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Handshake Marketing Case Studies Compilation Pdf


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A short presentation of prior case study examples of handshake Marketing expertise.

Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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Handshake Marketing Case Studies Compilation Pdf

  1. 1. Select Case Studies Marketing & Business Development find · act · succeed · refine Copyright 2010, Confidential Property of handshake Marketing · · 516-767-9394
  2. 2. handshake Case Studies Behaviorally defined targets proven to reduce acquisition cost… PGE CA (Avg CPU = $26.94) Client High CPU/ No Below Avg CPU Units Total # of ZIPs 442 594 TV Spend $172,805.27 $291,354.80 News Spend $287,653.15 $404,492.45 Total Spend $460,458.42 $695,847.25 Total Units 28,977 13,950 % Improvement Avg CPU $15.89 $49.88 314% Total HHs 2,229,802 3,181,676 Core "Key" HHs 696,694 624,494 Extended "Key" HHs 909,425 976,251 Core "Key" % Penetration 31.24% 19.63% Extended "Key" % Penetration 40.79% 30.68% Higher Target Concentrations Lower Target Concentrations Lower Cost Per Unit Higher Cost Per Unit ► Markets with higher concentrations of brand behavioral targets performed at 314% lower cost per unit sold than markets with lower target concentrations. Copyright 2010, Confidential Property of handshake Marketing · · 516-767-9394 2
  3. 3. handshake Case Studies Behaviorally defined targets proven to increase potential… Behaviors define/drive what your consumer target does… demos express what your targets are like: Major Consumer Financial Services Brand In “Key” In behavioral In Demo but not behavioral Target Target and in in behavioral but not in Demo Demo Target Underserved Sweet Spot Waste Copyright 2010, Confidential Property of handshake Marketing · · 516-767-9394 3
  4. 4. handshake Case Studies Case Study: Behavioral targeting for micro market success ► Business Challenge: An East Coast automotive dealership had been #9 in sales ranking among about a dozen other dealerships in the area and was having trouble meeting monthly sales objectives. The client contracted handshake to improve its sales performance. ► Solution: handshake created a behavioral target for the dealership’s automotive brands and helped the dealer execute a direct mail campaign against this target. Before "Key" Campaign June 2001 "Key" Campaign May Sales % of June Sales % of Prior Period Dealership Saturn Of: Sales Objective Objective Sales Objective Objective Over/Under Fredericksburg 25 28 89% 51 29 176% +87 pts Roanoke Valley 46 40 115% 41 40 103% -13 pts Woodbridge 52 47 111% 51 49 104% -7 pts Manassas 28 30 93% 35 32 109% +16 pts Lynchburg 19 17 112% 17 19 89% -22 pts Bowie 58 75 77% 97 81 120% +42 pts Winchester 33 35 94% 33 37 89% -5 pts Sterling 42 46 91% 43 47 91% 0 pts Alexandria 44 50 88% 47 51 92% +4 pts Waldorf 24 30 80% 24 31 77% -3 pts Fairfax 44 53 83% 40 54 74% -9 pts Marlow Heights 15 28 54% 21 29 72% +19 pts ► Results: After using handshake’s behavioral targeting approach, the dealer achieved the #1 sales rank position (the first time in its history) and outperformed its sales objective by 76% Testimonial: dealership General Manager: “handshake has demonstrated to me the ability to identify, define and reach consumers most likely to drive [brand] sales volumes in my trading area.” Copyright 2010, Confidential Property of handshake Marketing · · 516-767-9394 4
  5. 5. handshake Case Studies Case Study: Targeted direct mail drove high volumes of online leads ► Business Challenge: A Hispanic entertainment content provider contracted handshake to drive website registration (membership sign-ups) via a targeted bilingual direct mail campaign. ► Solution: handshake developed Hispanic behavioral targets to be aligned with both the client’s offerings and heavy online involvement. Support included target messaging profiles and direct mail list. ► Results: Campaign vs. Best Class Registration Rate ► Response and registration on the website during this campaign 16.15% 18% was extraordinarily high, with 16% 6,461 registrations over the 14% course of the campaign. 12% 10% ► The mailed-to-registration 8% 5.00% conversion rate was 16.15% 6% (6,461 of 40K mailed). 4% 2% ► For comparison, the average 0% 2007 Campaign "Best In Class" rate of users completing an Mailed-to- Website Registration Rate Registration/Lead option/free registration Generation Rate online has been reported to be 2-3%, with 5% being best in class. This campaign performed over 3X better ► Learning: Targeted correctly, direct mail can be than best of class. a highly successful on line lead generation tactic. Copyright 2010, Confidential Property of handshake Marketing · · 516-767-9394 5
  6. 6. handshake Case Studies Case Study: Mass media drove awareness, direct drove response ► Business Challenge: Strategic marketing support was needed for a multicultural campaign targeting consumers with healthy eating messages via multiple media types. ► Solution: handshake provided behavioral targeting, message strategy inputs, and direct mail lists, linking the client’s goals/messages to the target’s preferences and behaviors. 1000 BRC 900 Phone Web Totals 800 700 DM hits home Responses by Week 600 500 400 300 200 100 (D = drop) D D D D 0 9/3 6/4 7/2 7/9 8/6 6/18 7/16 7/23 8/27 5/21 5/28 6/11 6/25 7/30 8/13 8/20 ► Results: Response to media was very low until targeted direct-to-home was ► Learning: While mass media provides a critical layer of introduced. awareness, direct-to-home, coupled with target profiling, can significantly increase response/action to messages. Copyright 2010, Confidential Property of handshake Marketing · · 516-767-9394 6
  7. 7. handshake Case Studies Case Study: Targets can be tailored to product-specific sales needs ► Business Challenge: A concert venue wanted to be able to reach consumers with a season offering based on sales priorities for that season. Specifically, the client wanted an emphasis on consumer targets that would increase ticket sales for acts that do not automatically “sell out”. ► Solution: handshake provided marketing support for each season, including behavioral target mail lists of concertgoers who would be attracted to the particular planned acts for each season. ► Results: ► Many acts were pre-sold-out from the first wave of marketing alone (1,750 seat venue) ► Over 72,000 concert ticket transactions from the 2002-2007 mail efforts. Average campaign cost Targets were per ticket sold: customized $3.21 according to Average revenue per each marketing dollar spent: season’s $16.54 booked act sales needs ► Learning: Reaching targets based on their preferences provides marketers the ability to prioritize expenditures so they are in sync with sales goals. Copyright 2010, Confidential Property of handshake Marketing · · 516-767-9394 7
  8. 8. handshake Case Studies Case Study: Integrate online/off line for “across the board” gains ► Business Challenge: A wireless cell phone provider needed to drive leads and sales for its product in a highly competitive marketplace, improve results from prior period marketing efforts, and prove sales viability to the board of directors. ► Solution: handshake developed the “key” behavioral target for the client’s specific products, taking into consideration the product features/benefits, competitive market and consumer needs. Also provided were campaign planning and execution support for the marketing test campaign, which included advertising via banner ads, contextual web advertising, search marketing, targeted email and direct mail. ► Results: As compared to prior period efforts, client realized a 56% increase in unique visit rates and 42% increase in sales. Direct mail yielded a 7% response rate and email click through rates were 8% (versus 2-6% U.S. average) Unique Visitors by Week: Before and After Behavioral Target Campaign 47000 Kajeet Store/Phones Visitors: Unique Pageviews by week 42000 DM in-home 5/7-5/13 37000 …………………………………………> * Email Blast 1: 32000 5/6…………………………………> * Email Blast 2: 5/13 …………………….> 27000 SEM Banner ads start ---------------------5/9 to 6/30 ---- s: 5/1 22000 1/5 1/19 2/2 2/16 3/1 3/15 3/29 4/12 4/26 5/10 5/24 6/7 ► Learning: Integrated off line and online campaign tactics that are behaviorally targeted can deliver significant lift as compared to non-targeted efforts. Copyright 2010, Confidential Property of handshake Marketing · · 516-767-9394 8
  9. 9. handshake Case Studies Case Study: Efficiency lifted when store distribution was “spotty” ► Business Challenge: A consumer wireless device product was distributed in over 3,000 stores nationwide (187 out of 210 DMAs) but not fully distributed in all chains. This resulted in some stores carrying the product and others not within the same markets, and hence significant inefficiencies when advertising at the DMA level. ► Solution: handshake mapped concentrations of behavioral targets around each store and provided direct to home (email/mail) lists so that buyer traffic could be directed to stores that carried the product. ► Results: By concentrating marketing efforts in areas with the highest presence of behavioral target and retail stores, the client achieved a 62% increase in response and also greatly improved efficiencies. The black markets had highest volume of behavioral target households, while the color dots represented the retail locations. ► Learning: Markets with the largest populations were not necessarily the best markets to go to. Prioritize markets based on both high availability (store presence) and demand (target presence) for maximum and immediate impact on sales. Copyright 2010, Confidential Property of handshake Marketing · · 516-767-9394 9
  10. 10. handshake Case Studies Case Study: Localized targets outperformed national targets ► Business Challenge: A high-end consumer home furnishings retailer was experiencing below-expectation results from its traditional mailings. They desired a more advanced direct mail list targeting solution to improve results, as well as refined local market media strategies to better motivate household targets to purchase. ► Solution: handshake profiled existing local market customer records along with surveyed customers of competitor stores to find the right blend of household segments to include in local mailings, as opposed to a national definition. Local “Key” target profiles were also provided to help the client get into the mindset of the potential customer base and shape all types of sales communications and local efforts. ► Results over several efforts: ► 53% incremental increase in total purchases ► 71% incremental increase in gross receipts from local behavioral targets. ► Acquisition targets purchased 44% more than repeat customers. ► $2.06 for every dollar spent increased to $3.88 with optimization. ► Learning: Correctly defined and localized target definitions can dramatically improve success from local marketing expenditures and sales volume levels. Copyright 2010, Confidential Property of handshake Marketing · · 516-767-9394 10
  11. 11. handshake Case Studies Case Study: Performance guarantee campaign results ► Business Challenge: Acquisition and upgrade campaigns for cable operators and programmers typically result in 0.4% to 1.5% order rates, depending on the offer. In this cable operator and programmer effort, there were multiple subscriber services, types of targets and markets involved. handshake guaranteed performance at rates that were roughly 2X historical averages. ► Solution: Custom behavioral targets for seven U.S. regions, targets profiling, and inputs to support message, offer and direct mail versioning. handshake developed a marketing database for the client, with all the targeting selects of customers and non-customers. Guarantee Gulf Coast Los Angeles Mid-South Northwest Product Rate Actual % Lift Actual % Lift Actual % Lift Actual % Lift Video Acquisition 2.30% 3.30% +43.48% 2.44% +6.09% 5.70% +147.83% 3.51% +52.61% Digital Acquisition 1.30% 2.53% +94.62% 2.54% +95.38% 3.75% 188.46% 2.69% +106.92% Digital Upgrade 2.30% 3.27% +42.17% 7.10% +208.7% 3.14% +36.52% 5.00% +117.39% HSD 0.90% 2.02% +124.44% 1.37% +52.22% 1.90% +111.11% 2.17% +141.11% Guarantee Northeast Nevada Southeast TOTAL Product Rate Actual % Lift Actual % Lift Actual % Lift Actual % Lift Video Acquisition 2.30% 6.29% +173.48% 3.10% +34.78% 3.56% +54.78% 3.54% +53.91% Digital Acquisition 1.30% 3.96% +204.62% 2.43% +86.92% 2.06% +58.46% 2.72% +109.23% Digital Upgrade 2.30% 5.53% +140.43% 3.41% +48.26% 5.35% +132.61% 4.52% +96.52% HSD 0.90% 2.79% +210% 0.97% +7.78% 1.70% +88.89% 1.82% +102.22% ► Order Results Above Performance Guarantee: +53.91% higher for Cable Basic service, +109.23% for Digital Acquisition, +96.52% for Digital Upgrade and +102.22% for High Speed Data. A total of 70,267 campaign target/mail list match subscribers. ► Learning: The approach of segmenting messages/offers based on regionally defined behavioral targets paid significant dividends and was also scaleable to a national program level. Copyright 2010, Confidential Property of handshake Marketing · · 516-767-9394 11
  12. 12. handshake Case Studies Case Study: Sales presentation makeover pays off ► Business Challenge: A manufacturer of digital entertainment content systems for use within retail establishments was having a difficult time getting sales leads to convert into serious leads using its current set of sales presentations. ► Solution: handshake worked closely with the client to develop a sales presentation strategy and “wish list” of proof point topics that sales execs believed would have the most impact. From there, handshake developed a resource that included behavioral targets, target profiles across entertainment/shopping preferences, and market research to uncover facts that supported various claims such as “in store entertainment services has been proven to increase store purchase levels.” Draft presentation materials woven around existing product slides were prepared and the presentation flow/copy was refined until the client was satisfied with the result. ► Results: The draft presentations were field tested with actual retail chain prospects and the feedback was that the new treatment was exactly what was needed to better understand and evaluate the proposition. The incorporation of these new materials had an immediate and positive impact on business development results, including shortening the length of time to close deals. ► Learning: Most sales execs already know what it takes to close a deal, they just need to be provided with what is needed. While it takes some time and resources to bring sales presentations to that next level of prospect relevance/strong proof points – the investment can be an integral part of getting an account to become interested, remain engaged, and ultimately Testimonial:the order. give you Steve Birrell, SVP/General Manager: “The business development presentation strategies and supporting data provided by handshake enhanced our credibility in terms of how our prospective accounts perceived us and how they valued what we brought to the table.  Ultimately it has shortened the length of time between initial interest and proposal requests. When presented to our existing and potential restaurant/retail accounts handshake's market data validates critical selling points." Copyright 2010, Confidential Property of handshake Marketing · · 516-767-9394 12
  13. 13. handshake Case Studies Case Study: The killer application for affiliate sales ► Business Challenge: A major cable networks client owned thousands of pages of research and millions of dollars of licensed data but needed a way to pull it all together into one usable resource that would support quality and market-specific affiliate presentations. Client needed to be able to prove that their value far exceeded their fees. ► Solution: handshake developed an easy to use presentation creator application, the handshake Library, that integrated all the research, data and presentation slide assets into one resource. All of the information was organized around key strategic sales points and translated into “cool slide” treatments, and competitive networks data was also incorporated so comparisons could be presented. The users’ desktop interface allows for “click of a mouse button” functionality so that anyone could use the application. ► Results: The Library desktop application reduced the time involved for presentation development and resulted in significantly better meeting decks/meeting results. Many resources that were previously not being utilized were now all fully employed so that the affiliate sales team could customize presentations for any relevant topic or market area. ► Learning: There is often a disconnect between the enormous value that research offers and presentation deck content. Focusing on the best of the best of all the resources while having immediate access to all information assets enabled the sales team to dramatically improve the quality of presentations and meeting outcomes. Copyright 2010, Confidential Property of handshake Marketing · · 516-767-9394 13
  14. 14. handshake Case Studies Case Study: Capital investment opportunity evaluation ► Business Challenge: A venture capital firm was giving Sales Potential*: Launch/Rollout Consumer “Key” Target HHs: “Reception Markets” DMAs Only DATA NOT ACTUAL serious consideration to funding a start-up technology :: Venture Property: Business Concept Evaluation :: There are an estimated 2,500,000 Venture Property – Best of the Best - “Key”^ households within the 18 Launch Signal Markets service that would allow consumers to create their own television content packages. Due to the competitive nature of the industry, the VC firm wanted to be able to make the most informed decision. Sources: handshake Marketing, SMRB, Claritas ► Solution: handshake developed a prototype target definition of consumers most likely to adopt the service, quantified the market potential within the service launch * = totals reduced by 30% to account for estimated 70% signal coverage by market ^ = in “Key” and own TV and have HSD (cable modem/DSL/ISDN/Satellite) and Enhanced Revenue Content (PPV 1+ past 12 months or have/used markets, profiled the target across marketing behaviors, VOD or have DVR or own HDTV or watch streaming video past 30 days) and “Channel Control” Psychographics (agree: cable has too many channels or agree: growth in number of cable networks is diluting the quality of TV or disagree: like the idea of large selection of TV channels) ©2007, Confidential Property of handshake Marketing 10 and related all findings into a “marketing and business plan risk score card.” Business plan results were also Reforecast Table B: handshake reforecast ► Results: The consumer opportunity was sizable and the reforecasted accordingly. • Reforecast applies adjusted cost of acquired customer calculation and limits :: Venture Property: Business Concept Evaluation :: penetration from partners by how much they will realistically spend of total brand viable, but handshake’s analysis determined that revenues for Venture Property campaigns. forecasted revenues significantly exceeded what was 2008 - 2011 Gross Revenue Venture $ 188,862,729 hsM Reforecast $ 46,566,163 realistic, relative to projected marketing budgets and Direct Partner $ 70,944,855 $ 134,689,913 $ $ 19,746,809 26,819,354 adoption rates. These insights allowed the VC firm to Net Subs Direct Partner 932,555 74,900 857,655 329,342 39,654 289,688 better evaluate the opportunity. Expense Marketing $ $ 92,000,000 22,735,000 $ $ 92,000,000 22,735,000 Operations $ 69,265,000 $ 69,265,000 ► Learning: Validating the marketing/sales hypothesis Cost Per Customer Direct Net Revenue $ $ $ 96,862,729 99 304 $ $ $ (45,433,837) 279 696 behind forecasted revenues can be critical to guiding investment decisions. The same resources that can deliver ©2007, Confidential Property of handshake Marketing 30 successful marketing results can be used significantly for making most types of capital investment decisions. Testimonial: VantagePoint Venture Partners: “The end evaluation product from handshake far exceeded our expectations in terms of analysis/insights and helped to inform our investment process.”   Copyright 2010, Confidential Property of handshake Marketing · · 516-767-9394 14
  15. 15. handshake Case Studies Case Study: Footsteps analysis leads to record-setting retail success ► Business Challenge: A health supplement manufacturer had some success at selling its brand directly to consumers but wanted to expand into grocery, specialty chains and drug retail. Retail chain buyers, however, were skeptical since the supplement category was already overcrowded. ► Solution: In order to define who the future consumer buyer of this product was, handshake profiled the client’s direct purchaser consumers along with households with other important behaviors such as retail shopping. The target definition was then quantified within all U.S. markets and trading areas for a few major grocery chains, and the target further profiled across all the different types of products that the grocery retailers offered. In addition to the target definition and sales opportunity quantification detail, the chain store buyer presentation offered a visual of the retailer’s floor plan that showed the target’s purchase propensity for each store section. Finally, the presentation showed how likely the supplement buyer target was to shop at the retailer’s competitors and thus help the retailer grow market share. Retail Opportunity: Footsteps Departments & “Key” Shopping “Footsteps” ► Results: The client’s first presentation to the target Home Sports Toys Bed & Bath grocer resulted in an immediate order and sales were Seasonal/Patio & Window Coverings Luggage Garden Books successful because the product itself was so Home Kitchen Auto Hardware / Music Instruments DVDs TVs exceptional. The brand expanded its distribution to Home Home Shoes Improve- Baby ment Appliances many other grocery, vitamin, drug chains, becoming House- wares Furniture Pets Men Kids Specialty Gifts Electronics the #1 U.S. supplement brand in sales volume three Food Storage Stationery Access Crafts years running. Women -ories Party Planning Health & Sources: handshake Marketing, Target Beauty ► Learning: Behaviorally-based sales presentations Sale Registers not only help to seal the deal, they convey an Rx accurate marketing/sales potential story. Sale - Grocery Entrance Food Court Restrooms Cust. Svc. Entrance Copyright 2008, Confidential Property of handshake Marketing · · 516-767-9394 2 Copyright 2010, Confidential Property of handshake Marketing · · 516-767-9394 15
  16. 16. handshake Case Studies Case Study: Marketing to “The Unbanked” ► Business Challenge: Predatory and fringe lenders, to the detriment of many households’ and communities’ financial health, prey on low-income and minority households, charging exorbitant fees and rates and keeping consumers in the cycle of poverty. Billions of consumer dollars are lost to predatory loans (e.g., the average payday loan APR is 470%) each year. Traditional financial institutions and CDFIs (Community Development Financial Institutions) are vastly outnumbered in these communities and need marketing support. ► Solution: handshake presented a conference session for CDFIs and traditional financial institutions on how to more effectively compete against predatory and fringe lenders. The seminar included market research findings and marketing strategy recommendations, including profiles of the “unbanked” consumer, tactics used by predatory/fringe lenders, market penetration and value of the “unbanked” consumer, etc. ► Results: The session provided attendees with marketing recommendations, facts, and insights into the “unbanked” consumer household. ► Learning: Understanding the competition’s marketing tactics and why they are effective with their targets (i.e., the targets’ personalities/preferences) “Unbanked” & prone to fringe lenders can help us develop strategies for more (# households) competitive marketing and counter product offers. Copyright 2010, Confidential Property of handshake Marketing · · 516-767-9394 16