Allscripts open app challenge slide deck final


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Allscripts open app challenge slide deck final

  1. 1. Get Real HealthInstantPHR and Allscripts SunriseSubmitted by:Jason Harmon, CTO; Christina Caraballo, Healthcare Strategist; and Andy Payne, Solution Architect
  2. 2. Introducing InstantPHR
  3. 3. Empowering Patients through Innovative SolutionsInstantPHR™ Patient Engagement PlatformHighly-customizable collection of 120+ data visualization and caremanagement tools • Integrates with any EMR, HIE, or clinical data repository • Connects with 80+ home health devices • Includes patient, provider, and admin interfaces • Supports DIRECT and Blue ButtonTurn-key solutions are available for: • Meaningful Use • Chronic Disease Management • Readmissions Management & Care TransitionsPrivacy and security focused • HIPAA, HITECH, HITRUST CSF • ONC Privacy Notice © 2013 – Get Real Health Proprietary and Confidential
  4. 4. Solution OverviewSolution Description • Integrating Get Real Health’s InstantPHR platform with Allscripts’ Sunrise platform enables collaboration between providers and patients by providing care management tools. For example, customized care plans allow patients to track and record their progress via InstantPHR while their provider simultaneously tracks that progress from within the Allscripts’ Sunrise Electronic Medical Record, using the familiar Sunrise clinician interface. • Providers can be alerted of any important information or review patients’ progress as part of normal case review.Healthcare/Business Problem addressed • Empowering patients to become an intricate part of the care team by providing them with tools to track their progress while managing their condition creates valuable data and insight for healthcare providers. It can allow the provider to intervene when a patient starts to deteriorate rather than when they are admitted to hospital. This allows the provider to provide pro-active care services to a larger number or patients, rather than reactive services to a smaller patient population. • Ultimately, this pro-active care is cheaper to implement than costly reactive care.InstantPHR addresses both categories of the Allscripts Open App Challenge • Applications that improve management of high cost chronic diseases. • Focus on chronic disease management for this challenge. • Innovative approaches to addressing value-based care imperatives.
  5. 5. Usability and Design: InstantPHR OverviewInstantPHR is a collection of data visualization and care managementtools for patients and providers designed to deliver comprehensivepatient engagement solutions for: • Healthcare providers and hospital systems • Health information exchanges • Health non-profits organizations • Employers/wellness providers • Payers • Retail pharmacies and clinicsThe fastest, most flexible and most cost-effective way to engage patientsthrough their PCs, smartphones, tablets and mobile home health devices.InstantPHR is available on all platforms, including Windows 8. © 2013 – Get Real Health Proprietary and Confidential
  6. 6. Usability and Design: Comprehensive HealthManagement Tool• Care plans• Alerts• Reminders• Health Journals (ODLs and ADLs)• Questionnaires/Assessments• Secured communication• Personalized patient education• Personalized target ranges• Quality measurement and monitoring• Personalized health recommendations• Disease-specific tools and trackers © 2013 – Get Real Health Proprietary and Confidential
  7. 7. Meaningful Use Patient Centric Objectives• 2014 EHR Modular Certification for patient-centric objectives • View, download and transmit to 3rd party • Patient-specific education resources • Secure messaging • All relevant privacy and security objectives• Scheduled to be Stage 2 certified by early Q2 2013 © 2013 – Get Real Health Proprietary and Confidential
  8. 8. Solution examplesCare Transitions Management • Southampton NHS Trust • South London & Maudsley NHS TrustReadmissions Management • New York City Health & Hospitals Corp.Patient engagement / Meaningful Use • Alberta Health Services • INTEGRIS Health • LA Department of Aging • HEALTHeLINK Clinical Information ExchangeChronic Disease Management • Diabetes, heart failure, kidney disease – MedStar Health • Mental Health – Lawson • Leukemia and Prostate cancer – TELUS © 2013 – Get Real Health Proprietary and Confidential
  9. 9. © 2013 – Get Real Health Proprietary and Confidential
  10. 10. Development, Integration & Go toMarket Strategy
  11. 11. Development Stage• The development of InstantPHR for Phase 1 Submission to integrate with Allscripts Sunrise is in the prototype stage.• The InstantPHR platform from Get Real Health is an award-winning, established product that provides both web and mobile optimised patient and provider portals• For this proposed solution, custom UI ‘widgets’ will need to be created to: o Enable the patient to link-up their PHR account with their Sunrise EMR record o Allow the patient to request to send a copy of their progress to the Sunrise EMR and optionally pull down common info to the PHR
  12. 12. Overview - Remote Care Management1 The patient creates a Patient Portal Patient 1 account. Once created, they can request that their account be linked to their Patient Portal Alerts/Reminders Sunrise EMR record2 Once linked to the EMR Record, the Provider can assign a Care Plan for the patient using the Provider Portal. From home, the patient records their progress against their care plan using the Patient Portal Provider Portal3 At regular intervals, or at the initiation of the patient, a copy of the Patient’s progress against their care plan is pushed to Sunrise EMR and added as a Progress Note, tagged as ‘Patient Single Sign-on 3 4 5 Provided Data’ For Provider4 The Patient can request that a common set of 2 their data be pulled down to their Personal Health Record5 The Provider can request to be Alerted if specific Sunrise Acute Care data, or data meeting specific criteria is entered by Provider the patient. These alerts will result in an ‘Alert‘ 6 progress note being added to the EMR record, for action by the provider The Provider can view the Patient’s progress against their6 care plan by checking the progress notes in the Sunrise EMR
  13. 13. Technical IntegrationWe envisage that the following Helios SDK classes and methods will be utilized tofacilitate the integration:Functionality SDK Methods usedStore update of progress against care plan • PatientSelect.SetCurrentPatienttasks • Documents.SubmitProgressNoteStore alert on care plan item • PatientSelect.SetCurrentPatient • Documents.SubmitProgressNotePull down patient information • PatientSelect.SetCurrentPatient • PatientInfo.GetVisitHistory • ClinicalInfo.GetAllergies • ClinicalInfo.GetProblems • ClinicalInfo.GetMedicationsAuthentication A dedicated user will be created in Sunrise to be used to populate the EMR record with the Patient provided data • Authentication.Login • Authentication.Reauthenticate • Authentication.Logout
  14. 14. Go To Market Plans• Get Real currently has a well-established, active sales force that sells direct and through resellers• Target markets where InstantPHR can add value for Allscripts customers include, but are not limited to hospitals, hospital systems, providers and health information exchanges• Get Real Health uses an Annual SaaS pricing model which is based on a per user licensing model
  15. 15. Why InstantPHR?• Unique, innovative solution addressing universal healthcare needs• Completely flexible and customizable platform• Proven, effective consumer health platform• Time to deployment in weeks, not months• Platform can rapidly respond to organizations changing needs• Ability to create unique applications and user experiences for all stakeholders with one platform• Completely skinnable to match organizations brand look and feel• Multi-language and localization capable• Ability to seamlessly integrate with other Health Information SystemsOur video demonstrates how a patient can access their personal healthinformation from Allscripts’ EMR through our patient portal. It demonstrateshow data is transformed by our breadth of widgets to create care managementtools that enable collaboration between providers and patients via care plansand secure messaging. For a glimpse of InstantPHR click here! © 2012 – Get Real Health Proprietary and Confidential