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Burtch Works Top Career Tips for Analytics, Data Science, & Marketing Research


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Burtch Works is a top executive recruiting firm specializing in data science, predictive analytics, and marketing research talent. This deck shares our top insights on how professionals in these fast-growing fields can manage their careers!

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Burtch Works Top Career Tips for Analytics, Data Science, & Marketing Research

  1. 1. Top Career Tips: Analytics, Data Science, and Marketing Research
  2. 2. The best time to start looking for a new job is before you have to
  3. 3. There is no “perfect” time to change jobs, but here are things to keep in mind: Are you learning new skills? Is your skillset current? Do you feel challenged? Are you growing your expertise or experience?
  4. 4. Career moves can pay off average salary increase when changing jobs in analytics 14%
  5. 5. Managing Your Career & Job Search
  6. 6. Proactively manage your career Join professional organizations and other groups Attend conferences or meetups Keep your LinkedIn profile updated Network in your industry Stay current on industry trends, developments, tools, and skills
  7. 7. Resume Guide
  8. 8. Crafting an impactful resume: Demonstrate your impact, not just your job responsibilities Establish progression throughout your career Tailor your resume to each role Include data sources used, tools, methodologies, industries, and other relevant details
  9. 9. Resume Best Practices Include legal name and contact info Use consistent formatting for headings, etc. Bullet objectives: show tools/methods you used plus how your work impacted the project Bullet format: problem > how you addressed the problem > project outcome Include interests and hobbies only if relevant Be cautious about using design elements! PDF the final version(s) with the job title
  10. 10. Job Search Guide
  11. 11. Assessing Opportunities Learning new tools? New industry? • Do you want to expand your skillset? • Opening new doors or more of the same? To manage or not to manage? • Management is not the only viable path! Team size? • Stand out and make an impact or have a bigger team to learn from? • Do you enjoy wearing lots of hats? Company size? • Set processes vs. building/shaping the role? Growth potential? • Does this role have room for growth? • A stepping stone or a promotion? Other topics to consider: • Compensation • Benefits/additional perks • Location or relocation • Work/life balance
  12. 12. Titles may not be consistent in different companies and industries. Ask questions during the hiring process so that you understand the role. Navigating job title differences
  13. 13. How to create targeted resumes Interview Guide
  14. 14. Research as much as you can! • Company • News/developments • Strategies and goals • Interviewers/hiring managers • Review LinkedIn profiles • Are they published? Mentioned in an article? Wrote a blog? • Job description and requirements • Original posting • Any correspondence
  15. 15. Know how long you’ll be speaking for. Research the company and role, to see which of your examples will be the most relevant. Does your interviewer have a technical/research background? Does your interviewer have a role on the team you’ll be working on? Are they in HR? Have examples prepared for tools/methodologies from the job description. Plan your interview pitch
  16. 16. Make sure to answer the “So What” Questions • What were the results/outcome of your project? • What were your recommendations? • What is the reason that you’re bringing it up in this interview? • What does it demonstrate about your skills? • What did you learn?
  17. 17. Make sure to practice!
  18. 18. Stand out during the interview process by asking your interviewers thoughtful, tailored questions.
  19. 19. Presentations and assignments during the hiring process are common, so be prepared!
  20. 20. Our #1 piece of advice: Don’t fall victim to the permanent pink slip. Keep your skills fresh!
  21. 21. How can Burtch Works help?
  22. 22. • Direct relationships with marquee companies • Clients including Fortune 50 firms, hedge funds, growing startups, and more • Resumes go directly to the hiring manager • Opportunities nationwide • Work across industries We partner with top-shelf firms
  23. 23. We have unmatched knowledge of the talent landscape ► We’re specialized in a variety of quantitative fields ► Trusted experts in these fast-growing areas ► Continuous interactions through webinars, flash surveys, industry meetings ► Years of monitoring career progression ► Referrals from trusted sources ► Deep understanding of industry trends through conversations with the quantitative community ► Swift process; continuous communication; flexibility
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  25. 25. We’re a trusted resource Comprehensive salary and demographic reports for our main specialty areas: - Data science - Predictive analytics - Marketing research Website, blog, and job board trafficked by thousands of quantitative professionals Recognized by Forbes as one of America’s Best Recruiting Firms Frequently interview by the press:
  26. 26. We’re the authority on salaries. Salary reports and other hiring market research available for: Predictive Analytics, Data Science, and Marketing Research Professionals
  27. 27. Our studies contain unparalleled data Accurate data collected directly from professionals Compensation & hiring trends Demographic characteristics Salaries examined by years of experience, industry, education and other factors Salary means, medians, and quartiles Download for free at:
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