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  1. 1. RESUMEHari RavipatiHoseno-10,Snowhouse building, harikrishna.rayapati@gmail.comSalaiyur, Mobile: +91- 9092499914/ +91-9000682984chennai -73OBJECTIVE: To seek a challenging job in the field of engineering which offers an opportunity to grow and also bea part of the team in achieving organization’s objective.EDUCATIONAL PROFILE: Discipline/ University/ School/ Year of % of S.No Examination Specialization Board College passing Marks G.V.R&S Electrical&ele Nagarjuna 1. B.Tech College of Engg 2007-2011 80.3% ctronics University & Tech Board of Narayana 2. Intermediate MPC Intermediate Junior College 2005-2007 92.5% AP Ongole. Board of A.P.R.S BC 3. High School SSC Secondary 2004-2005 88.3% (Boys) kota. EducationTECHNICAL PROFILE: Programming Languages : core java, advance Java, C, and C++. Web Technologies : HTML, JavaScript Java Based Web Technologies : Servlets, JSP Data Bases : Oracle 11g Data Base Query Languages : SQL & PL./SQL Web Server : Tomcat GUI Applications : AWT, Applets, Swings IDEs : Eclipse, MyEclipse, Jbuilder Build Automation Tool : ANT, Maven Logging Tool : Log4J Version Controlling Tool : CVS, SVN Unit Testing Tool : JUnit, HttpUnit Operating System : MS-DOS, Windows, Linux Testing Tools : ManualSTRENGTHS:  Good interpersonal and communication skills.  Ability to work either independently or in a team environment.  Ability to work under pressure, stress and meet deadlines
  2. 2. ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENTS  secure 2ND Rank in s.s.c. in school level  Got 1st rank in EEE Branch in Engineering.  Secure prizes in technical quiz competitions.ACTIVITIES:  Participation in quiz and Talent Tests  Participation in NCC in school level with A-Certificate  Class representative (CR) in engineering  Paper presentation given in Universal College of Engg&tech  Interacting with PeopleHOBBIES:  Watching movies, playing cricket and volley ball.PROJECT DETAILS:Project # 1(Final Year Project as part of B.Tech (EEE) curriculum)Title : Enhancement of voltage quality in an isolated power systemCollege : G.V.R&S College of engg&technologyRole : LeaderSoftware : Matlab 7.80 versionDescription: The main aim of this project is to maintain power quality in an isolated power systems against sudden changes in loads and any faults which are due to environmental effects..We can reduce voltage sags and voltage swells by maintaining constant voltage levels at load terminals By using dynamic voltage restorer (DVR) we can reduce the voltage swells and voltage sags .My main aim is to maintain power quality from sending end to receive end while transferring power from source end to load end. By using matlab simulation software we can understand the power quality of this project. By running circuit diagram in matlab simulink we can see the variation of voltage levels and power quality. The wave forms are clearly shown the voltage qualityResponsibilities:  Involved in designing the project documentation as a team lead  Involved in designing the power point presentation  Involved in designing the circuit diagrams of the project  Takecare of all my team members and given guidance to them
  3. 3. Project # 2(As part of B.Tech curriculum)MINI PROJECT:Title : Automatic load sharing of transformer with protective analysisTeam size: 5 membersRole : LeaderDescription: The main aim of this project is protection of transformer Against heavy loads which are suddenly applied on that particular transformer. No transformer can with stand against that load if the load rating exceeds the transformerpower rating. By the parallel coupling of transformers only can bear the heavy loads in the industries. Forparalleling of two transformers their ratings must be same. For the protection of this type arrangement Relays and Circuit Breakers are more useful.This arrangement protects the load sharing of transformers.Responsibilities:  Involved in designing the project documentation as a team lead  Involved in designing the power point presentation  Involved in designing the circuit diagrams of the project  Takecare of all my team members and given guidance to themINDUSTRIAL VISITS:  Vijayawada thermal power station (VTPS) in Vijayawada.  Kumar pump sets in Tenali.PERSONAL PROFILE: Fathers Name : Ragaswamy Ravipati Date of Birth : 2nd March, 1990 Gender : Male Marital Status : Single Nationality : Indian Languages Known : Telugu and English Permanent Address : Ragaswamy ravipati, Nethivaripalem (post), Kondapi (mandal), Prakasam District, Andhra Pradesh.523271I hereby declare that the information furnished above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.Date:Place: (HARI RAVIPATI)