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  1. 1. Health Innovators Systems, Inc.HealthPasskey Luissette Figueroa BSSE, MEM, HIIM, HL7 Specialist, CPEHR, CPHIE Chief Executive OfficerA Connected Community of Health | Copyright © 2010 Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc. 1
  2. 2. HealthPasskey Overview HealthPasskey High Level Description: • HealthPasskey is a web based application that coordinates care between healthcare settings and patients. Through it’s three portals (patient, provider, and healthcare organization portals) improves transition of care, engages patient, reduce costs, and much more. HealthPasskey addresses multiple healthcare problems: • Improves care transitions. • It establishes a robust interconnection (using HL7 protocols) between: • Healthcare settings: hospital-hospital, hospital-private practices, ACOs-hospitals, ACOs-private practices, etc. • Caregivers-patient and caregivers-patient’s relatives A Connected Community of Health | Copyright © 2011 Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc. 2
  3. 3. HealthPasskey Overview• Improves care transitions • Provides a comprehensive scheduling platform for• Provides a full-bodied scheduling platform for patients and relatives granting the following caregivers granting the following functionalities: functionalities: • Centralization of data • One point of access for appointment scheduling with • Synchronization of schedules in different multiple caregivers. locations. • Access to his/her demographic information. • Flexible configuration of schedules by • Access to dependent’s demographic information. appointment reason, quantity of patient, and • Appointment reminders via text messages/emails. times-pan. • Access to condition documentation uploaded by his/her • Reduces no shows by keeping the patient caregiver. informed with reminders. • Deductible estimation tools. • More exposition on the web = increase of • Privacy and security of data and identity. profit • Privacy and security of data A Connected Community of Health | Copyright © 2011 Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc. 3
  4. 4. HealthPasskey Overview• Reduces 30 days readmission rates by setting a comprehensive follow up plan before the patient has been discharged.  We are proud to inform that HealthPasskey was one of the winners of the ONC/Health2.0 Appointment Discharge Follow-up Challenge. • Caregivers at the hospital book follow-up appointments with providers. • The appointment information is sent to the providers’ EHRs and patient’s portal. • Caregivers book transportation services for the day of the appointment, if needed. • Caregivers can send diagnosis information to patient’s portal and instructions to follow, related to patient’s condition, before the appointment and at all times (preventive medicine). • Patients and relatives receive appointment reminders via text messages and emails. • Patients relatives can manage/change their appointments in the patient portal. • Patients can rate providers after each appointment. • Patients and relatives can manage demographic information. • Assist hospitals in avoiding hospital readmission reduction program penalties. A Connected Community of Health | Copyright © 2011 Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc. 4
  5. 5. HealthPasskey Overview • HealthPasskey reaches more communities and engages more patients: • Application runs in English and Spanish. It is ready to be deployed in any other language. • Application has been designed and developed with an easy to use GUI. • Reduces healthcare costs by: • Enhancing transitions of care and reducing 30 day readmission rates. For example, HealthPasskey helps reduce costs and improves outcomes for conditions such as Myocardial Infarction, Heart Failure, Pneumonia, and others. • HealthPasskey decreases medical errors, synchronizes data, provides preventive medicine, and engages patients in their health wellness. All these functionalities target the reduction of healthcare costs. HealthPasskey addresses the following categories:  Both Categories of the Allscripts Open App ChallengeA Connected Community of Health | Copyright © 2011 Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc. 5
  6. 6. HealthPasskey Usability and Design Provider will improve outcomes with HealthPasskey • HealthPasskey has been designed to provide an easy to use and state of the art experience for caregivers, so they can provide an useful and engaging tool to their patients. • Providers can configure the structure of their healthcare organization by locations (offices) under an organization, add multiple departments to these locations, and add multiple resources (nurses, technicians, and equipments) within each departments. Each resource has the capability to have its own schedule. • Each schedule, within an organization, is synchronized with each other and have the ability to synchronize with Allscripts schedules (under development). • Schedules can be configured by appointment reason and procedures, patient quantity and time-span. This improves providers’ workflow, utilization of resources, and allows providers to see more patients or spend more time with their patients.A Connected Community of Health | Copyright © 2011 Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc. 6
  7. 7. HealthPasskey Usability and Design Providers will improve outcomes with HealthPasskey • Referrals: Providers will improve outcomes by sending patient’s referrals to other providers in the network and receive referrals from them. • Not only providers can receive referrals from other providers, the application allows them to receive referrals from laboratories, hospitals, ACOs, home health organizations, and others. • Preventive medicine: Providers will improve outcomes by providing condition-related documentation to patients. • This will keep patients healthier and engage them in their health wellness. • Patients’ follow-up plan after hospital discharge: Providers will improve outcomes by having the capability of tracking if patients are executing the follow-up plan given before being discharged from the hospital. • Not only the provider at the hospital will be able to track patients’ follow up plans, but primary care physicians (PCPs) and specialists as well.A Connected Community of Health | Copyright © 2011 Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc. 7
  8. 8. HealthPasskey Usability and Design Patients will improve outcomes with HealthPasskey • One point access to Allscripts providers • Patients will be able to access Allscripts providers’ information and schedules. • Access to a follow-up plan before and after being discharged from the hospital • Patients and relatives will have access to a comprehensive follow-up plan before/after being discharged from the hospital. • Health condition related documentation from Allscripts providers • Patients will have access to important health condition related documentation uploaded by their providers. This will engage patients in their health wellness, establish a trustworthy communication with Allscripts providers, and preserve them healthier. • Not computer savvy patients, under-aged patients, or challenged patients can be added as dependants in relatives’ HealthPasskey accounts • This gives opportunity to all patients to enjoy a healthcare experience everyone deserves. A Connected Community of Health | Copyright © 2011 Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc. 8
  9. 9. HealthPasskey Development Stage Development stage as of the Phase 1 Submission Date:  Code development in progress HealthPasskey code development has been completed and it is completely functional. • HealthPasskey has been tested following the best practices in the industry: • Over 10,000 unit tests for code testing • Thousands of manual test for user experience testing • HealthPasskey security: • Our servers are HIPAA compliant • Encrypted databases and Utilization of https/certificates protocols At this time, we are developing the code to integrate HealthPasskey with Allscripts, utilizing Allscripts Helios Web Services.A Connected Community of Health | Copyright © 2011 Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc. 9
  10. 10. Allscripts-HealthPasskey Integration Description Due to the well designed structure of both applications the Allscripts-HealthPasskey integration will be a simple one. • HealthPasskey will be using Helios web services APIs to synchronize schedules and exchange other pertinent information. The following list shows at a glance the web services calls that will be used. (This list may vary since we are under the development phase.) •Echo •GetPatientLocations •GetEncounterDate •GetPatientProblems •GetEncounterList •GetProvider •GetOrganizationID •GetProviderBySpecialty •GetPatient •GetSchedule •GetPatientFull •GetUserAuthentication •GetUserIDA Connected Community of Health | Copyright © 2011 Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc. 10
  11. 11. HealthPasskey Market Plans How will HealthPasskey be brought to market • A beta testing with an Allscripts client will take place to enhance the integration between both applications and ensure customer satisfaction. • HealthPasskey will be implemented in different types of clients, such as hospital and providers’ private practices, in order to test the transition of care workflow. The private practices selection will be based on the provider’s specialty. Our aspiration is to start by testing workflows with patients suffering from chronic conditions such as: heart failure and pneumonia. • Healthpasskey will be marketed through Allscripts’ Application Store and Exchange (ASX). • Mass marketing to patients and caregivers will be provided through the internet (emails, blogs, and health related websites), radio, tv, and conferences.A Connected Community of Health | Copyright © 2011 Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc. 11
  12. 12. HealthPasskey Market Plans Which Allscripts customer segments will be targeted • Caregivers: • Primary care physicians and specialists. • Hospitals • Accountable Care Organizations • Laboratories • Patients What is the proposed price point for HealthPasskey • Caregivers: • An annual membership price: $350.00 per resource. (Monthly payments of $29.99 per resource are accepted as well). • Resource includes: providers, nurses, technicians, and equipments part of a healthcare organization. • Patients: Free of charge.A Connected Community of Health | Copyright © 2011 Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc. 12
  13. 13. Video Demonstration HealthPasskey Demo Movie Description of what the demo shows • Our demo shows how a comprehensive discharge follow-up plan can be implemented using HealthPasskey. This scenario presents the main functionalities related to the reduction of hospital 30 days readmission rates. There are other functionalities that are not shown on this demo. For this reason we provided, in the challenge application, an URL to the HealthPasskey demo site so you can play with some other features. The characters presented on the demo video and the demo site are not real.A Connected Community of Health | Copyright © 2011 Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc. 13
  14. 14. Why HealthPasskey should be selected! Complete solution that complies with all healthcare regulations. Well-designed and secure solution. Coordinates care and engages patients in their health wellness. HealthPasskey will provide state of the art functionalities to Allscripts customers. Customer service and satisfaction is a priority for our company. Our business model allows us to offer HealthPasskey at a great price. HealthPasskey was selected, by the ONC and Health 2.0 at the Discharge Follow-up appointment challenge, as one of the top three applications that improves transition of care. We are committed to never stop innovating. It is our commitment to keep implementing innovative and user engaging features to HealthPasskey. HealthPasskey is the perfect match for Allscripts! A Connected Community of Health | Copyright © 2011 Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc. 14