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Mini Email Training


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Mini Email Training

  1. 1. Email Advertising Sales WorkshopManaging Expectations Prospecting & SellingCase Studies & Specs Integrating Email 1
  2. 2. Managing Advertiser Expectations Advertiser Education … o Prospecting email campaigns are different from sending messages to a customer list. o Email marketing is a hybrid between mass media advertising and direct marketing. o Sending mass emails to prospects is a new way to attract customers. o Prospecting email campaigns give you targeted reach at a low, low cost per thousand. 2
  3. 3. Managing Advertiser Expectations Pluses and Minuses of Email Advertising o effective one-to-one targeted medium o significant online traffic o significant, low cost reach o effective for brand building, top of mind awareness o immediate and therefore timely o can be tested and measured o easily ignored o can be perceived as a nuisance o can be blocked o produces traffic but conversions are low (compared to print) 3
  4. 4. Managing Advertiser Expectations COMPELLING & RELEVANT RE: NEW IN ROCKFORD SUBJECT LINE SOFT SELL Call-to -Action WEBSITE NAV BAR NEWSY HEADLINE IMAGE ON TARGET HARD SELL Call-to-Action PRODUCTS & Calls-to-Action OFFERS & Calls-to-ActionSOFT SELLCall-to-Action 4
  5. 5. Managing Advertiser ExpectationsGetting Results …Effective, user-friendlylanding pages
  6. 6. Managing Advertiser ExpectationsGetting Results: Geographic Targetingo Stateo Regiono MSAo Countyo Cityo Zip codeCustom targetingo Retailers’ Trade Area (radius)o Newspaper Zoneo Newspaper Circulation Area 6
  7. 7. Managing Advertiser ExpectationsGetting Results: Demographic Targeting • Age • Religion • Homeowner/Renter • Gender • Marital Status • Home Market Value • Ethnicity • Presence of Children • Dwelling Type • Occupation • Number of Children • Length of Residence • Education • Income: Est. HH. • Presence of Pet • Language • Net Worth • Veteran 7
  8. 8. Managing Advertiser Expectations REPORT AND ANALYZE RESULTS 8
  9. 9. Prospecting and Selling 9
  10. 10. Prospecting and Selling Talking points … The ListFRESH Email addresses are continuously added to the database.QUALITY Addresses are harvested from popular websites.ETHICAL Addresses on the list are 100% opt-in.ACCURATE Information is self reported by consumers and businesses.ENHANCED Email addresses are appended with valuable demographic data.TARGETED Email addresses are associated with postal addresses and zip codes enabling marketers to target campaigns geographically.ROBUST High volume, near saturation coverage to 6.9 million consumers and 1.1 million businesses in the Chicago MSA and over 250 million email addresses nationwide. 10
  11. 11. Prospecting and Selling Talking Points … The Delivery SystemWHITE LISTED Strong relationship with all major ISP’sREPUTABLE IP Addresses are recognized by both general and commercial ISP’s.ETHICAL Can-Spam compliant, plus 24/7 monitoring of opt-out functionality.ACCURATE Real -time-tracking and delivery monitoring.EFFECTIVE Double the average performance for delivery of prospecting email.VERSATILE Versioned messaging of subject lines and dynamic personalization.ROBUST High volume, throttled delivery capable of reaching email boxes during peak day -parts. 11
  12. 12. Prospecting and SellingWhat advertisers are saying …o 68% of small businesses surveyed in mid 2011 by Pitney Bowes listed email a theirpreferred marketing channel.o A late 2011 survey of US Small businesses found over a third using email toadvertise or promote their business.o When asked which initiatives they would use to improve website performance thetop answer cited was ”send more targeted email”.o Forrester’s late 2010 survey of US marketers found 88% of B2C firms and 71% of B2Borganizations are using email marketing.o In a 2011 business survey 88% of respondents said they expected their emailmarketing budget to increase or stay the same over the coming 12 months.o Email is projected to bring in $39.40 for every dollar spent in 2012, and $35.02 forevery dollar spent in 2016. In a 2011 Focus survey of marketers, the channel cited most often as the best performer over the previous 12 months was email. 12
  13. 13. Case Studies Vertical: Arts and Entertainment Objective: Show Awareness, Ticket Sales Targeting: Performing Arts Enthusiasts with Children Ages 14-18 in Chicago DMA From: Steppenwolf Theater Subject: New Play for Young Adults - Only 5 Public PerformancesResponse Analysis Impressions Opens % Opens Clicks % Clicks % Clicks-to-Opens 41,666 3,516 8.44% 620 1.49% 17.63%
  14. 14. Case Studies Frequency Campaign: Sustained results & effect of timing and offer Clicks-to-Deployment Date Delivered Opens % Opens Clicks % Clicks Opens 10/12/11 76,847 5,904 7.68% 693 0.90% 11.74% 12/14/11 69,000 5,941 8.61% 1,123 1.63% 18.90% 01/10/12 75,904 4,968 6.55% 673 0.89% 13.55% 01/24/12 69,000 4,712 6.83% 642 0.93% 13.62% 03/23/12 84,000 5,533 6.59% 719 0.86% 12.99%Totals 374,751 27,058 7.22% 3,850 1.03% 14.23%
  15. 15. Email Advertising Sales WorkshopManaging Expectations Prospecting & Selling Case Studies Integrating Email 15