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Kurt Holstein - DOOH Personalizaton (Geekfest)


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DOOH Personalization or Are the Ads from the Movie Minority Report almost here?

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Kurt Holstein - DOOH Personalizaton (Geekfest)

  1. 1. DOOH Personalization or Are the Ads from the movie Minority Report almost here?
  2. 2. Introduction • Kurt Holstein President Azoic Ventures • Spent 16 years at P&G in Brand Management before co-founding Rosetta in 1998 • Grew Rosetta to a top 5 digital agency in the US with 1,200+ Employees • Sold Rosetta to Publicis in July 2011 for $575mm • Retired for 3 months…was bored out of my mind • Started Azoic Ventures, an early stage venture fund with fourteen investments to date • Also a Marketing Services Advisor to AEA Investors, one of the oldest PE firms in NYC
  3. 3. Minority Report – w/ Tom Cruise • It’s 2054 and a special police unit is able to arrest murderers BEFORE they commit their crimes, an officer from that unit, John Anderton, is himself accused of a future murder. • As John walks past DOOH ads, they scan his eyes to identify him and then personalize the ads • To avoid being identified by the ad scanners, he eventually has his eyeballs replaced on the black market, which leads to a personalization problem at the GAP
  4. 4. The three steps required to deliver this future 1. Passively recognized “John Anderton” 2. Immediately access his past purchase data and use it to select the right ad 3. Serve the personalized ad in real time So let’s see how close we are today
  5. 5. Large Format Digital Out of Home (DOOH) • Viewed by MANY at one time
  6. 6. Large Format Digital Out of Home (DOOH) • Limited personalization opportunities
  7. 7. Small Format DOOH • Viewed by ONE person at time • Users can personalize their experience but requires consumer input
  8. 8. Digital Out of Home (DOOH) How do we get true Passive RECOGNITION and PERSONALIZATION? Welcome back to the Gap Mr. Yakamoto. How did those assorted tank tops work out for you?
  9. 9. BLE Beacons provide some of the benefits • BLE Beacons use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to enable very precise micro-location triggers for events in mobile apps • Apple’s iBeacon works as both a sensor and a signal: A BLE enabled iPhone can receive location-specific messages based on its proximity to iBeacons That phone can also act as an iBeacon itself, transmitting messages to others • Range can be as little as 2 inches and as far as 200+ feet Source: Forbes TECH 8/29/2013 BLE is already in iPhone 4S, 5 and 6 as well as iPads and many high-end Androids
  10. 10. BLE Beacon triggered personalization Apple Watch wearers will be tracked via Bluetooth signals coming from real-world locations, that can send real time alerts and promotions Source: Bloomberg Tech 2014 Walk past a Starbucks and an app on your phone or watch can: - Suggest that you pop in for a quick coffee - Provide a scannable or NFC discount - Let you pay with Apple Pay
  11. 11. BLE Beacons have some drawbacks • BLE Beacons will mostly rely on a mobile app and therefore are not be truly passive • Consumers will most likely have to enable their mobile device app to accept beacon signals and allow personalization Source/Image: rfidjournal/Estimote
  12. 12. New Active Camera Technology (ACT) beacons can “recognize” consumers and record viewing information
  13. 13. BLE Beacons vs Active Camera Technology
  14. 14. Detailed analytics • Views • Dwell time • Gender, age and other demographics • Day parting • Eventually emotional response to the ad Campaign integration • Integrate our analytics into your CMS for segmented campaign results • Serve ads based on intelligent recommendations from data collected ACT Beacons provide passively collected analytics Source: AdMobilize
  15. 15. Next Generation ACT Beacons Will “recognize” additional attributes Source: AdMobilize
  16. 16. Emotional Recognition Affectiva reads emotional states from facial expressions Source: affectiva
  17. 17. Summary Get ready John Aderton! • A combination of BLE and Active Camera Technology Beacons currently support real time location-based identification and personalization opportunities • The technology is ahead of most marketers current needs and visions • Apples iWatch and Apple Pay could accelerate adoption • Data collection and usage will need to be handled appropriately to avoid consumer privacy issues and avoid an adoption backlash
  18. 18. Really?? Source: dailydooh