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P 0 initial ideas


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P 0 initial ideas

  1. 1. Ramona Reed – who’s in the fashion industry becomes friends with Aaron Harriswho played for LA Lakers but has recently moved to the UK , on the very popular socialnetwork (twitter). They develop a good friendship over the internet, skyping, phone calls. Aarondecides it’s time to meet Ramona in person, after several dates they come to the conclusion totake their friendship to the next level becoming boyfriend and girlfriend. After two years beingtreated to the finest things. Aaron decides to propose to her, even though Ramona is surprisedby this quick proposal still agrees to marry him due to the fact she trusts him and loves him.However, Ramona does not know that Aaron has a dark side to him and soon the stuff thatattracted him to her start to intimidate him like her care free natural, the money she makes andher beauty; he starts to abuse her on daily bases mentally and physically. Having to find outthat the man she has fallen in love with isn’t what he seemed to be at first, she tries to findways to escape from this horror however doesn’t know that Aaron is aware of every move shemakes. One night while Aaron is fast asleep Ramona decides it’s time to run away having topack her important stuff into backpack early the day, she picks it up and runs to the wood,thinking Aaron wouldn’t have a chance to there, few minutes later Aaron wakes up to use thetoilet, Realising Ramona has disappeared he starts to panic that she will go the police andexpose him, he assumes that she hasn’t got far and looks out the window, surprisely seesRamona running towards the woods. He picks up a cricket bat chases her into the night, asshe running away from her insane husband, she hears foot steps and runs faster soon the footsteps noises become quite and Ramona decides to catch her breath, when Suddenly a handthat doesnt belong to Aaron covers her mouth, dragging her body across the woods. A whilelater we see Aaron standing at the same spot that Ramona was dragged from, he screams forRamona to come out, he promises to not hurt her but that’s all a lie as his intention are to killher./Thriller.
  2. 2. Narrative: Twin sisters; (Bella and Mia) take a trip downmemory lane by going through childhood pictures. Bella isphysically disabled and was born with a condition that meansshe needs to use a wheelchair while Mia is normal teenagerwith the perfect social life, one Bella desperately dreams of.Instantly, Bella gets upset and flips out at Mia and sees life asunfair. Hurt by the words spoken by her caring, harmlesssister, Mia storms out the house to meet a mysteries friendwho teaches her how to exclude people out of their miserablelife and also ways to play psychological mind games with hertwin, which eventually build up to her death because Miabelieves that her sister is suffering and it is best for her to die. Psychological Thriller.
  3. 3.  Storyline; Meet Ciara Connor, by day is a friendly forensics worker at the metropolitan police officer but by night has a complete different personality, showing her true colours. In reality Ciara is a obedience and homicidal pyscho and she satisfy her blood desires at night by killing the serial killers she tracks down during the day. While dealing with her boss and daily routine, one day receives a letter at work being challenged by a unknown man which leads her life to be turned upside down. This unknown man wants Ciara to play games with her and Ciara is very fervent to take part.