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Gun crazy draft


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Gun crazy draft

  1. 1. Galloway 1Morgan GallowayMr. McNeilENG 110120 October 2012 Gun CrazyI will prove that Bart is a good man who is changed by the evils of guns and women.Bart finds his dream woman and will do anything to keep her. The couple bothdisplays great skill with guns but this only produces danger and pain. Money is thedriving force in their endeavors due to Laurie’s lust for money and the luxury life.They both turn to crime to the get money that she needs. Laurie influences Bart’sdecisions and makes most of the decisions involving bank robberies and small sidejobs. Bart cannot say no when it comes to Laurie’s wants. He doesn’t want committhese crimes and ultimately she is the cause of their capture and death. Bart meets the women of his dreams in a circus tent who can shoot almost asbest as he can. He is immediately attracted to this skill and has to know more abouther. He tries to meet with her but their boss Packett says he owns her but the twowill have nothing to do with it and they run away together. They get married and goon their honeymoon and spend all their money. Laurie is forced to sell her weddingring, which is where the Laurie realizes that she wants a good life. She gives Bart anultimatum. He mustbe willing to steal or rob to get what she wants or she will leavehim. She uses her charm to entice Bart to do the deed and is the beginning of theirimmediate end. Laurie knows that Bart doesn’t want to do this but doesn’t carebecause of her need for the finer things in life. Laurie becomes the leader when it
  2. 2. Galloway 2comes to the robberies she also shows her capability to kill as she almost shoots acop. There is one incident where Bart has to shoot at a cop car but feels like can’t, ashe cannot kill anything after the incident in his youth. He killed a chick by shooting itwhen he was young and since then he has never able to shoot anything at a livingbeing. When Bart says he wants to stop Laurie convinces him to do one last job toset them up for life. As the job progresses Laurie shows her homicidal streak onceagain killing her office manager and a security guard. Bart asks her about but shelies and Bart is deceived until he sees a newspaper saying they are killers. He takesthe blame for this showing Laurie’s dominance over him. Bart and Laurie arediscovered once again and they are forced to retreat his sister’s house. In the endthey are running in the swamps and surrounded. Laurie fearful shooting comes outagain and she begins to shoot at Bart’s friends. It is then that Bart is forced to decideto keep his friends alive or Laurie. He finally makes the decision to shoot Laurie whocauses the cops surrounding them to shoot and Bart is killed. In the Bart could notshoot a single living thing until the very person he loves most threatens his friends. Guns are a comforting presence from the beginning of his life to the end. Hehas to have one on him all times, which he feels is his most prized possession. Heeven steals one in his teens because he wants it so badly. Bart never has much afather figure in his life, which brings up the question of why he so desperately needsto have gun. He feels that the gun is sort of authoritative figure which boy needs.This progresses into his future as he goes into the army teaching men to shoot. Heeven extends this into his occupation by selling Remington guns and ammo. Whenhe meets Laurie he knows that she feels this same love and is instantly attracted.
  3. 3. Galloway 3Even through the robberies he constantly uses guns to get what he wants. Gunsaren’t always an evil influence on Bart’s life they are beneficial to his mental healthand what keeps him going. Whatever the direction that guns are taking him Bart willalways follow it wherever it takes him good or bad. His lifelong fixation on guns inturn is his demise as he is gunned down while killing the love of his life ironicallywith a gun. Guns are what rules over his life; he knows how to shoot very well anduses this skill everywhere he goes. Laurie’s influence on Bart is definitely not in his best interest as all the thingsthat they get in trouble is because of Laurie. Laurie hasn’t always been a negativeinfluence on Bart. They both have similar interests primarily surrounding guns andtheir love for one another. When money becomes an issue is when Laurie begins toexhibit her dangerous ways. She will steal and kill to get what she wants which isnothing that Bart wants to have a part of. But she uses her charm to persuade him todo these things. Laurie definitely uses Bart as a way to get the money she mostdesperately covets. Laurie will risk anything to get the money she wants like whenthey had to get away on their last robbery she kills two people unnecessarily. Sheeven decides to flaunt her ill-gotten gains in public. Even when they are on the brinkof getting away her want for the finer things in life is the cause of their discoveryand the loss of their money. When they are out of her element and running throughthe woods Laurie lets Bart takeover and lead where Bart finally shows somedominance. Bart’s obsession with guns is the chief influence on his life with his wifeLaurie being the second. When Laurie presents Bart with the ultimatum he initially
  4. 4. Galloway 4pulls away but due to his love for her and guns he cannot stop himself fromcommitting these crimes. It is this combination of the things he holds close to hisheart that is the cause compromise with Laurie. As the complexity of the robberiescontinues Bart becomes increasingly torn by these decisions. He is never able to killuntil the very woman he loves threatens the well being of his friends. Bart has anunhealthy fixation on guns that leads to this. Even with training in reform schooland some time in the army he still is able to commit these crimes. Which is veryunsettling to know that all this training did nothing to stop what the judgesentenced him to stop from happening. Even when he realizes that what he is doingis wrong he cannot help himself from being persuaded by Laurie. At one point whenthe couple has a plan to split for a while to help from not being caught they cannothelp but stay together because of their love for one another. Their love reachesdangerous levels as they able to kill to protect from one another. Before meeting Laurie Bart showed real promise. He had just finished thearmy and reform school and was on pace to have a steady job. But when he meet herhe did get a job but this was temporary because he got fired because of his love her.Also when they got married and went on their honeymoon they spent all theirmoney causing the situation that started all of it. Bart meeting Laurie was a blessingand a curse where he meets the love of his life and the cause of his life crime. Laurieis the definition of a manipulative femme fataleof the most dangerous kind. Theirrelationship is at best self-destructive with Laurie being the cause of it all. Bart’sobsession with guns tends to reach dangerous levels when unchecked.For exampleas Bart aged this fixation with guns reached a point where he was able steal from a
  5. 5. Galloway 5hardware store. He also brought another a gun he carried to school and when askedto give it up refused. Afterwards it was off to reform school and the army wherenothing like this ever happened again until when he was released into society wherethe influences took him over the edge. As time went by he eventually fell into armedrobbery, fleeing the police, and murder leading to the thought of if he is stableenough to be admitted into society. With this Bartdestructive personality is mostcertain tied to his love of guns. Money is often a problem that many people but with Bart and Laurie it ismore it’s an unhealthy want that consumes their life. When Bart and Laurie in thebeginning they have no problems but when they use all of it is a major turn aroundthat begins their journey into a life of crime. Some say that money is the root of allevil which is very true when it comes to Laurie’s true wants. She is willing to use herhusband the man who she loves into robbing small stores for money. Money issomething that Bart never really has a problem with until he marriesLaurie and issomething that is a continuing theme throughout his time with her. Throughouttheir time together Laurie makes questionable decisions concerning how they spendtheir money and Bart goes along with it. After the last robbery they buy some niceclothes and go out for dancing and the fair. To their surprise which they’reshouldn’thave been they are found out and are forced to leave without the money they justrisked everything for. Bart was a good man on the start of a great life before guns; money and avery manipulative woman influence him to perform armed robbery and othercrimes for money. When Bart first sees Laurie he is in love with her style and her
  6. 6. Galloway 6skill with guns, which is a great interest to Bart. When she gives him an ultimatum torob stores for money or she will leave him, he agrees halfheartedly but cannot helphimself but do it. The couple both has great skill with guns but this only producesdanger and pain. Laurie is influences all of Bart’s decisions, which is the cause of thebank robberies and the murders. Bart doesn’t want to commit these crimes but dueto his unyielding love for Laurie he cannot help himself. In all the couple have adangerous level of love that causes their own self-destruction.