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Author Alex tempera


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Alex Tempera ... Erotica author specializing in writing stories pertaining to BDSM romances or M/M romances.

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Author Alex tempera

  1. 1. Alex Tempera Erotica Author:
  2. 2. “Waiting For Superman”
  3. 3. Waiting for Superman Kylie Wilcox’s husband, Ian, died over a year ago, but yet, Kylie keeps waiting for him to come home. His body, having never have been recovered, she awaits the day that she can put him to rest. Kylie inherited her husband’s concierge, staff, and BDSM club, club Olympus . Kylie was Hera to Ian’s Zeus, but he was always her superman, her Dom, her greatest love. Kylie has to learn how to go from sub to Domme in order to prevent the loss of Ian’s business. Desperate to not lose any more pieces of Ian, she asks her husband’s best friend and partner – Sloane Carrington to help her become more dominant. She even takes on her own sub, her concierge – Brock Kitteridge. Are the two men enough for her to fill in the void left by Ian, or will she continue to wait forever? Available on paperback or kindle at
  4. 4. “Broken Walls”
  5. 5. Broken Walls Mick Lancelot is a police officer in his hometown of the very small town, Broken Bridge. Ryan Jordon is the Fire Chief, who recently moves to Broken Bridge. One look and the connection was there but … both Mick and Ryan have built up walls around their hearts. Brick walls. With pasts that haunt them, can the two turn a one-night stand into something more than friendship and sex, and yeah, scotch? As bricks fall from the walls, more are built back up. Can they save each other from not only their hurtful exes from the past, but the pushing and pulling of their heart? Will the walls around their hearts finally crumble and be open to each other, or will it become a lifetime of armor? Available on paperback or kindle at
  6. 6. Intent
  7. 7. Intent Andrea Love tries to break away from a vicious ex and learn the truth about a BDSM lifestyle. Lies from her ex, lead her to the Mastery Shadows club and into the arms of two stunning subs. Andrea becomes a Domme over night, especially when she tries to put her past behind her. Enter, ex-lover Jack, owner of the club, also known as Master J. Andrea finds herself more confused than ever, with controlling her regular life and wanting to be a sub in the other life, but who will show her the way? Andrea puts her trusts into a man she's hated and loved for years. Will it be Master J or Master Peter that teach her how to put faith in herself and her sub capabilities? Available on paperback or kindle at
  8. 8. “club Olympus”
  9. 9. Club Olympus club Olympus isn’t a typical BDSM club, nor are the partners who own the club. In this stunning sequel to “Waiting for Superman”, the club partners are more exposed than ever. It’s not just one life on the line, but all of partners, unless they can find the answer behind the threat. This threat hits home when it affects the club directly. The partners have to deal with their own personal issues, and their choice of subs or would-be submissives. The masters of club Olympus search within their hearts and come to terms with not only the threat on their lives but also how it affects their personal life and arrangements with their subs. Who becomes the ultimate target and will this pull the partners together or break their intimate bonds forever? RELEASE DATE OCTOBER 1 2014 PRE-RELEASE ORDERS AVAILABLE Available on paperback or kindle at
  10. 10. “Chance Encounter”
  11. 11. Chance Encounter Charles “Chance” Endicott is a Police Chief of small town, Round River, who likes to also go on patrol with his officers. Though confident in his job, he lacks self-esteem when it comes to looking at himself in the mirror. A painful past broke him down and he doubts his worth as a man, as a person. Evan Manetti is a lawyer who wants to get away from the big city life as a partner in a lucrative law firm to settle down and open his own practice in Round River. Oh, yeah, he’s also the town’s new Mayor. And he’s trying to keep his past as far away from him as possible. One encounter paves the way for a formidable friendship that gives them the basis for what both men truly need – love and each other. Release date November 1 2014 Available on paperback or kindle at
  12. 12. Coming soon …. I, Mistress