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Written Essay - A2 Photography Proposal

  1. 1. Hannah Rewbury A2 Photography Proposal Documentary PhotographyFor my first project of the A2 year I have decided to do something more challenging, with myconfidence of various techniques and skills being built from the first year, for example pinholephotography, film techniques, darkroom skills and Photoshop features. With a wide decidedtheme of documentary photography, it will allow me to explore and expand various ideas andexperiment with the different ways in which “personalities” are expressed through bodyfeatures and style. As I develop through this independent study onto the second half of myproject, I hope to advance on from the first half into more depth within the second halfdeveloping fresh techniques that I will have learnt during workshops within class such asliquid emulsion, selenium toning, flashing, and a variety of film formats.My first idea to begin the project is to revisit the basics of photography through expanding myknowledge of pinhole photography by creating a 360 degrees pinhole. I will do this bytransforming a round tin to make a pinhole camera through various stages, for examplemaking the Pinholes and also a round barrel within the centre of the camera to attach thepaper (explanation of stages within sketchbook). My aim is to document people’s feet, byplacing the tin within a crowded area and documenting not only their style but also theirwhereabouts throughout the day.Justin Quinnell is a professional pinhole photographer who often visits the college and I hopeto receive some information, facts and feedback about the creation of my pinhole camera andmy images. After a visit within AS photography last year Justin Quinnell showed us a portfolioof his own images and the different angles and paths that images can be created throughpinhole photography. Here are some examples of his work… This is what I love about pinhole photography, the idea that you can capture an image with amazing quality through something as simple as a beer can. These are examples of Justin Quinnells work; I really like the image of his foot next to the Clifton Bridge, and may develop this idea.However I also want to get more use out of the college studio, experimenting with variouslighting techniques suiting and matching the main feature within the composition. An idea Ihave for this style of photography would to be document different peoples shoes. This wouldrelate well to my initial idea of expressing people’s personalities through an angle of fashion.With the use of the studio and a range of cameras I would like to experiment with large formatfilm, enabling the maximum quality to be shown within my images.With an upcoming trip to Bristol visiting Martin Parr’s exhibition at the M Shed gallery, thiswould be a perfect opportunity to collect information first hand about documentaryphotography especially when viewing Martin Parr’s style and techniques within his images.
  2. 2. Hannah Rewbury After visiting the exhibition I would like to create my own images within the style of this photographer, taking my digital camera around the city of Bristol documenting people around the city. This would give me a range of images to edit using the programme Photoshop, enhancing my images to the way that I feel an audience viewing my images should feel, complimenting the personality expressed by the subject within the composition of the image.The two images above are images taken by the photographer Martin Parr. These two imagesare two of my favorites, with the reason being the relation to my project about documentingpeople’s personalities. Both images may look simple, however they allow the audience toview their personalities mainly in a comical way. With all of these ideas I want to experiment with various techniques within the darkroom process with tonners such as sepia and selenium as well as weak bleach helping to tweak my images enabling contrast to be added and a slightly over exposed print to be corrected slightly. I will demonstrate within my sketchbook my experimentations as well as my development in ideas from various photographers that I like the style of giving my own interpretation. After viewing and researching the photographer Steve Pike, I really like the idea of combing portraiture with documentary photography. With this I would combine the portraits of various peoples faces with a feature that expresses a lot of things about that persons personality and life. A feature that I am considering is the hands, by photographing the hands of a person a lot can be said or interpreted about the person. This is one of my strongest ideas and something that I will hopefully develop by capturing the face and hands of various people that I will pick randomly on the street. This way I will have a variety of different ages, genders and most of all personalities. I would like to capture this through the use of the Bronica camera a medium format film, enabling quality to be given to the image, allowing me to extend my uses within the darkroom. With various workshops being held within my classes I hope to develop the ideas taught and shown relating them back to my idea and theme. For example one of the main focuses within the A2 year is the demonstration of both medium and large format film as well as the way the cameras function. With all of this information enabling processed and documented within my sketchbook I want to expand this knowledge and practice using the cameras and the film.
  3. 3. Hannah RewburyInterim ProposalWithin the first half of my independent study I explored various ideas and techniquesdocumenting peoples personalities and lifestyles in different ways, for example capturingvarious shoes and feet through the use of my 360 pinhole that I created, however afterexperimenting with this idea I felt that its not what I wanted and so therefore looked atcombing portraits of peoples faces with their hands, to express not only their status but alsotheir personalities and features. I found this particularly interesting especially when using theBronica Medium format camera as it allowed me to capture more detail within my images,and allowed me to expand my uses within the darkroom, without loosing detail. With 2 rolesof medium format film shot within the 1st half of the project it allowed me to explore varioustechniques to either improve my images or add a different look complimenting them such asweak bleaching, selenium toning and liquid emulsion.Ideas for my new project are to extend the idea of documenting people and theiroccupation/status’s, as well as looking at body features and how they are used within thatoccupation. For example a mechanic photographing a mechanics face and hands would createinteresting images documenting their lifestyle. However I also want to explore with how bodyfeatures are used such as “hands” through sign language documenting how peoplecommunicate with their hands. Again I want to develop some of the techniques that I learntwithin the first half of the project as well as learning new techniques through thedevelopment of my project.A photographer that I studied within the first half the project and that is still relevant to mysecond half is John Coplans. I really like his work and he is a photographer who I can relate toin terms of the images I want to create through using the body. Here are some examples of hiswork…John Coplans Images… I like how this image on the left has an abstract look to it, with the hands in an unusual position. However it allows the audience to view and see a different perspective of the body and how unusual it can be. I also like the fact that it is black and white with a suitable amount of contrast complimenting the hands, with the lines and wrinkles being defined more.With this image I like again how unusual itlooks, and how it is documenting theperson. Straight away the audience is able toidentify their personality just through thecharacteristics shown in various unusualabstract ways. Also the knees are a rent acommon feature for people to talk about likehands and feet and so this again adds moreinterest to the audience minds.
  4. 4. Hannah RewburyAs I like the style of the Artist and Photographer John Coplans I decided to start off the secondhalf of my project by photographing body features of hands and feet to begin exploring thistopic. Below are some of my images that I shot digitally using a halogen light on a white linensheet. I used a Canon 1000D DLSR with my uncle being my model.Here are some examples of my images and also an explanation to how I edited them…
  5. 5. Hannah RewburyHere I have edited the image to black and white, by taking the hue down, as well as adjustingthe levels and adding lots of contrast in the style of John Coplans. I also cropped the image tothe main feature.The second image shown is my favorite image, with an obscure angle and a focal point of theupper hand it gives the hand a large perspective. The advantage of using the halogen light wasthe fact that it gave a directional light allowing shadows to be created. This was somethingthat I wanted to achieve as it doesn’t give the image a studio looking affect and allows a morenatural lighting to be shown. Also by using the bed linen it allowed texture to be identifiedcomplimenting the creases and wrinkles in the hand. I also shot a range of other images usingthe same model, however I will show these in my sketchbook later on.My next step is to maybe bring in some people to photograph within the studio or using thestyle with the halogen light that I used with the images above, such as the real life model usedwithin the art department. I also want to explore more with the technique of liquidemulsion/liquid light and I have thought of various materials that would compliment thetexture of the hands to print on such as a potato sack.