile industry, FMCG, Sports, Entertainment, Hospitality, Financial Services and Family Owned Business. We congratulate all participants on active participation and developing interesting cases. Special congratulations to the winners namely Miss Nikita Kothari — won the first prize Mr. Piyush Darwade - won the second prize Miss Akansha Jain — won the third prize. Students had formulated cases covering diverse topics like Whatsapp, Amul, Tata Nano, Indian Film Industry, and Reality TV. It was an interesting and at the same time a fun learning experience for all.
  48. 48. ll/ lock inten/ iews by School of Media and Communication Began with a tense environment of mock interviews; dressed in formal attires, students carried themselves with confidence. The domains like basic communication skills, knowing the art of defending oneself in an interview, making a job specific resume and learning the ways of projecting oneself as an applicant were dealt in the mock interview by the faculties. Students were made aware of their current potential and things to implement in life for becoming competitive for the industry. After a round of stress, the day ended up with a pleasant surprise. Students grabbed a chance to explore the new campus at Mugaliachap. Feeling the rain, posing for pictures, sharing gossips, sipping hot tea with samosas, driving through the wheat farms, smelling the mud and splashing water off the roads, School of Media & Communication returned home with lots of beautiful experiences. 46
  49. 49. rein to ram August, 20l3 I'- I I‘-: “-‘ ‘. A5.’ ‘I. ’ _‘; >' pr . , » ’. --f u 5,} ‘ I II . >-. ‘ ‘I 4 2 '41 ‘. . ‘ ‘ ‘' ‘. _' ‘ . “ ‘ A ‘I ‘I _ K ’ I i I‘ I 7 E‘ J V-94¢; . l I 1 L J / ' I . . ' -r" 1 ii - . . I - I I 7*‘ . I ‘I as; , __. . ‘ l ' 1.‘ l ‘ I 4, ‘ Rn _~ ’ . -1 V4,_ . ‘L I '4. »: > - - 1: I ‘< L , . _ -j 3,, . r have ‘.1 "fun I ‘~--. .< ; '1-. - Via‘? ‘ ‘“ s n l. 3.” i I’ ‘ "-—~~. :2 _'__ . ... 3:. jé i 5- ft: -. 47
  50. 50. In an effort to ease students’ transition to the University life at Jagran Lake City University, the three-day Student Orientation program began with the registration of the students at the JLU Student Enrichment Hub. Parents and guardians of the students were also invited. Vice Chancellor Prof. (Dr. ) Anoop Swarup addressed the students. He congratulated the new students at the event, and welcomed them. “We’re all very proud of you as you have been uniquely selected to be the member of this University”, he said. Also speaking at the session was Mr. Hari Mohan Gupta, Hon. Chancellor, JLU. “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step and today as you embark on your journey to achieve greater heights, always remember that road to success is lonely and less travelled. Be original, nurture fresh ideas, start thinking the way others don’t, love yourself and your thoughts and you will never fail, ” said Mr. Gupta. “There is a reason for all of us to come together today and in time you will understand that. I predict that during your next few years at JLU, you will forge alliances that you will endure throughout your lifetimes, " the Chancellor added. Registrar Prof. R. Nesamoorthy provided the students with a basic understanding of what will be expected of them, examination/ evaluation and other rules and regulations of the University and how their particular abilities and interests may fit with one or more of the University's offerings. On the concluding day, the orientation also gave students an opportunity to socialize with their peers and to make friends. 48
  51. 51. Celebrating r d o in 15th August, 1947 marked the beginning of a new era for our country and this year. JLU’s inaugural batch together with the members of the faculty. staff and fellow students. celebrated the 67th independence day in the University's Student Enrichment Hub. After the inspiring and impactful speech by Vice Chancellor Prof. (Dr) Anoop Swarup, our student performers enthralled the audience with excellent cultural performances. The dance acts and desh bhakti songs sung with great passion created an ambience of patriotism in the campus. The programme ended with a humble word of thanks for all the courageous souls who gave their lives for freedom. . .; v. . , | '* | “i l = ,_a' , _ 7 l l I . _‘ l ' 5 l . l . _‘ ~ ' I4. - vi "5 ti; “ a _ ‘#4 -- . n _ . ._ tr : . ', V . . | “ ‘pl ' g at’ I- ' . ‘.v-‘ _, . r~-'" - l. ‘-"-‘ e‘ . —, , fl ‘ ‘ll- ' it * 1* 1 l . I 2, I _‘ J‘ . . . [ J 4 _ . i M in‘ ii. ) fat". J _ —. _ . _-I _ __‘| _.’y .12: _ ‘ _fg. Pitta»; L “ _ Kl‘ gm‘-. ‘.. *1. 4' H. . . . " ?6f"L": ‘~Ia ‘ -‘. :' . . I x). l X .4 “ ‘ '
  52. 52. A. _.. .—
  53. 53. twig liartlt trig ui: ll_. j 18th August, 2013 Using the platform of "My Earth My Duty“, India's biggest Environment Initiative by Zee News Ltd, JLU students took a pledge to contribute towards the most vital cause of environment protection that has been demanding humankind's attention for decades. Through tree plantation and signature campaign, students joined the elite club of youth icons such as Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Azad. former President of India. noted Bollywood personalities like Amitabh Bachchan. Aamir Khan and renowned cricketers such as Kapil Dev and lrfan Pathan. who are associated with this noble initiative in which motivation and a spirit for a green planet are spread across the society. 51
  54. 54. l “i ‘_ I I : "-.3‘ . ‘ ' . ,| E T l -3‘: ‘R . "_ l . -W j V _ l v l. .C£' 3' -l V. “J/ ' “3 ‘ 3' " i Shri Hari Mohan Gupta Chancellor. Jagran Lakecity Un_ivers_lty Bhopal 52
  55. 55. I ' 0 ‘ I 0 0 I ; —“‘? fi‘. '.v~M _ . ‘ ‘F M, “ ii ' , - ’ W’ J “ _ _v L ‘ FTw ""' ‘A "4"? 11? ~ A Perspective from the Lens mil . ..v~, a", . _ Let. _r l u. 53 ‘ l
  56. 56. 54 . . . I , -_I. '?‘’. ;.: ‘ "ii are ‘-it ‘Ti 1,’ . . 1 ‘Lil. ,“ ‘Fl V’. Wu‘ 4 1"‘, ,, V
  57. 57. 65”‘ ltogiiilalic Day Celfibi? -"[lOil at ll_U 65th Republic Day Celebrated at Jagran Lakecity : r”“). ,lv University Campus. Welcome speech was delivered " ’ by Honourable Vice-Chancellor Dr. Anoop Swarup. In : . his speech he encouraged the audience to work [I ? together for Corruption free India. He congratulated the faculty and staff members for the Republic day. ‘ On this ocassion different colourful programmes like l_v dance. debate. music and painting competition were organised. Registrar Prof. R. Nesamoorthy submitted the vote of thanks. , - _, f , , _ ll — L . .179’: -‘r ‘«_-. _._- . _ 4 & ui; ,~-—~‘<4~ - 4:“?
  58. 58. JAGRAN LAKICITY Ll. ‘ l‘Ll{"lT‘i’ 1-165
  59. 59. ll . ’_‘ ” ~; ~* rt r’ '- l , -_‘ J: j ‘ l‘ T A , sg _| 7. -1‘ l I ‘ ' V‘; ‘ Au . ‘ "‘ H‘)? -.' '75‘-'t"‘1j' HI»: . fill l _ ‘i . _ ~ . :.-t g -« . . A- l. J. »,—. I - ‘J. ,1 Vasant Panchami saw the celebration of spring. love and learning. Teachers, non-teaching staff and students flew kites. A rangoli symbolizing the goddess Saraswati was made from flowers.
  60. 60. '. . VALENTINE’S 3.‘; Students on the campus with much fanfare celebrated Valentines Day. Stalls and an open—air dance floor were set up by the students for the students. 58
  61. 61. «stir : ‘--| .‘ 5-1‘ in-l: lll, .li ' l raj -"‘~ 2‘ I: ;.~. E’ 1"‘. immersing in the culture of Punjab To immerse onself in a culture is to best way to learn the culture. At JLU, every month, we celebrate an immersion week that is dedicated to one culture. This month it was the Punjabi Immersion Week and the culture, language, religious practices, song, dance, cuisine and costumes were celebrated.
  62. 62. l. [_- international Women‘s Day was graced with the presence of Ms. Aruna Mohan Rao, ADG Police (Crime Against Women) and Dr. Mona Purohit. Head and Dean, Law Dept, Barkatullah University Bhopal. The guests spoke to an audience of students and staff and shared their experiences and views on the issue of women's safety. The speakers suggested mechanisms that would be accessible easily to all women for quick and real time prevention of any crime. 'l~‘: i'. l|nl_g f1wir, .«: i~: ::ini: ‘ui. :'l'ui. 't: .-c: ‘>'. ’l. f‘. lill‘£ : <.i: r:i1»‘irig atwi ! :lu| I_< zil Mi: ?t. lI| -»: ¢l ‘l ; 'ii: :al': Slate -islHIMl! IllH: >‘: |ii~: M int: i»i: ,v: r:i'i-in oi 3:-i: IfilI~'—“'. ‘t‘. til-'~l*. i:I l‘i"l: zmii: :r ‘: mg i iii‘-*3. l l". "'. "l§l ¢1‘pJ’; .1"'1'_‘x‘-, A. I. .; : 'V: :»r_“J~'—. A‘__‘ " ‘~14-‘-‘$, ,l-1 “IL ‘.44 F3 -‘ll
  63. 63. JLU igniting Minds Lecture Series JLU is proud to bring forth its distinguished igniting Minds Lecture Series segment. It is a unique initiative to strengthen the knowledge of students in various emerging and innovative areas of Management, Hospitality and Tourism, Law, Banking and Finance, Commerce and Economics, Journalism and Mass Communication etc. and also to bridge the gap between the industry, academia and students by giving an opportunity to the students to interact with eminent personalities from varied fields. igniting minds; clmnqi no lives I
  64. 64. (em Sep 2013) (14th Sep 2013) T A ; ._. ‘ {N7 ‘i, * L‘; i ‘. “ pr A_K_ Garg _ Prof (Dr. ) G. S Bajpai l - Sr Vice President 1 Professor of Law. - . .._"i 1’ Marketing & Sales, Kores (India) Ltd . -_ National Law University. Delhi As part of JLU Igniting Minds Lecture Series, Prof (Dr. ) G. S Bajpai, Professor of Law, National Dr A. K. Garg, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Law University, Delhi delivered a lecture to Sales, Kores (India) Ltd delivered a lecture to School of Media students from the 2013 Batch. School of Management students from the 2013 Dr Bajpai spoke about the “Media Trial in Cases Batch. Dr. Garg spoke about “How to combat before the Court" with a special focus on the barriers in preparing for your corporate career" Nribhaya Case and how media can influence the with a special focus on Orientation program for decision of a judge. Knowledge and Skill upgradation and We at Jagran Lakecity University thank Dr Bajpai expectation setting for a successful corporate for sharing his invaluable experiences with the career in the field of Marketing & Sales. students. (21st Sep 2013) (5th Oct 2013) . ~"". ’.b"= *= -3.- {ii i '_ ‘l I -t , fil , + . 5 . -' 1,‘: I Mr. Diwakar Shukla Ii‘ 5'] Mr. Daljit Dogra Former Managing Partner ( 1, Sr. Vice President l ‘ V I Ogilvy Public Relations ll . Axis Bank Mr. Diwakar Shukla, Former Managing Partner, Mr. Dogra spoke to the students from School of Ogilvy Public Relations delivered a lecture to Banking 8. Finance about the nitty gritties of School of Media and Communication students banking in India and the prospects available to from the 2013 batch. the students for making a career in this field. in a 2-day seminar Mr. Shukla touched upon various aspects of communication ranging from the art of storytelling to creating brands and managing communication during crisis. We thank Mr. Shukla for sharing his invaluable experiences and insights with the students. 62
  65. 65. (1 0th Oct 2013) t J t Mr. Nitin Trivedi l ' i l Head North I‘- "? Amagi Media Lab Mr. Trivedi had a candid discussion with the 2013 batch of Media and Communication students about the new trends in the television advertising industry. He also shared useful tips with the students about making a successful career in the field of advertising and marketing. (13th Nov 2013) Dr. V. K. Vijayakumar Investment Strategist Geojit BNP Paribas, Cochin Dr. Vijayakumar, conducted a session for students from School of Banking & Finance to provide them with a perspective on Investment Banking and Wealth Management. He emphasized on Wealth Management through Capital Markets and also discussed on various job opportunities for students in Capital Markets and other financial services. He further discussed the skill set required to come in this field. Later in the session he also took students through various tips and tricks of online trading. 63 (19th Oct 2013) §, .i5., i; i Mr. Girish M Rakhe flf~j§ , -’~ " CEO and Director '1‘ _ _. “‘i; ‘,A OGLD Consultancy, Bangalore Mr. Rakhe conducted a session to provide students with comprehensive information on principles and fundamentals of professional growth. He emphasized on the importance of having a clear vision, mission and objectives right from the initial stages of professional planning. Students also gained good understanding of a number of approaches to develop better skill sets and competencies to perform effectively at workplace. Current scenario professional issues were discussed in great detail and proactive strategies were explained to counter all career related problems. (10th Dec 2013) . ' “:1 l [.4 * . . if 1:4 ‘ Mr. Sonkar addressed the MBA and BMS Students of the School of Management . He enriched the students on "The Logistics of strategy" where he mentioned cases where wars were fought & lost only because of failures of logistics. He very tactfully took the issues of logistics down the history lane to the modern cases of Walmart, K —Mart, Mark & Spencer etc. He also shared his experiences of how he investigated and handled cases of Harshad Mehta, Ketan Parekh, Mauritius tax fraud. Mr. S. C Sonkar Commissioner of income Tax
  66. 66. (21st Jan 2014) Mr. Paul Knox Writer/ Director/ Filmmaker A New York based writer/ director/ filmmaker, Paul Knox visited Jagran Lakecity University and interacted with students from School of Media and Communication. He is a master in teaching screenwriting. Mr. Knox believes that today, Indian Cinema aims at making a blockbuster where we review a film in terms of the money collection but he feels sad when he sees people walking out of the theater wondering there was no good story in the entire movie and it was such a waste of time and money. With the concept of storytelling in mind, he takes workshops at various places focusing on Script writing. His idea of workshop is: "Anyone who has a story that they believe will make a great film and the desire to put in the work to write it is welcome to apply. The workshop will enable serious and committed individuals to write a well structured, professionally formatted, three~act feature-length screenplay that reflects their voice and vision, and will make them a part of a community of writers adept at sharing supportive, constructive feedback towards strengthening their work. The process oriented workshop will take participants through story formulation, building structure, establishment of setting, character development, creation of dialogue, use of proper formatting and ultimately, writing scenes. Various screenwriting texts will be referenced, and a series of exercises developed for the workshop will be practiced. " 64
  67. 67. (9th Feb 2014) Mr. Padam Bhushan Executive Producer Yash Raj films The street has been a site for theatrical performances from the time human beings began to live in constructed societies. This performance involves elements of drama, folk theatre, folk music, story telling, acting, singing, dancing all pitched on the pivot of public concern, conflict, public interest, empowerment, information and entertainment. A day long street theatre workshop was organised for students and faculty of the School of Media and Communication on the campus of the Jagran Lakecity University on February 9, 2014. The workshop involved an introduction to street theatre, its background and history, process of performing and an introduction to some of its nuances. At the end of the workshop the participants prepared and presented an extempore skit. The workshop was conducted as part of the Ignited Minds series of the Jagran Lakecity University. It was conducted by Mr Padam Bhushan. who runs the non profit organisation Naujawan-E-Hind (NEH) with an objective to create awareness on social issues, through the medium of street plays. The street theatre enthusiasts from this group have been actively involved in raising social awareness among the citizens of our city and country alike, on issues like National integration, AIDS, Drug Abuse, illiteracy, Communal Harmony, Population, Pollution and other relevant topics. Naujawan-E-Hind was established on 24th May 1992 by a group of young students from SIWS College who wanted to be united in performing various arts even after college. We started of with a streetplay called ‘Ek Ajnabi Lash’ which went on to become a milestone of Indian street theatre. 18 years since, the play still attracts the same kind of attention and also gets us wonderful laurels. Mr Padam Bhushan is also executive producer, Yash Raj films. 65 (17th Feb 2014) A Shailendra Singh Chauhan ‘, SP Crime Branch Bhopal School of Media & Communication Jagran Lakecity University gave a platform for its students to interact live with Police Personality; Shri Shailendra Singh Chauhan, SP Crime Branch, Bhopal who was invited to share his experiences regarding role of police, crime issues and related reporting of a crime scene. He also agreed to be the guest editor of our in house newspaper “COMMA” Dressed in a civil uniform and not in his official Wardi, he commented that he did not want to act like a Super-Man in some costume in front of students and he would rather prefer to look like his young audience. He began with an amusing tone saying that police has become famous because of the media from movies like Dabang, Singham, Rowdy Rathore where various angles of a policemen are shown but in reality hardly few of us have come across with a real policeperson. He gave examples of how police is famous by filmy dialogues like- “Kaanoon Ke Haath Lambe Hote Hain Police Ki Na Dosti Acchi Na Dushmani Po/ ice Apne Baap Ki Bhi Nahi Hoti Hum Angrezon Ke Zamaane Ke Jai/ er Hain Po/ ice Chahne Pe Kuch Bhi Kar Sakti Hai” Continuing with the real scenario of police today, he described that all policemen have come from the normal population and they give society exactly what the society has given to them. He justified saying that police constables sometimes take bribes or misbehave and are highly uneducated which is somewhere
  68. 68. correlated. So even today, instead of technology, Hawaldaars are given a Iaathi for action which serves no purpose. Mr. Chauhan spoke about sensitivity of cases as a matter of prime importance in police system and society. He stated that the drawback of Indian Police system is the fact that it is always “Accused Oriented" and not “Victim Oriented. " He connected this with crime reporting methods highlighting that all crime stories tell about crime and criminals because it’s a matter of conflict. But nobody bothers to write follow-ups on how victims have survived after the crime and how life has changed for them. Mr. Chauhan mentioned that police have a tough life; they have no fixed working hours and sometimes, even taking a lunch break is against their guidelines. Also on a common blame which they face- ‘Police Humesha Der Se Pahunchti Hai’, he gave a strong clarification that no police fellow is gifted enough to know prior to the crime that it is going to happen somewhere and that is why a policeperson reaches a scene post crime which is considered normal. He gave remarks on how people scare their children by the name of police which is not acceptable for him. He quoted; “Aajka| Chor Police Se Nahi Darta, Shareef Aadmi Darta Hal. Masoom Bacchon K0 Police Ke Naam Se Daarate Hain Log. ” He recited an incident where a meager lady threatened her kid that if he doesn't take bath, she will handle him to the police. Reacting to this stupidity, Mr. Chauhan told the lady that if she had threatened her thief husband by the name of police, society would have been better. He addressed issues like cyber crime and ways to catch hold of criminals using latest equipments projecting the importance of technical awareness for police officials dealing with such cases. 66 Concluding his thoughts on crime reporting, he explained that usually clashes occur between police team and the reporters when there is a question of punches in a story and inquiry of evidence because a journalist will want to reveal the twist to add value to his report while the police team will want to hide the bend as they do not want criminals to know investigation details. Therefore, it is necessary to have a mutual understanding of the crime scene and consequences of the case which can benefit both media and police. Mr. Chauhan requested the students interested in crime reporting to get into action, make good contacts with police that will ultimately make India a better country and will give their profession some esteem and credit.
  69. 69. (13th March 2014) Dr. P. N. S. Chouhan Ex-Director. Dept. Health M. P Health is an important area in the field of journalism. Dr. Chouhan interacted with the students of School of Media & Communication regarding basic knowledge of health sector and concerned issues of medical reporting. He has also agreed to be the Guest Editor for Issue-ll of Comma- Media & Communication monthly bulletin. (2nd April 2014) Mr. R. K. Singh I Manager. Human Resource SEL INDIA MANUFACTURING LTD. School of Management organized a Guest Lecture on Management of Education Sectors and how it has a tremendous potential for entrepreneurs on 20th Feb 2014 in Seminar Hall at JLU. Dr Prakash Moghe from Moghe Education Consultancy delivered the talk. Dr. Moghe is an M. Ed. , UGC (NET) with major in Educational Evaluation and Measurement, Guidance and Counseling and a Ph. D. in Education. Currently he heads national programs in Skill Development. Mr. Moghe enlightened students about Interpersonal, Presentation, Operational and Networking skills and how knowledge could be applied to extract 67 Excellence. He also spoke about the GOD approach on how we should generate, organize and destroy to move ahead. Covering agendas like Technology and the changes accompanied by it, he conducted an interactive session where students developed a broader perspective. Dr. Atul Mehrotra, Director School Of Banking and Finance, Dr. Karunakar Jha Director School of Management and Faculties across different schools were also present during the session. (3rd April 2014) Mr. Amay Khurasiya Chief Coach MP Cricket Association nun Qt‘? Former Indian Cricketer School of Media & Communication at Jagran Lakecity University organized a guest lecture where students and faculties interacted with Mr. Amay Khurasiya, chief coach of Madhya Pradesh Cricket Association and a former Indian cricketer. He shared his on field experiences as an international cricketer and 1999 world cup where he was a crucial part of the team. Mr. Khurasiya expressed his thoughts on being successful and being capable as a sports person. He listed key points for reporting in the field of sports journalism where he said- “Each piece you write is homework. Once you learn to sequence your words, your writing gets a pattern and reflects your ideology. ” He also suggested following the tricky formula of speaking the truth without hurting anyone. Mr. Khurasiya is an acknowledged cricket commentator with ESPN. Based on this profession, he explained the characteristics of a skillful commentator who shall possess a good knowledge of the game, a
  70. 70. regular reading habit and the art of decorating and controlling the language while one speaks. He shared a beautiful message on relation between our thoughts and destiny which follows a series of events: From thoughts, we get feelings. From feelings, comes attitude. From attitude, we perform actions. Actions develop into habits. Habits make our personality. And our personality decides our destiny. Mr. Khurasiya also cited real life examples of people like Arunima Sinha who is the first Indian and first female amputee to climb Mount Everest. He believes that every human being is born with few imperfections. We must not make our disabilities our weakness. Instead, we must walk out of our limitations in life and take up challenges. Waving an inspirational goodbye to everyone, Mr. Khurasiya quoted, “Greatness is a destiny available to all but the decision to acquire it is taken only by few. In life, we must not simply stand on the platform, gazing trains pass by. It's time to board your trains as the journey must go on. " A special thanks to Dr Vivek Khare for bringing to us such a motivating sports personality. (4th April 2014) - , Mr. Shrikant Koundinya Fellow Member. CIMA School of Commerce & Economics, Jagran Lakecity University organised a seminar on Career opportunities in Management Accounting hosted by CIMA and Jagran Lakecity University. Shrikant Koundinya is a Fellow Member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants with over 19 years of diverse experience in 68 finance and capital markets in areas such as audit, research, ERP, MIS and training gave a talk to our students.
  71. 71. (2nd April 2014) 3.; ii“ . : ' ll . - I, _ _ , - Mr Brajesh Rajput ‘xx . Senior Correspondent and 2.. .. . Bureau Chief. ABP News School of Media & Communicaion at Jagran Lakecity University invited Mr Brajesh Rajput a senior correspondent and Bureau Chief of ABP News, Bhopal to interact with our students on April 2, 2014. He shared his views on political scenario of Madhya Pradesh and role of TV News Media; specially ABP News. Mr. Rajput compared ABP News with other news channels in terms of content and viewership. He also discussed issues like paid news and opinion polls conducted by different research organizations. He answered various queries of students regarding a sense of news and careers in electronic media. (9th April 2014) Mr. Rajesh Khanna General Manager Everest Industries Limited School of Management organized a Guest Lecture on 9th April 2014. The topic of the lecture was “Trends in Marketing and use of Social Media in Business”. It was delivered by Mr. Rajesh Khanna, General Manager of Everest Industries Limited. He had an interactive session with the students and was thrilled to see their participation. Faculties of School of Management and 45 students attended this session. He also decided to pick a few students for summer internship. The lecture proved to be really exciting and beneficial for students. 69 (10th April 2014) Mr. Rajeev Agarwal 1 Director Ananya Packaging Pvt Ltd. , Bhopal School of Management had organised for Mr. Rajeev Agarwal Director, Ananya Packaging Pvt Ltd, Bhopal to deliver a very interesting lecture on Effective Communication Skills for the students on 10th of April 2014. It was a very effective session as students interacted actively, not to forget the the induction of positivity and Life's skills that was clearly evident. The session also bridged the gap between college and corporate culture. Students of BMS, BBA and MBA along with Faculties attended the lecture. (21st April 2014) CA Sandeep Mukherjee Chartered Accountant School of Commerce and Economics and the School of Banking and Finance organized an Ignited Minds lecture on 21st April 2014, on the topic, Recent Trends in Professional Education. CA Sandeep Mukherjee was the resource person for the lecture. He shed light on the gap between the industry and academics. He also told students about the various opportunities available for Commerce & Banking graduates. He highlighted the importance of professional education by enumerating about the various roles and responsibilities that a chartered accountant needs to undertake. He focused primarily on the
  72. 72. areas of auditing, accounting, carbon credit, and financial accounting. He also chalked out the differences between a business setup and regular professions. Finally, he concluded by describing about the types of audit and their importance. (21st April 2014) i. ”''‘. P ‘ V'-; I' t 4:- ‘.1. «C? __‘____? _ x 5 IL” Mr. Arjun Chatterjee l CEO. Runtime Solutions Pvt. Ltd. School of Management organized a guest Lecture on “Digital Marketing Trends” by Mr. Arjun Chatterjee, CEO, Runtime Solutions Pvt. Ltd. on 21.04.2014. He had an interactive session with the students and was thrilled to see their participation. Students discussed the new avenues of Digital Marketing with him and queried for career prospects in the area. The lecture proved to be really exciting and beneficial for the students. 70
  73. 73. Debate Competition Debate Competition “SOSII Indian Economy wants you to think, express and speak out Ioud! " With this intension the School of Commerce and Economics at Jagran Lakecity University provided an intellectual platform for the students of Jagran Institute of Communication and Management and JLU Bhopal to analyse the situation and present their views on “present economic slowdown- causes. effects and policy measures. " ‘$9 . JAGRAN LAKECITY UNIVERSITY 1 1 IIIOPAI. The best speakers were Kunal Agrawal from BBA ll Semester, JICM. Avina Saxena and Samriddhi Chaddha from BJMC, JLU. Young Indians Seminar Ms. Shweta Singh Kataria, visited School of Management, Jagran Lakecity University introducing our future managers to the CH Young India student net Membership scheme and its scope.
  74. 74. 5!‘ Brainstorming session on Emerging Paradigms in Legal Education Jagran Lakecity University has decided to start the School of Law from academic session 2014-15. For developing the courses to be offered, the University invited people from industry and academics for a brainstorming session on “Emerging Paradigms in Legal Education” at its campus in Bhopal. The meeting was chaired by Justice N. K. Jain (Retd. ), former Justice at the High Court of Madhya Pradesh. The session brought out important points forward. It was highlighted that legal education must cater to all segments that demand legal services, including the market. Therefore it is imperative for an upcoming law school to embrace latest topics in law and 72 . - ‘{l«"'£; *~ l- ’ / A ‘ _ lgjtf‘ 1"‘ - F ‘ ‘ . ' lL— —— — Ea g___L 4». /‘a encourage research in those areas. It was also stressed that digitization and technology affect the methods of legal education as much as any other sphere of life and these must be integrated into the education system of law. In the end, several interesting questions from the faculty were answered by the esteemed panel of guests.
  75. 75. ,— ~-. _. ... _ r ( M ‘ . ;,! JFLI~; "" . g- I g ‘i ( in Tl’ . _x. if I f I l'L’ ~—3 — ‘ig ‘ , 4 7;. 1 . ‘li ll] . 1' ‘ . :r L’ . 'h«~ «,9 ji -u. r“¢_, ..-_, ‘ I-; ' t ' ; l 1 ’. 4” ’ . ‘fl. ‘. l ‘,4 ‘ (I . . ix ‘ at . _ ~ r5 , ~,»_', .i‘r. ;-- . Jimll, i_’ , ' « ‘~. e'. ~l . -I ~. .a #8 -r“4¢ as . ~' ; ,. ‘.f-. ‘ 1 , _—"~-— _, 1:»; V‘ L7‘: ‘P: 7‘ I ‘ 1 L 2 ix2,: :,. . I twv - l-— . 2 , l. —- . 'j, I "2 I -. ,—-"F-_“ °°ll ‘ ' l' ' i ",0 - I I l - I l I :3?“ i. .l'l. ! ‘. - -_ 1 Growth and Future of Hospitality Industry Jagran Lakecity University has decided to start School of Hospitality and Tourism from academic session 2014. For developing the courses to be offered the University invited people from industry and academics for a brainstorming session ” Growth and Future of Hospitality Industry" on 11th December 2013. Several eminent personalities from the Hotel, Tourism and Leisure industry along with renowned academicians had been invited to the session to share their knowledge and experience with the Faculty at Jagran Lakecity University. The inaugural address of the session was delivered by Mr. Anil Bhandari, Chairman AB Smart Concepts. Other eminent personalities who addressed the session were Mr. Vijay Dhawan (Retd. HOD, IHM Delhi), Mr. Shakti Pada Bhattacharyya (Retd. Principal IHM Guwahati), Mr. D N Kaul (Head Training and Development Sayagi Hotels & Barbeque Nation) and Mr. Sharad Nautiyal (HOD IHM Bhopal). The session was focused on highlighting the requirements of the service industry and the design of academic programs which have the industry demands and requirements at its core. The vital inputs of industry leaders and from the academic fraternity were recorded and thoughts were shared on the design of courses to be offered under the School of Hospitality and Tourism at Jagran Lakecity University. 73 v ‘. _‘_r h ? ' A J l 1 , /g~‘JA'§i, . ii‘ . om‘ rfl . ."“ , — . ‘. -« r ‘I -» xjcs; 1: EA‘ : :—-: I J :5 4 1.7’. -= '- 1 t ( r I‘ ‘ 4r'; :"l: v:w . .:n{'_; ,'i. V ‘—. L ~ ~ _, .$, '.. ~?. |f"is: l:. -ii: ~i"l ~ , .- . .._ I I ‘ ~ ‘ . .. _ T _V . ., - ) '. _ - ( ‘ i E , = , .I. - . __j I * . P . z‘ I ‘. ~A_‘ I l r‘_ . 1 1 . . , j ‘T . _ §. 1 '; ‘rI . : (.2 ‘ , 1 ? I -11 ~ , 1* r, / _ it I , ii. .. 4 -. --1», I & . Iic5__r. ‘§', ?"r . i‘E'.2wi*-'*‘” ‘E (#3. , I’ . ; _, — ‘ . » l; .5. 3 ’‘ $3,. » : , ‘l E‘, 7 r. . .. ~r. 4- - - —’ __ . nu. “. _ ‘ --~—: "I I iv 1‘. T‘ Xi‘), . I has ‘ A_ . _, ‘ . ._ ‘ Q *“ 1 . 1=
  76. 76. i I. " , - . ._ «_ 3 4., as . I x - ' .4‘ ii. I * __"i (F i. f'_ ‘tz , . h V I - ~ . V.«' . ll: . I ; I ‘ ' . _ , ‘ b l _“l‘ ‘ I I -’1“{~ 5‘ . , ' -, I i l I — -. , ‘, , 1 . ,.. . - _ ‘-, pr I I . .j - ‘_'. ‘.. ,-_. . 5.4-7 . ‘ _“ _, ,}_. ,, Research Induction Programme Jagran Lakecity University has conducted the Research Induction Programme for the first Batch of M. Phil and Ph. D students on 10th Jan 2014. Eminent researchers like Dr. P. J. Sudhakar, ADG(P| B), Dr. H. S Yadav of (BU) and Dr. S. Surya Prakash (NLIU) have shared their research experience with the Introduction to Research and research methodology. Prof. Dr. Anoop Swarup, Vice Chancellor Jagran Lakecity University has presided the programme and Prof. R. Nesamoorthy proposed the vote of thanks. The Research induction Programme was coordindated by Dr Vinay Joshi, Associate Professor, School of Commerce and Economics of Jagran Lakecity University. . .. "‘ H #1 ’‘N__ i. Guest Lecture on 3 (; _4.l; :i_, '- Managing Education Sector ’'; ,-(I'T, §f'. :”i_l’: ‘ , ‘ Opportunities Unlimited ’ School of Management organized a Guest Lecture on Management of Education Sectors and how it has a tremendous potential for entrepreneurs on 20th Feb 2014 in Seminar Hall at JLU. Dr Prakash Moghe from Moghe Education Consultancy delivered the talk. Dr. Moghe is an M. Ed. , UGC (NET) with major in Educational Evaluation and Measurement, Guidance and Counseling and a Ph. D. in Education. Currently he heads national programs in Skill Development. Mr. Moghe enlightened students about Interpersonal, Presentation, Operational and Networking skills and how knowledge could be applied to extract Excellence. He also spoke about the GOD approach on how we should generate, organize and destroy to move ahead. Covering agendas like Technology and the changes accompanied by it, he conducted an interactive session where students developed a broader perspective. Dr. Atul Mehrotra, Director School of Banking and Finance, Dr. Karunakar Jha Director School of Management and Faculties across different schools were also present during the session. 74
  77. 77. Managerial Skills Development Workshop Internal workshop on “Managerial Skills Development" was conducted by School of Banking and Finance was conducted jointly by the Coordinator Dr. RC Babu and Dr. Atul Mehrotra. 16 students actively participated in this program. The core purpose was to involve students in the activity by making them understand what industry demands from today's managers, what skills are required to possess as a successful manager and how a manager can develop him/ herself. In the nutshell by way of small management game. students were made aware about what they are supposed to do as and when they enter the corporate world, before making any assumption what care they should take, what is the importance of the time management, how much serious they should be whenever they are assigned any responsibility and last but not the least what they may loose by way of Money, Time and Energy, if they don’t take up their job with seriousness, care and caution. More such activities are in the offing. ji . _ A_ 7' 5 it .3“ ‘, _ ‘ . *3". -‘-. '. ‘ll " ‘ tr .2’? “ . —. ,‘. .'‘ ll . " ‘ 7": I I‘ ~ ; } l, l . ‘ ‘ "*4 h‘ ’ ? _ ‘1 '£ ‘($.17 ‘rt , ‘. 1"‘- . ‘~"" . , - ’ 5, , E -1". -'.7;v [ iii 7 ’. «‘r, ', , - J 3‘; ‘v J . ex: ,.‘J'x‘-‘. ,§: ‘~r I . I L 3.: " ir _ J. . , ;’}’~V_; . , y* ‘ 1 . =-*" ’r_"r'. .~ J x
  78. 78. Political Cartoon Making Competition In memory of the late Khushwant Singh and observing of the birth anniversary of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar the School of Media and Communication Jagran Lakecity University organised a competition of on—the-spot drawing of political cartoon which was coordinated by Dr Neeraj Khattri. The theme of the competition was ‘With Malice Towards One and All’ following which many political satires came up on sheets of paper. It was a way to present humor on current political status of India. This event was judged by Mr. Diwakar Shukla — Social Impact Consultant, who declared the winners as: 1st Prize— Nikita Kothari— MJMC 2nd Prize— Ankita Dubey— BMS 3rd Prize— Konica Mridha- BCFR 76
  79. 79. ‘vi-'2 "" er. ‘ ‘. ~_¢-r; ;.s¥[. _s, .;, -f: L.
  80. 80. International Conference on People, Politics and Media School of Media and Communication of Jagran Lakecity University organized a two day lntemational Conference on the topic “People, Politics and Media" on 25-26 April at Jehan-Numa Palace, Bhopal. The first day of the conference was inaugurated with the lightening of lamp and release of souvenir by the Honorable Chief Guest, the co-founder of ‘The Hoot. org’, Smt. Sevanti Ninan who shared her experiences of being a media critic and also quoted “Media is a factor that cannot be ignored in Politics". She discussed the present trends of Politics and Media, she said, “Media only focuses on the narrow aspect of any information rather than portraying the wider space of the topic in front of the people". After that JLU's Woe Chancellor Dr. Anoop Swarup and the Chief Executive Officer Shri. Abhishek Mohan Gupta, addressed the gathering and congratulated the School of Media and Communication saying, “Media and Politics can do wonders if done together". Further the Conference Director Dr. Sanjay Ranade and Convener Dr. Neeraj Khattri addressed the crowd. The conference was attended by 100 delegates and paper presenters who came from across the country and the world. Six technical sessions were held based on the sub themes: Politics and the Media, The state versus the New Media, Role of Media in conflict, New Media and Democracy, Media Ethics versus Political Ethics and Media Ownership —Politicization and Corporation and Cinema, Society and Politics. The day ended with a colorful cultural event with a country side theme by the students of Jagran Lakecity University. The day two of ICPPM started with the open forum on the topic of “Ethics and media”. The forum was moderated by Prof. Karunakar Jha and was chaired by the National News Editor of Bhaskar Group Mr. Abhilash Khandekar. The participants of the forum included Mr. Sharad Dwivedi (News 78 editor of Bansal News, ), Mr. Brajesh Rajput (State Bureau Chief of ABP News), Mr. Mrigendra Singh (Editor, Danik Jagran Bhopal), Dr. Yogendra Srivastava (Assistant Professor at School of Law, Jagran Lakecity University), Mr. Deepak Tiwari, and Dr. Virbala Aggarwal. All the participants presented their views and critically analyzed the media ethics, the way and the extent till it is followed. It also raised the question that how the ethics have changed over the years and if the media has tumed into a commercialized form now. The forum was summarized by Mr. Abhilash Khandekar. He said that the perspective with which people see media is very much different from what the people experience within the field. There are two aspects of every profession, if there is a part of media which is becoming unethical; there is another part which sticks to the media ethics and work as a fourth pillar of this democratic setup. He concluded the forum with his view that with the change in the scenario the media ethics are undergoing a transition which is the need of time and this change is inevitable. Then the conference ended with the Valedictory session. The Director of School of Media and Communication, Dr. Sanjay Ranade shared the future plans of the university. The chief guest of the Valedictory session B. K Kuthiala (The Wee Chancellor of Makhanlal Chaturvedi) said, “Media is believed to be a mirror that reflects the society but we never have mentioned which type of mirror; it can be a concave or convex too where the images of society seem to be manipulated. " Following which the Vice Chancellor, Dr. Anoop Swarup discussed his thoughts about today's journalistic trends. He said that the journalism is not just restricted to politics but it is beyond that. He finally concluded with his remarks that journalism should not be compartmentalized and it has to take forward the concept of truth. The two day event ended with vote of thanks by the Registrar to all the delegates, participants, faculty and the students who made this conference flourishing.
  81. 81. Foreign Delegates on Campus Prof. Hanneke Van Bruggen, Hon. Dscie, FWFOT, Director FAPADAG, Adjunct Professor, School of Occupational Therapy, Dalhousie University, CA, Netherlands and Prof Asier Altuna, Director of the Master of Arts in Euroculture (Eramus Mundus), Faculty of Social and Human Sciences University of Deusto, Spain visited Jagran Lakecity University on 4.~—-, ‘ H! 22 April 2014. 2 They were on a sponsored tour of European Union to , . - study the working pattern of Government and Private ‘V ‘ University at 4 location across India (South, Central, West and East). As part of their study they picked up X ' JLU Bhopal for their study of Private University in Central India based on the recommendation of , f If‘? ‘it: Madhya Pradesh Private University Commission F ‘ W“--’-‘ ‘ ' rt owing to the university’s strong foundation policy and , . delivery of quality education in the state. l "'7 '9' . .* ‘ . ll 33;; 1 / P ‘ V‘. ‘ . , ii. . . ‘ r-1.: 1 . ‘V — ‘I z ‘i i_. ‘ I . ,;_~: :r~ I -«L - - 5 it. r . _ 2- J: ‘ I :2 . an :2‘ 79'
  82. 82. School of Management organised International Conference of Management and Behavioral Sciences January 16 & l7, 2014 An International Conference was organized by Jagran Lakecity University, Bhopal in alliance with Society of Management and Behavioral Sciences (Canada & India) from January 16 to 17, 2014. The Conference theme was Management and Behavioral Sciences. The conference aimed at bringing together the leading academic researchers, scholars and scientists from related areas of management and humanities. The chief guest of the conference was Mr. P. R. Ravi Mohan, Regional Director- RBI (M. P. & Chattisgarh). He emphasized on projects of RBI in rural management to preserve economic stability and promote financial literacy in various villages of Madhya Pradesh. 80 Mr. Anil Dave, member of Rajya Sabha was the key note speaker of the conference. He expressed views on human management as a means to acquire behavioral skills to deal with people. Around 150 delegates presented their research papers and articles in the interdisciplinary conference. The delegates from Canada, lran, Philippines, U. A.E. , UK and U. S.A. attended the Conference. The Chairperson of the Conference, Prof. Gulnar Sharma underlined significance of the conference as a platform to discuss sociological crisis and economic imbalance. This conference provided an opening to all budding managers and entrepreneurs to learn, develop and practice new managerial skills to face challenges related to organizational behavior, economic importance and marketing management. Finally, the vote of thanks was delivered by Prof. R. Nesamoorthy, Registrar, JLU. On this occasion, Prof. Atul Mehrotra, Prof. Sanjay Ranade, Prof. Karunakar Jha, Prof. Vivek Khare and Prof. Nafees H. Naqvi and distinguished faculty members were present.
  83. 83. International Sushi Training I, iiVill_! .l, }4Aj§_fi, ['q, j , n_. v.l, h;. = f[-. :f_»: ‘i; I,. «.. ., 3.4 I }‘; :~'i, ,-myinislliii Prof. Nafees Naqvi, Director of the School of Hospitality in JLU Bhopal, attended an international Sushi Training Workshop at The Sheraton Hotel, New Delhi. This workshop was organized by the Indian Federation of Culinary Association (IFCA), World Association of Chefs Societies (VVACS) & JETRO. The workshop was conducted by Master Chef Masayoshi Kazato & Master Chef Hirotoshi Ogawa from All Japan Sushi Association - World Sushi Skills Institute. Japan. Cohesion and cooperation as a way of life at JLU University where students and the University administration sat together to discuss academic and other issues for a more coherent spirit in the University.
  84. 84. . ’ I ' ' ' .5 I. - an if‘! "" 7;‘ timid’ I "7" 4. Ti‘ *7 317?} 1 y-. ‘u. »-. ._~'. ~»: a.« « ‘Tm V-"'*"r ‘. ,_£_;7r '. r Daulaf Ram 5:145 u= .EI= ir:3 , - 82 I’: ' Confederation of Indian Industry Jagran Lakecity University partnered with CH and organised a Conference on Leading Change: Getting Ready for the Future at the CH Madhya Pradesh State Annual Day 2014, on 12 March 2014 at Hotel Radisson Blu, Indore. The event was a great success with participation of more than 150 delegates and presence of world renowned speakers during the conference.
  85. 85. JLU GLOBAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP / /EEK CELEBRATION 18th - 22nd nov, 2013 ‘I On Day 1 of the JLU Global Entrepreneurship Week, celebrations took off with JLU and Confederation Of Indian Industries (CII) signing MOU for students net. Successful Entrepreneur Mr. Rohit Singh — Director Greek Foods, Pind ,1’ Baluchi and Mr. Rajiv Mohan Agrawal —MD Anannya Packers Pvt. Ltd. - A - addressed the students at the University sharing their life experiences and the traits and the characteristics required to be a successful entrepreneur, as also the strengths required to face and turnover a business venture in difficult times. They stressed on the facts that an entrepreneur needs to think and work differently— in an "Out of the Box" fashion. 83
  86. 86. On Day 2, eminent entrepreneur Mr. Rajendra Patel, CEO and Managing Director of Maksons Group interacted with the students and expressed his ardent desire to develop his companies into Indian origin MNCs in the near future and encouraged students to work hard and be passionate about their chosen career paths. Discussing the traits and the characteristics required to be a successful entrepreneur, he inspired the students to dream big and take the path to entrepreneurship and in turn “Create jobs instead for looking out for Jobs". On Day 3, Mr. Rahul Parashar, CEO Bombay Hospital gave all students an insight into his journey of being a successful entrepreneur and in doing so sewing the community at large. The interactive session gave the students an opportunity to understand the details related to hospital administration and management. The underlined theme of the session was to work towards achieving an entrepreneurial dream while keeping compassion and service to community at its core. "qr A On day 4 of the JLU Global Entrepreneurship Week we had Mr. Sachin Sharma ‘Regional Head" of ITC, Madhya Pradesh who addressed our students apprising them on E-Chaupal / Chaupal Sager and how it has transformed the lives of the farmers & eliminated the middlemen. : y:(v J Jagran Lakecity University on day 5 of Global Entrepreneurship Week invited Shri. Hari Mohan Gupta, who is not only an eminent and successful entrepreneur but also the Chancellor of Jagran Lakecity University Bhopal, Chairman of Jagran Social Welfare Society and Pro-Vice Chairman of Delhi Public School Bhopal & Indore. Mr. Gupta addressed students and shared his entrepreneurial experiences and valuable insights. He discussed with students the importance of perseverance. dedication, commitment and good time management. He started discussion with sharing his experience and hardships he faced in the initial stages of his career as an entrepreneur. Emphasizing upon power of positive thinking, he suggested students to keep imagining and innovating to generate good business ideas. He also highlighted the significance of diversifying in the business and developing a strong business portfolio. 84 ' ‘I . 1|- I. ._t, _- . - Iw, - ""35? ? ,§_ " '; . 1»: .-’1 ‘I .7 ‘
  87. 87. ‘I A Unit of Govt. of India National Integration Camp Irqflzi E63711 ere: 'W’FI'| <_'f, 3 $7 aaaft 2014 BhopoI.3"'fo7"January 2014 j Day 1 Jagran Lakecity University jointly hosted the 5 day National Integration Camp with NYKS, a unit of Youth Affairs & Sports, Government of India. It will be held from 3rd Jan - 7th Jan 2014. The camp saw participation of students from age of 15-30 years from 12 different states of the country. 85
  88. 88. Day 2 The Day 2 of National Integration Camp organised jointly by NYKS and Jagran Lakecity University saw many dignitaries like Honourable Governor of Madhya Pradesh. Shri Hari Mohan Gupta (Chancellor. Jagran Lakecity University). Dr. Subbarao, noted Gandhian visiting the campus and talking to the participating students about National Integration and need of unity in the country.
  89. 89. rt I 0 : »IP<«: J:RT The Sports Club at the University offers the opportunity to practice, receive training and compete in various disciplines such as football, cricket, tennis, basketball, swimming & volleyball to name a few. The University campus houses facilities such as a well equipped gymnasium with a fitness trainer to assist students, a huge hall to facilitate fitness programs such as aerobics, kick boxing, yoga and other classes. The campus boasts of a football ground, basketball and tennis courts, indoor games room with table tennis, chess & carom. A half olympic size swimming pool is available to all students along with the provision of an instructor to train students in the sport. We support student development through a variety of creative programs, while cultivating JLU's rich, competitive athletic tradition. The goals of the University are to promote commitment to a high standard of health and fitness; to support social and recreational interactions; and to offer students the opportunity to develop athletic skills in an equitable manner. From the academic session 2014~2015 onwards, a University House System has been introduced. All the School’s Students will be equally divided into three Houses namely: « ~’. '"'. Lakecity Q‘, _ ‘Ll’ '3.‘ Ti"r: .! . n _-1./ -X. .4}. /I . -Nu All the Students (House members) will again be divided on the basis of gender and skill equally so as to reduce the biasness and also to help the students to bond among themselves across all the Schools thereby creating a conducive environment in the Campus.
  90. 90. gasket Ground Volleyball Court
  91. 91. J . u., in» , . ..I 27“ To 29”‘ November 2013
  92. 92. , - . 1. _ ‘-a_ , .. . , ff. .. -. ~‘ I I —. . . a‘O-. , ’. ‘ ~ ~. - " I « . r 1'1 Dayl The lntra University Sports Meet 2013 began with great enthusiasm and sportive spirit with active participation of the students and the University faculty members. Day2 The Day 2 of the sports meet saw the semifinals for volleyball. cricket and tug of war and the preliminary heats of the swimming competition Day3 The 3" and final day of the JLU Sports Meet saw the competitiveness amongst all teams and individuals reach its pinnacle. All the matches were played with great sportsmanship and team spirit. with the champions awarded with trophies at the end of the day.
  93. 93. ‘I . /‘ T314] F RGOTTEN GAMES FESTIVAL 2Q14 ‘ . O I I . ‘-t‘e— - 7:‘ . £7 -e—: :t~ , . 2-13»- School of Media The and ‘_ . . - Communication and the Lakecity *3 . sf ' Sports Club at Jagran Lakecity ’ - University hosted ‘THE FORGOTTEN ‘ "- - ; - GAMES FEST 2014‘ | V , V - _. V. I _. “_, ‘-__. ;‘_ ‘T’. .. I I, 7 I ' ‘I "V ‘E ‘ h I p r ‘-1 ‘. ’ . . "1 s g i 0 r I ‘
  94. 94. The Forgotten Games Fest - Games that we played as children and then were left only with the memories of the winning and the losing and the fights and the bickering, the camaraderie and friendship. The JLU relived those moments with the Forgotten Games Festival 2014. It's summer and the games were played outdoors on the lush green campus. Gilli Danda, Sitoliya, Langdi, Blindfold and Rassi Khech were played by the entire JLU Bhopal family. The games were organised by the Lakecity Sports Club and in the lead were Mr. Harshvardhan Dave and Mr. Akash Rajput.
  95. 95. Jagran Shakti An initiative by and for the employees and students of the University Jagran Shakti. an initiative of the University. brings together all the teaching and non-leaching staff as well as students of the University on a single platform to encourage camaraderie and a positively charged working environment on campus The initiative was flagged off in January when, along with members of the Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan, sports equipment was distributed to youth in the Mugaliyachap village. Books for the village library were also given away during this event. The members of Jagran Shakti meet on alternate Saturdays and share their experiences of life, play games and discuss various ideas and issues dear to their heart. Jagran Shakti is the brainchild of Dr. Atul Mehrotra. Director. School of Banking and Finance. , | ’ ; I_l’N| ,rl: p€f: TY ‘ . .. , ,_, ,. I
  96. 96. JAGRAN SI-IAKTI - _ J The spirit of Rang Panchami was celebrated by singing the compositions of Amir Khusro, Meerabai and others. E; A}~'~t. H . ‘ V" >"'. .'/ Z// .'. ' viii . ~ I "‘. “3;; :;; ,,. __', ;¢: >. 1:. / --‘5%e/ ./I , “r*: ’1 / . %_&: ‘~. *1» 4- -<‘~ A .1‘ ll. _ ' V‘. V; ‘ i’rVi_£‘ F III ‘K. ’ 1": ‘IE. ) J . f I. ‘ I l‘? _ij kl‘ ’ "- “‘ F T - t: t ‘I’ " "1" . ‘ ‘§ . 1 '3 4" ~ 9:. I 1 I t. l ‘ 1 I »_ " , t I ifi t I I ' r I‘ /1"‘ l’ I I "33-~. ‘5“ " ’ ‘ . .-‘ . *_ x 9.. iii‘ . . . .l 'r"—‘ T~ - It i" ‘t - 1i‘. r 1"’ i ‘ : «-_r " ~ ~— : g__} . ‘-29: . ~; ‘V ll ’ l ‘ ‘V. ’ 1". , I N ‘t‘ ; " , ‘ ’ jn i v’‘“} ~«. ,;‘ — Ii ' n. l -; _‘__ A 4 i k - r U L, -.» I, _. _. _ ~. .‘. ~_ 7 ‘ . > cl- f’: ‘ «I _. . - ' ital‘ ‘ it : gt. l ‘. ,., ~“H’i. > ‘. C. ‘Q I l » - j 1 lgb ll. 1-4 / A Ls W. ‘ 94 i‘ i" r: _ ’ ~