Media studies starting questionair


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Media studies starting questionair

  1. 1. Jake austin<br />
  2. 2. Gcse results<br />Core<br />English literature- B <br />English language- C<br />Maths- A<br />Science- B<br />Additional science- B <br />Philosophy and ethics- B<br />Options<br />Music- C<br />Creative and media diploma: <br />Artefact- C<br />Campaign- B<br />Festival- C<br />Scene- B<br />Record- A <br />Project- B<br />Performance- C<br />
  3. 3. HOBBIES<br /><ul><li> I play the drums
  4. 4. I enjoy watching films
  5. 5. I am interested in animation and enjoy watching animated short films
  6. 6. Music
  7. 7. Finding new music</li></li></ul><li>Media interests:<br />Print media<br />Personally I don’t read much although I do usually look up film reviews when I want to watch a film and see what looks good.<br />I prefer reading up on the news on the internet because I find it easier to access.<br />I read music magazines sometimes such as nme however I do not buy magazines or read many magazines.<br />
  8. 8. Media interests:<br />Music industry<br />I don't really have a favourite genre as my music taste is rather articulate however a few of my favourite genres would be blues, reggae, rock and folk. My favourite song is Wish you were here- Pink Floyd.<br />Although I play the drums I am not in a band.<br />Most of the music I listen to is through last fm on the internet or through my iTunes. I believe that music should be free to listen to and download because I don't believe music should be about the money however I don't download my music illegally.<br />The music industry has a strong influence on peoples attitudes, aspirations and dress sense such as punk music came about with a whole punk movement and when blues first came about with the music inspiring people to work and to keep people in high spirits despite the situation people were in such as blues originated from slaves in the the slave trade.<br />
  9. 9. Media interests:<br />Video games<br />I don't really have a favourite game although I would have to say halo.<br />Some video games to someone without there own fully developed moral values could get to in to a game such of call of duty and start believing that war is something fun as they enjoy playing the game however I think playing games is alright as long as you don’t waste your life away on them and don't take them seriously.<br />
  10. 10. Media interests:<br />New technology<br />New technology has meant that people can now get in contact with pretty much anyone fast in many different way with very little effort. New technology helps to do things that before would not have been possible. I watch a lot of films online which saves me a lot of money.<br />New technology allows us to gather pretty much most information we could need.<br />
  11. 11. Media interests:<br />television<br />I don’t really like watching TV and I haven't got a favourite genres other than films and my favourite genre is actually documentaries. I enjoy watching the adverts on TV and my favourite advert was the advert for the good for everyone campaign.<br />The most memorable TV to me would be when the tidal wives hit Thailand and probably eastenders cause my mum always watches it. <br />
  12. 12. Media interests:<br />Feature film<br />My favourite film genre is probably anime such as the films by studio gibly but it depends entirely on what I fancy watching. I really enjoy watching films about zombies for some reason I really enjoy them.<br />Three films I find outstanding:<br />Pulp fiction, the nightmare before christmas, and inception.<br />I prefer watching films at the cinema but however because it costs so much I watch most my films on the TV or online.<br />Vue is my favourite cinema because it very near my house.<br />I think whether I prefer watching films alone or with people depends on the film.<br />
  13. 13. Media interests: Are you a <br />media producer?<br />On my diploma I was involved in on stage performances, organizing and running a festival, putting on an expedition and making the sculptures for it, producing a short film/video of a chat show and making a few animations using different techniques such as claymation, stop motion animation and whiteboard animation.<br />This is one of my animations and my first attempt at whiteboard animation.<br />
  14. 14. conclusion<br />The programme louistheroux the world's most hated family I find very offending as the views of the of the church in the show are horrible.<br />The song jay brannan- goddammed helped me develop my own opinion about religion and got me interested in philosophy.<br />If I was asked to construct a something to communicate to people the condition of England I would use animation.<br />I chose media studies as an option because I have always enjoyed media and on my diploma I learnt a lot about things to do with media and learnt skills that I think will benefit me on the gcse and as I enjoyed the diploma I thought I would carry on media.<br />