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Once upon a time the world of

smartphone users was divided into two

distinct camps: the Blackberry-packing

white collared business executives, and

the iPhone-weilding, urban hipster...

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iStart - Top 10 iPhone Apps for business

  1. 1. Feature The Top 10 iPhone Apps for business Once upon a time the world of smartphone users was divided into two distinct camps: the Blackberry-packing white collared business executives, and the iPhone-weilding, urban hipster... I t was a well accepted fact then that the iPhone was the prisingly powerful business device. Accessing files, sophisticated domain of those creative types who appreciated aesthet- synching and collaboration software and the opportunity to ics over application, style over substance. The Blackberry have traditional desktop functionality in the palm of your hand on the other hand, was a specialty device that could per- are rapidly making the iPhone the indispensible ‘must-have’ form a great deal of business functions, but with little fun business tool for today’s mobile road-warrior and on-the-go CEO to be had outside the office with its no-nonsense, closed- alike. platform. So just what’s on offer to the business-person looking to cus- How times have changed. tomise their iOS experience? These days, even though the Apple iPhone is still best-known Read on to find out what iStart’s 10 handiest business apps for for doing a few things exceptionally well, the wealth of applica- iPhone can offer you... tions available from the iTunes appstore makes the iPhone a sur-76 Quarter Two 2012
  2. 2. 2. Analytics App If you’re the owner of a website you know that analytics is everything. That being the case, many of us want our analytic data wherever, whenever. Sure, Google Analytics is great for the desktop PC, but if you want your web stat information to be available on your mobile, your best bet is ‘Analytics App’, from Inbolsam. The Analytics App provides a wide range of Google Analytics reports right on your iPhone. Getting started is a breeze; just type in your1. WiFi Finder Google account credentials to gain access to 47 3. Quickoffice Mobile Office Suite It doesn’t matter how awesome that smart- different kinds of website reports, including the Wouldn’t it be great if the iPhone played a littlephone is, if you haven’t got an internet connec- super-convenient ‘today’ report that just shows bit nicer with Microsoft Word? Sure, if someonetion you’re not really in business. If you’re out and you your traffic stats for the last 24 hours without sends you a Word Doc via email you can read it,about, in the strange city or just an unfamiliar having to add in any further information. Plus, but unfortunately that’s all you can do. If you havepart of town, being able to find a free public WiFi you can even create custom reports for multiple to edit it, you’re just plain out of luck.connection is crucial. accounts. Quickoffice for iPhone is a handy solution to WiFi Finder is the handy solution. It works any- Price: US$6.99 this problem, offering users a way to view, editwhere in the world and will identify nearby WiFi and exchange Word Docs and Excel documentsconnections, whether you’re online or not. via the iPhone. The package is available for Features include: US$12.99, or you can purchase just the individual • Access to over 145,000 free WiFi locations Quickword and Quicksheet applications, cur-worldwide rently US$4.99 each. Alternatively, the cheaper • Filter by location type, such as cafe or library Documents 2 (US $3.99) offers a similar office • Phone numbers and address information suite, only with fewer features included. • Users can bookmark their favourite locations Price: US $12.99 • Best of all it’s free Price: FREE Quarter Two 2012 77
  3. 3. Feature // Top 10 iPhone Apps 4. ClockIn 6. Skype One of the burdens of freelance and contract When you need that one-to-one communica- work is the difficultly in accurately clocking your tion but can’t be there, nothing comes close to time spent on the job. Managing time sheets and Skype. Whether you need to video-chat with paperwork, and putting that into a format that will employees across town or business contacts on be appreciated by the person paying the bills can the other side of the world, Skype is the leader in be tricky at the best of times, and trickier when the field. you’re spending your days out in the field. In addition to all the functionality you expect Clockin is a simple program that allows you to with the PC-based version, the iPhone Skype app track time spent on projects with a few taps of the also allows you to: finger. You can punch in and out of jobs and the • Video call people via your IOS devices con- app can track your shifts among multiple clients. 5. Dropbox tact list Dropbox is a free service that lets you take all Current shift information is displayed at the top • Call any Skype contact for free via a valid WiFi your photos, docs, videos (or any other kind of of the screen and you can filter reports based on a connection or 3G file) anywhere. After you install Dropbox on your client’s details. • Text and call phones anywhere with Skype computer, any file you save into your Dropbox Managing multiple clients is easy, with the app Credit folder will automatically save to any other com- storing client information, such as name, website, • Enjoy near CD quality sound on your call puter, iPhone or iPad that you’ve loaded the soft- and email addresses along with hours worked. Plus lots more. ware onto, meaning you can browse, access and The information can then be easily exported in an Price: FREE copy any important file from anywhere you’ve Excel-compatible format that attaches to an email got an internet connection. that you can send to yourself or your employer. Files are automatically updated each time the Price: US $1.99 version changes, it’s easy to share files with your friends (simply send them the URL and they can download their own copy of the file), and if you lose your device, the contents of your Dropbox folder is still secure, no matter what. Price: FREE Quarter Two 2012
  4. 4. 8. iFax Use iFax to send an unlimited number of faxes from an iPhone for free. Use your iPhone to take photos then send the image as a fax. Pictures already in the photo library can also be attached to faxes. iFax offers a customizable cover page, includ- ing logos and signatures, that can be used as a template for all faxes, and users can add docu- ment text directly from the app interface. iFax also features:7. reQall • PDF and Document Integration - import from 9. Hootsuite reQall for iPhone is a free, downloadable appli- mail, upload or download from the web: PDF, Hootsuite is a great app that lets you plan andcation designed to make your iPhone the hub of DOC, XLS, JPG and other documents supported. execute campaigns across multiple social mediayour digital life. • Integration with Dropbox. Transfer documents platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and reQall captures tasks and ideas using your from Dropbox and include in your fax. Google+, as well as the social media aspects ofvoice or text, automatically organizes your infor- • Push-Notification Fax confirmations - real-time sites such as YouTube, Flickr and Tumblr, all frommation, integrates with your email and calendar, messages sent to the app with fax notifications a single, secure cloud-based dashboard.shares reminders with others and reminds you of and status updates. You can publish messages, monitor the conver-what you need to do. • Document Scanner technology - Crop and sations that follow, track results, and even trans- • Speak or type your reminders into your adjust brightness, sharpness etc to optimize late messages to and from over 50 languages, alliPhone; reQall will convert what you say to text images for faxing. from your iPhone.(up to 30 seconds recording time). Price: FREE You can also: • Get your items organized automatically. reQall • View your LinkedIn connections’ activityrecognizes dates and times (including recurring • Comment on posts in Facebook News Feeddates) and certain keywords. You can also create • Translate messages for Facebook and Twitteryour own categories and tags. • Schedule updates for future sending • Receive timely reminders via email or IM. In • Forward messages via emailaddition, reQall constantly displays a summary of • Examine message click statistics by datewhat you need to remember right now. • See which countries are clicking on your links • Share reminders with your friends, family and • Track user ratings for linksco-workers, using your iPhone’s contact list. Price: FREE • Call, email, or browse from within reQall items include phone numbers, email addresses,and URLs. • Connect anywhere your iPhone has a dataconnection, worldwide. If you work offline, reQallsyncs itself when you reconnect. Price: FREE Quarter Two 2012 79
  5. 5. Feature // Top 10 iPhone Apps Honourable mentions... 1. CamCard Lite CamCard is a professional business card reader and business card scanner. Simply take a picture of a business card, CamCard recognizes the card and saves contact information in Card Holder or your Address Book. Price: FREE 2. Roambi Roambi Analytics is another analytics app that quickly trans- forms your business reports and data – from many popular busi- ness applications – into intuitive and engaging mobile analytics, instantly delivered to any iPhone or iPad. It lets you easily view and interact with your company’s latest information – giving you the insight you need for on-the-go analysis, impromptu presentations and smart decision-making – while in the office, or on-the-move. Price: FREE 3. Straight to Voicemail Finally, an app that lets you make that dreaded phone call to your boss, wife, girlfriend, co-worker or parent without having to speak to them. Want to cancel that meeting, but dont want to speak one-on- one? sTv is perfect for you. Price: US$1.99 10. LinkedIn No list of the best business apps for iPhone would be complete without at least of mention of LinkedIn. The LinkedIn app gives you easy access 4. Call Recording Pro to the popular, business-oriented social-network- Call recording Pro lets you record incoming and outgoing calls ing site with just the touch of a few buttons. anywhere in the world. As soon as you hang up the line, an MP3 The easy-to-use interface gives you a search download link is sent to you. Simple genius. bar, invite button, and all the other important Price: US $2.99 functionality of LinkedIn, allowing you to read the latest industry news, keep up-to-date with your groups, and share content with your network from anywhere in the world. Set up is made easy too with clever sync- ing. You can quickly transfer the names, email addresses, and photos of your LinkedIn connec- 5. Angry birds tions directly into your iPhone address book all at Long flights, boring meetings, you name it, Angry Birds has mul- the touch of a button. tiple uses across a range of business applications. Price: FREE Price: US$0.99 Quarter Two 2012