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Shoestring presentation lbj


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Shoestring presentation lbj

  1. 1. The goal of Marketing on a Shoestring is topresent clients with qualified leads. This is not a sales program but rather a marketing push.
  2. 2. SBE’s database andmarketing methods deliverprospects to whom the SBEclients can sell their goodsand services.
  3. 3. Benefits of “Marketing on a Shoestring Budget” include… • Reduction of cold calls, saving time and money • Assistance in prioritizing sales calls and introductions to specific markets based upon whom you want to reach. • A well-trained and experienced telemarketing staff dedicated to clearly communicating your message. • Computer generated reports identifying interested prospects • Targeted, prescreened leads • Print and electronic advertising.
  4. 4. Customization options include, but are not limited to: • Press Releases • Site Linking • Customized Reports • Message Design/Layout • Ad Placement in Alternate Publications • Spot Announcement on Louisiana Business Journal Radio Show
  5. 5. With the utilization of the key 4-step marketingprocess, Marketing on a Shoestring Budget can be customized to fit unique marketing needs. Delivery of Advertising Computer Follow-up your message in SBE print & calls via generated via fax or electronic telephone reports email publications
  6. 6. Contact SBE for details on how Marketing on a Shoestring can meet your marketing needs. 703 Market Street, Suite 1000  San Francisco, CA 94103 (800) 800-8534  