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Analysis Consulting Overview: Hawk Ridge Systems

  1. Webinar Wednesday eDemo: Analysis Consulting Overview Christopher Ma Lead Analysis Services Engineer
  2. Agenda § Introductions § Why Analysis? § What Can Hawk Ridge Systems Offer? § Analysis Consulting Overview § What are the Steps in an Analysis Consulting Project? § Analysis Consulting Benefits § Summary and Closing Remarks
  3. Introductions § Christopher Ma, Lead Analysis Services Engineer § 5 years with Hawk Ridge Systems, Majority Spent Focusing on SolidWorks Simulation § B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from UC Santa Barbara § M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from UCLA § CSWE, CSWP, Elite Applications Engineer § Jared Conway, Analysis Services Manager § 9 years with Hawk Ridge Systems, Majority Spent Focusing on COSMOS/SolidWorks Simulation § B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Manitoba § P.Eng registered in Manitoba, Canada § Paolo Olmos, Analysis Services Engineer § 3 years with Hawk Ridge Systems, Majority Spent Focusing on SolidWorks Simulation § B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from San Jose State University § CSWE, CSWP
  4. Why Analysis? § Solve problems that can’t easily be calculated by hand. § Reduce the number of prototypes that need to be built and the number of physical tests that need to be run. § Iterate on various design ideas quickly, at a lower cost. § Learn more about your product than you can with physical testing. § Accelerate your product design cycle. § Every business has a product that can be improved (faster, stronger, lighter, cheaper, etc.)
  5. Analysis Products SolidWorks Simulation Premium SolidWorks Simulation Professional Static Frequency & Buckling Thermal Drop Test Fatigue Nonlinear (static & dynamic) Motion Simulation Optimization Pressure Vessel Harmonic Random Vibration Time History Composites Flow Simulation HVAC Module Electronic Cooling Response Spectra Sustainability Plastics
  6. Why Outsource Your Analysis? § Factors include: § Time, Cost, Resources (People and Hardware/Software), Knowledge, Frequency of Use, etc.
  7. What Can Hawk Ridge Systems Offer? § Hawk Ridge Systems Analysis Services § Extension of our long running training and technical support offering, plus the addition of analysis outsourcing. § HRS analysis services is a seamless extension of your engineering/design team. We are available when you need us, for as long as you need us. We will find you a solution that meets all of your needs. § Services offered: § Analysis Consulting § One-on-one Training/Mentoring § Custom Training § General Consulting
  8. What Can Hawk Ridge Systems Offer? § Extensive experience in mechanical engineering and the application of SolidWorks Simulation software. § Services offered for all SolidWorks Simulation products, including Flow Simulation and SolidWorks Plastics. § Flexible and Efficient
  9. Analysis Consulting Service § Leverage the engineering and analysis expertise, experience, and resources of our team to execute your analysis. § Look at current designs, design ideas, trends, and/or optimization § Great option for customers who have projects that are on schedule, or behind schedule. Mentoring Training/ Custom Training Consulting Any Daily Infrequently AheadBehind
  10. Steps in the Analysis Consulting Process Discovery Scope Development Scope Signoff Service Review and Final Results Customer Signoff § Project-Based, or Hourly Billing § Competitive Rates § 10 Business Day Turnaround, Priority Service Available
  11. Analysis Consulting Benefits § Cost § Great option for customers who use analysis infrequently. § Zero hardware upgrade costs. § Zero training costs. § Time § Looming deadlines? § Zero learning curve for the customer. § More experience, less wasted time. § Dedicated hardware, optimized for analysis.
  12. § Resources § Don’t have to stretch your personnel resources. § Long Term Goals § We use the same software we sell. § File sets can be provided. § We can mentor you on how we setup your analyses, and why. Analysis Consulting Benefits
  13. Promotions § 25% of consulting fees cash-back towards license purchase § 25% off of your mentoring session if you purchase analysis consulting service § 15% on Simulation Quick-Start Bundle, includes training and mentoring
  14. Closing Remarks § Who do I contact for more information? § Analysis Services § Christopher Ma -, 650-230-7019 § Jared Conway –, 650-230-7006 § Software § Your local sales rep,, or our toll free numbers § Free Analysis Consultation § More information on our website,
  15. Hawk Ridge Systems Analysis Services email: phone: 650.230.7019 New & Existing Recorded Webinars: Thank you for attending! Your Name Your Title 877.266.4469 US 866.587.6803 CAN