The Path to a Flat Stomach: All You Need to Grab Those Perfect Set of Six-Packs


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The Path to a Flat Stomach: All You Need to Grab Those Perfect Set of Six-Packs

  1. 1. Belly fat is one of the most dangerous forms of unhealthyfat that forces us to make severe changes to our lifestyle. Our desires to eat tasty food or travel even the shortest distance by motorized transport have made our bodies more vulnerable to serious diseases. We try to counter that fat deposition by signing up with personaltrainers, following fancy diets but nothing seems to make a difference.
  2. 2. After weeks and months of crunches and abdominalexercises, we are left with nothing but wasted time and effort as well as a lighter bank account. Increasing thenumber of reps will never bring those six-packers out ofhiding, nor will the uber-expensive supplements and fat burners make a dent.
  3. 3. Instead of giving up on the quest for the perfect male and female abs, we need to look at the problem from a different angle. That perspective change will throw up exactly what we are looking for.
  4. 4. If you want to end up with rock-hard abs, you need to understand exactly how your body works. Following exercise routines that focus on your abs simply ensures that your muscles get stronger. If you do not burn the fat that is piled up in front of them, then you could have thebest abs of all time but no one would be able to see them.The only way to get them out into the open is to focus on a nutrient-rich diet and a full-body exercise routine that works your core too!
  5. 5. Your exercise routine should be something that is simple and easy to follow and encourages you to be completely dedicated to it at all times. Your age, gender or physical stature should not pose any kind of obstacle because a good exercise is a good exercise, period. Just follow asimple, but intense, full-body routine and you will end up with lean muscle all year round.
  6. 6. Plenty of people stay away from some of the mostimportant elements of training required to lose that belly fat. Weight training is shied away from, while cardio is considered the best way to lose weight around the belly. They end up paying attention to sit-ups and crunches, taking all the focus away from the root of the problem - the fat!
  7. 7. As the human body gets accustomed to working out aparticular muscle group, that muscle group gains strengthand is capable of taking more punishment. We pile on the reps in the hopes of making a difference, but all we aredoing is making the muscle stronger and relying on cardio to take care of the flab. The concept of introducing variable intensity training and attacking the bodys metabolism is almost unknown in most health circuits. If you stick to our exercise & dietary regimen, a mere five minutes, twice a week, of abdominal exercises is all you need to guarantee that your stomach ends up in perfect shape.
  8. 8. Exercise routines, especially those with multiple repetitions, are the main cause of boredom in physical training. Once you get bored of your routine, quitting comes easily as the next step. Instead, increasing the complexity of the exercises and lower abs workoutregimen or combining two or more different elements into one single technique can increase the difficulty level and pose a unique challenge to your physical and mental capabilities. Reps need to be fewer in number but harderin terms of resistance to ensure better outcome. Adding in certain special movements into a full-body routine can do wonders for all muscle groups.
  9. 9. Interval-based training, or variable intensity training, is the best way to burn fat. By looking at the biggerpicture, you realise that the workout should always focus at increasing the bodys metabolic response rather than merely burning calories. The perfect metabolic responsecan be attained by varying the intensity of training as wellas through strength training, instead of simply focusing on steady cardio exercises.
  10. 10. However, simply focusing on full-body routines will be a waste of time if you do not support it with the right kindof food. Diets are of all kinds and a simple search over the Internet will throw up plenty of exciting and interesting looking options. However, you dont need any of the fancy nomenclature because a simple nutrient-rich diet based on natural foods is the best way to guarantee a healthy and energetic body.
  11. 11. Processed foods tend to ruin our metabolism and makeour body weaker. Replacing a bag of chips with an apple or two would do wonders for our stomach, not just in terms of digestion but also in terms of killing the belly flab around it.
  12. 12. Keeping the contents of your diet clean and fresh, withplenty of nutrients coming in, is the perfect addition tothat strenuous exercise routine. Not only do you makesure that your abs stay lean and tight, you guarantee a fantastic lifestyle for years to come.
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