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The most important thing you can do to keep your immune system healthy is to maintain and achieve a healthy lifestyle. Please visit for more healthy living information.

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The Healthy Life Club

  1. 1. The most important thing you can do to keep your immune system healthy is to maintain andachieve a healthy lifestyle. Please visit for more healthy livinginformation. Table Of ContentsChoose From Different Styles Of Exercise Routines ............................................................................ 2Fitness Routines: Choosing One That Suits Your Lifestyle ................................................................. 3Benefits of Getting at Least 30 Minutes Daily Activity and Movement............................................... 4Exercise And Pain Management ............................................................................................................. 5Breathing Techniques For Healthier Exercise ....................................................................................... 6Getting Started: The Physical Fitness Fundamentals .......................................................................... 7Is Water Aerobics Right For You? ........................................................................................................... 9Fitness And Exercise Equipment: From Small To Big ........................................................................ 10Summertime Exercise: How To Stay Healthy And Fit In Hot Weather ............................................ 12What Is A Balance Ball And What Do I Do With It? ............................................................................ 13How Can I Tell If I Am Procrastinating? ................................................................................................ 14The Truth About Weight Loss ............................................................................................................... 16Benefits Of Vegetable Juice ................................................................................................................... 18Benefits Of Juicing Green Cabbage Juice ........................................................................................... 19Workouts For Weight Loss: Which Is The Right For You? ................................................................ 20 Page | 1
  2. 2. Choose From Different Styles Of Exercise RoutinesA regular workout routine is a fantastic way to get into shape. However, when I say“regular routine” that doesn’t mean doing the same thing day in and day out is your bestbet. It’s important to change up your routine to “shock” your muscles and to keep theworkout interesting for yourself. A stale workout routine could get you in a slump andyou may get bored of working out altogether.Weight training is a great way to add mass and strength; however you may have nointerest in that. If that sounds like you then you may need to look again and weightlifting. You don’t need to load up on heavy weights and over strain your self to get thebest out of this type of workout. A nice change from your everyday cardio routine couldbe to go for a quick jog to get your heart rate up, then do some light weights whilemaintaining a decent heart rate which will encourage continuous weight loss.Even if you just want to bulk up and lift weights, throwing a bit of cardio into your routinecan help with your heart strength and lung capacity. If you’re already an avid aerobicexerciser, don’t think you can’t mix it up by changing your routine a little. If you mainlygo just for jogs, try taking a few cardio dance classes and burn calories to a beat. Or ifyou stick to cycling you could try doing a few laps and see if you can’t just hit a fewmore muscle groups.Circuit training or boot camp types of exercise could also be a fun way to liven up yourworkout. These types of exercise already incorporate variety into their routine. A bootcamp style workout may consist of a lot of different calisthenics such as jumping jacks,push-ups, pull-ups, or sit-ups. Circuit training could be a series of weight and cardiostations that alternate between aerobic and anaerobic exercise.Stretching is something that should be incorporated into any exercise routine whetheryou’re looking for variety or not. You may decide to use a stretching routine as the mainbody of your workout with any of the many forms of yoga, or you can use it just for yourwarm up and cool down periods, but this is one thing that should definitely not beoverlooked.When adjusting your workouts don’t forget you need to progress your difficulty level andincrease your intensity. Variation will keep your workout fresh and fun and your body willrespond positively to the change in your routine. Page | 2
  3. 3. Fitness Routines: Choosing One That Suits Your LifestyleHearing that word “exercise” can frighten a lot of people and turn them off the idea ofphysical fitness. Don’t panic, because the road to good health doesn’t have to beunpleasant! Starting off slow and getting to know what exercise is all about couldchange your life and be possibly life saving. A few things may be holding you back froma regular exercise routine so take a look at your lifestyle and figure out what you canchange to make fitness a part of your life .TimeIn this day and age, most people are too busy to take enough time for themselves. A lotof people are always on the go so trying to add a regular exercise routine into their livesmay seem out of the question. Well your personal health is not worth that sacrifice!Taking a walk on your lunch break at work can get you at least 2 and a half hours ofexercise a week. Spending time with your family can be turned into that gets everyoneout of the house and off the couch for an hour a few times a week. Once you changeyour routine and get into new habits you’ll discover how easy it is to get in even just aquick workout everyday.MoneyA good work out routine definitely doesn’t have to be costly. Gym memberships can beexpensive and buying a whole bunch of new exercise equipment may not be somethingyou want to invest in immediately. You also don’t need to buy yourself a bunch of newsupplement and vitamins to get started adding a fitness routine into your schedule.Going for a hike or jog is free and there are strength training exercises you can do fromthe comfort of your own home with no equipment. You can eat healthy buy justchoosing the right food when preparing your meals. Especially when you’re starting off,there isn’t much you’ll need. You may decide to invest in a yoga mat or a few weightsdown road, but you can decide what you’ll need once you figure out what kind ofworkout routine works best for you.Health and WellbeingThe benefits you’ll get from a healthier lifestyle aren’t limited to just looking better orlosing weight. Being in better shape can have a huge affect on your mood and canbattle depression. Having a regular exercise routine can also greatly impact your abilityto deal with stress. If you’re already feeling down about yourself or need a lifestylechange, make a commitment to get started today! If you havent been active much (or atall) in a long while, then it might seem a bit rough at first, but it does not take long to get Page | 3
  4. 4. over that initial hurdle to a place where exercise becomes purely pleasurable. Givephysical fitness a chance and you will be opening a door to an invaluable experience. Benefits of Getting at Least 30 Minutes Daily Activity and MovementYou may think getting only 30 minutes of physical activity a day can’t benefit you so whybother, right? Wrong! Even if you just do a little bit of light exercise each day you arehelping your body immensely! Taking a half hour walk during your lunch break at workrather than sitting in the lunchroom or jumping on an exercise bike while watching TVinstead of sitting on the couch can really impact your fitness level.Personal HealthProbably the number one reason to stay in shape, being healthy is what keeps youalive! A little bit of exercise can go a long way in keeping your heart, lungs, and the restof your muscles in good working order. Eating healthy and staying active can prevent somany diseases and will improve your quality of life.Body ImageYour reason for getting into shape doesn’t need to be so you can look like a supermodel, but achieving a higher level of physical fitness will not only give you the extratone you may want in certain areas, it will make you feel more attractive. A regularexercise program can help your self-esteem in multiple ways; the sense ofaccomplishment you can get from seeing what you’re capable of is invaluable and canmake you feel like a superstar. On a purely chemical level, the endorphins releasedwhen exercising can give you a sense of euphoria. This may be why many people findexercise so addictive!Mood and Maintaining StressFor the same reasons your self esteem will be affected, your mood and stress levels willbe more manageable as well. Exercise can be a form of stress relief and pounding out afew miles on the pavement is a sure way to get work or money troubles out of your headfor at least a little while. A regular exercise program is sure to leave you more relaxedand at ease with yourself. Page | 4
  5. 5. MobilityThere are three aspects to a good fitness routine: cardio, weight training, and flexibility.Incorporating all three of these into your lifestyle will undoubtedly improve how you feelwhile walking around, doing household chores, or playing with your kids. If you feel thatbeing able to walk up a few flights of stairs with ease is something worth 30 minutes ofyour day then figure out the right exercise plan for yourself and give it a try. There’s nohandbook to physical fitness, so if you aren’t enjoying a particular activity try somethingelse. All you need to do if move your body a little bit every day and you’ll learn whatworks for you and what doesn’t. Exercise And Pain ManagementExercise can be an excellent form of pain management. A properly designed workoutroutine can loosen and strengthen muscles and alleviate pressure in your joints. Ifyou’re suffering from chronic pain and thinking about beginning a new exercise routineyou may want to consult your family doctor or a physiotherapist because while the rightexercises could decrease your pain, the wrong exercises may lead to further injury.When you begin working out for the first time it’s normal to experience muscle pain andfatigue in your body. Your muscles have to break and rebuild in order to get strongerand this is something you’re going to feel, even more so the harder you work out. Don’tbe discouraged by the soreness you experience because that just means you’re on theright path to feeling stronger and more flexible.Back pain can be a real killer for a lot of people. When you’re already in pain the lastthing you want to do is put yourself in more pain by getting up and trying to move aninflamed and irritated part of you body. That’s understandable, but the only way to reallycure your back pain is to strengthen the muscles around the weakened ones so youhave maximum support. Simple stretches may be all it takes to get your back in theshape it needs to be to prevent chronic pain or future injuries. However, don’t forget theimportance of starting out slow and steady as it will prevent further injury to sensitiveareas of your body.Not unlike back pain, injuries that are causing you constant pain may be helped withproper exercise. The stronger the rest of your body is the better equipped it will be tosupport the weaker areas. A knee injury that’s never properly healed or an ankle that’sprone to spraining can be remedied with strong support muscles that pick up the slackof the weaker muscles. Page | 5
  6. 6. While taking it easy may seem like the right thing to do when you’re sore or injured, awell designed workout routine may actually get you back on your feet quicker. It’simportant to be careful and go slow however, so check with your medical professionalsif you feel something may put you at risk for further injury. Breathing Techniques For Healthier ExerciseAre you using proper breathing techniques while exercising? It may be somethingyou’ve never even thought about, but it can be a pivotal point in a successful workout.Whether you’re lifting weights (anaerobic) or going for a run (aerobic) your breathing isimportant in many ways. Even during your warm up stretch, paying attention to yourbreathing patterns can give you a better workout.EnduranceControlled breathing will go a long way to maintaining a steady workout. During a cardioworkout, you’ll have to keep your breathing level heavier than average but you don’twant to be outright panting. If you can talk but your breathing is still laboured you’reprobably in the right breathing range. Your breathing is an indication of your heart rate,and with a cardio workout, your heart rate is determining the intensity level of youractivity.Breathing may seem less important while lifting weights but that is most certainly not thecase. Do not hold your breath while strength training! Your muscles need that oxygenyou’re breathing in and you’ll be able to last a lot longer if you keep your breathingsteady.Blood FlowHolding your breath in a workout or not breathing evenly can affect your blood pressure.The physical activity you’re doing has already elevated your heart rate, but addinguneven breathing can increase this and that can be dangerous if your blood pressure isalready high. You’re working out to be healthier so doing something that could endangeryou is only counter-productive.Maintaining StressNot only will proper breathing techniques prolong your workout and keep your heartbeating at a safe pace, it can also just relax you and make your workout more Page | 6
  7. 7. enjoyable. While doing your warm up and cool down stretches, take the time to breatheslowly and deliberately. This will focus you and let you really feel the progress your bodyhas made. Controlled breathing will lower your heart rate after an intense workout andwill replenish your muscles with the much needed oxygen they have used up.Your body is a fine tuned machine and even though breathing may seem like a trivialthing it should not be overlooked. Proper breathing will give you a more effective andenjoyable workout so whether your riding a bike, doing bench presses, or holding adifficult yoga pose, just breathe! Getting Started: The Physical Fitness FundamentalsPhysical fitness does not have to be something you dread. Getting into better shape canbe whatever you make of it and it can be something you find enjoyable. Whatever youdecide to make of your fitness plan, there are three basic categories to physical fitnessthat need to be maintained if you want to get into shape and feel great. Muscularstrength, aerobic endurance, and flexibility are all vital components to any successfulexercise plan and what you decide to do with each of those categories will be entirelyup to you.Everything movement you make uses muscles. Working on strength training will notonly help to get you into shape, it will help you do things more easily in your day to daylife. Anything from carrying groceries, to mowing your lawn, to folding your laundry can Page | 7
  8. 8. become a whole lot easier once your muscle are a bit better shape. There are manydifferent exercises you can do without or without weight training equipment, and youcan decide what intensity to work at, but keep in mind that you need to challengeyourself and use adequate resistance to progress to a higher fitness level.Cardio training is a key element to keeping your heart and lungs in shape and will be avery important aspect of your workout routine if you are trying to manage your weight.This aspect of physical fitness is so versatile you may find ways to exercise you wouldnever think of as work. If you hate running on a treadmill don’t think you can’t stillmaintain your aerobic fitness. Try cycling or swimming, or perhaps even just going for afast paced walk on your lunch break. You will be surprised at how much you can start toenjoy these activities when you see what you can accomplish.Flexibility is so easy to overlook. Weight training and cardio seem like “exercise”whereas stretching and giving yourself a proper warm up may feel like an optionalfitness bonus. Its importance should not be underestimated! Stretching your muscleswill go a long way in preventing injury and will help your joints and muscles in yourevery day activities. You’ll save yourself a lot of pain if you take an extra five minutesbefore and after your strength and cardio training to stretch out and maintain a goodrande of motion.Each of these three categories is something you can have fun with. You’ll likely discovernew past-times you hadn’t thought of trying before such as skiing, mountain biking, oryoga. Once you start seeing the results of your efforts and noticing new abilities younever though you could have, physical fitness will likely become an exciting activity foryou that you can’t believe you were ever living without. Page | 8
  9. 9. Is Water Aerobics Right For You?Getting started in a water aerobics class could be the right thing for you any number ofreasons. There are so many different types of fitness programs and work out plans butwater aerobics has always remained pretty unique. Water aerobics can not only be anamazing workout, it’s safe, and it’s tons of fun!A Good StartIf you’re new to exercising, think you’re out of shape, and don’t know what to try thenwater aerobics is a great place to start. This is an activity that lets you go at your ownpace and increase your exertion when you’re ready. While the water providesresistance as part of the fitness routine, it also helps to reduce the resistance of gravityand can be used to your benefit while your muscles are still getting stronger.Weight and ObesityFor some it may be discouraging to embark on a new fitness program when you’reoverweight. One of the best things about water aerobics is that about 85% of your bodyweight is being supported by the water. When you’re working out in this environment,you’re still burning calories, but a lot of stress is being taken off your back and legs soyou get the chance to have a full body workout with less discomfort.Age and Joint PainAs you get older, arthritis and joint pain may be something that can’t be helped. Tryingto maintain a healthy level of physical fitness may become unbearable, but wateraerobics is an activity that will cause less inflammation and pain to your joints. Plus, Page | 9
  10. 10. being submerged in the refreshing fluidity of the pool may actual go a long way to helprelax some of your aches and pains.RehabilitationExercising can be a great way to get you back on your feet after an injury, but that canbe challenging when you’re already in pain. Water aerobics is an invaluablerehabilitation tool because it can be as low-impact as you make it. You may even justdecide to make it part of your fitness regime as a form of injury prevention.Water aerobics can be right for you whether it’s being done for exercise or just for fun.Many people out there who aren’t strong swimmers may still enjoy water relatedactivities and lucky for them water aerobics can be done in shallow water levels.Whether you choose this form of fitness because of medical reason, age, pregnancy, orjust for your love of water, it’s a great way to keep cool and have fun while burningcalories. Fitness And Exercise Equipment: From Small To BigWhether you’re starting a new fitness program at your local rec center or purchasingequipment for your home gym, understanding the different types of equipment out thereis valuable knowledge for anyone with an interest in physical fitness. Your custom Page | 10
  11. 11. routine will determine the equipment you’ll be most familiar with but knowing what’savailable can give you the opportunity to expand your workout to something new andexciting.Cardio MachinesMany weight loss fitness programs will incorporate cardio machines to get your heartrate up and get your blood pumping. Treadmills and elliptical machines offer adjustablespeed, inclination, and resistance settings that let you customize your workout whilecycling and rowing machines are another option if you’re looking to focus on certainmuscle groups.Weight Training EquipmentFor any weight training workout you will be able to choose from free weights or a weightmachine and many people will incorporate both into their routines. Free weights willgenerally be used with an adjustable weight bench that give you the desired inclinationfor each exercise. Weight machines can be either plate loaded or stack machines andthe one you choose will just be a matter of personal preference.Stretching and YogaFlexibility and stretching is an important part of any workout so using the proper matscan make this aspect more enjoyable and save your hands and knees some potentialgrief. To add some extra meat to your warm ups and cool downs you may want to tryusing some exercise bands and tubing. They come in different thicknesses so having afew different bands on hand can give you a variety of resistances.Other Machines and EquipmentExercise balls and balance disks can be used on their own for toning and stabilityexercises or used concurrently with weights to add a little more difficulty to your weighttraining. Hand exercisers are excellent little pieces of equipment that will help you workon your grip. You may even want to try things like ab and thigh machine to tone specificareas.No matter what type of workout you want to get there is a piece of equipment out therethat can either provide the workout or simply enhance it. If you aren’t sure about acertain machine try it out or have a trainer or store clerk show you how to use it.Learning about new machines and equipment can be an interesting way to spice up apreviously stale workout routine. Page | 11
  12. 12. Summertime Exercise: How To Stay Healthy And Fit In Hot WeatherOnce summer comes around you may find it difficult to continue your normal exerciseroutine. It gets hot and muggy and you may either lose the drive to workout or findyourself physically unable to because of the heat. Well this year your routine doesn’thave to be interrupted. Keeping a few important reminders in mind will allow you to stayfit and healthy even when a heat wave strikes.Hydration and NutritionWhether your outside under the hot sun or indoors in a muggy room, be sure to drinkplenty of water. You’ll be raising your body temperature even higher and sweating morethan usual so it’s important to keep your fluids replenished to avoid heat stroke anddehydration. Make sure you’re getting the proper nutrition as well by choosing healthyfoods that will keep your energy supplies up.Dress AppropriatelyOne of the best ways to keep yourself cool while exercising in the sun is to wearsomething light and breathable. If you choose to wear something that exposes skinmake sure to wear sunscreen as well to avoid burning. Breathable shoes will help tokeep you cool, just ensure they are still the appropriate footwear for the type of exerciseyou will be doing. Trading supportive shoes for something that will keep you coolerwon’t help your workout routine.Obey Your BodyPay attention to the signals your body gives you. Checking your pulse from time to timeand slowing down your regular routine at first are both excellent ways to ensure a safeworkout. If you’re feeling tired or dizzy be sure to give yourself a break or even end yourworkout early.Change Your RoutineYou may choose to just avoid the sun entirely. Finding a new activity that can be doneindoors might be exactly what you need to keep your fitness routine going strongthrough the summer. Or perhaps you may just want to change when you exercise to acooler part of the day.Finding a new activity that’s more suited to the summer temperature could be a greatchance to try something you’d never thought of before. It may also give you theopportunity to work new muscles that had been getting neglected with your old workout. Page | 12
  13. 13. Just be sure you don’t overdo your workout and you give yourself a generous warm upand cool down to keep those muscles loose and flexible. What Is A Balance Ball And What Do I Do With It?If you’ve seen balance balls lying around your gym and have never used one, you maybe wondering what they’re for and how they work. They may look like a simple piece ofequipment but the possibilities are endless when it comes to different the exercises youcan perform with them.UsesMost commonly balance balls are seen in gyms being used for stretching and musclestrengthening. Because they offer such a variety of exercises they can be used whetheryou want to tone a certain muscle group or strengthen muscles to prevent injury. Lowimpact exercises can easily be done with a balance ball so they are enormously helpfulin rehabilitation from injuries.Balance balls aren’t limited to just exercise. Many people use them as desk chairs toimprove posture. While you may not be “working out” your back and abdominal musclesare still being strengthened by maintaining your balance.BenefitsAs the name would imply, balance balls assist in developing your balance and stability.Achieving excellent balance may not seem always important but it can actually greatlyenhance your overall workout.Having proper balance during a cardio workout will minimize your chance of injury andallow you to more fully enjoy the workout. For a weight training work out, stability is veryimportant when using free weights so the addition of a balance ball to your routine mightgive you that added level of difficulty you’re looking for.Working on your balance will increase strength and core fitness resulting in more finelytuned muscles. Your coordination will be honed giving you better reflexes and reactiontime.Tips Page | 13
  14. 14. Find the right size for the type of exercise you’ll be doing. Balance balls come in manysizes will different variations of firmness, so it’s important to find one that is comfortablefor you and suits your needs.Get creative with your exercises. There are so many exercises out there for balanceballs that focus on every different muscle group. If one exercise stops being enjoyablefor you or is no longer giving you the resistance you’re looking for, don’t be afraid to trysomething else. How Can I Tell If I Am Procrastinating?Procrastinating is a dangerous disease. I call it a disease because if it goesunmanaged, it effects are severe. It can lead to loss of your job, business or fail youexams. May be you are hearing of this term procrastinating for the first time. Well, bydefinition; procrastinating is the process postponing doing what you are required to dodue to insensible reasons; for instance, laziness or carelessness. When addicted toprocrastinating, you keep on postponing activities carelessly.I know believe that you have a general picture of what procrastinating is and you can tellif you are a victim or not. Going back to our main topic which is: how can I tell if I amprocrastinating? Basically, it is very simple. A procrastinator is a person who keeps onpostponing what he/she is required to undertake for other unrelated activities or due tolaziness.Causes of procrastinatingSome postponements are necessary while others are not. For example, if you delay toundertake a task because you are waiting for clarification from your seniors, then that isa justified delay. However, if you delay because of chatting on a social media network,then that is an unnecessary delay. Therefore, let’s look at some of the causes ofprocrastination: 1. Complex tasks: if the tasks you are performing are very sophisticated, you can easily lose interest 2. Inability to make decisions: some decisions are very sensitive and can only be made by specific people in the organizations. If such situations are encountered, you will definitely delay the job until the decisions are made 3. Unpleasant tasks: if the tasks you are performing are unpleasant at all, then your interest to work can be easily diverted Page | 14
  15. 15. 4. Lack of interest: if you are doing what you aren’t interested in, you can easily lose interest 5. Unimportant tasks: if you are performing unimportant tasks, you will definitely procrastinate. 6. Working environment: your working environment can either fasten or delay the work. 7. Negative attitude towards the boss: research has shown that if you have a negative attitude towards the person who gave you the task, there is a possibility of delays. 8. Disturbances: if there are a lot of disturbances where you are working from, the work can be delayed 9. Perfection: some people delay tasks in an attempt to make the work perfectFacts about procrastinating 1. Procrastinators always tell themselves that they will perform better the next day; which rarely happens 2. The style of parenting can cause procrastinating 3. Procrastinating is not inherited but developed by the individual 4. Most procrastinators are termed as lazy and not incompetentHow to stop procrastinating  You should always work even if you are not feeling like working  Ensure that all the required items are available to ensure completion of tasksHow to know if you are procrastinating  Substituting something important for something very unimportant  Turning a short break to a long one  Spending too much time on one task  Not seeing the impact of your work  Under-estimating or over-estimating the degree of work’s difficulty Page | 15
  16. 16. The Truth About Weight LossBasically, losing weight is about burning more calories than you take in. It is very easyto lose weight but if not taken care of very carefully, the effects of over-weight are harsh.Many people become obese not because they cannot handle it but because they fail toinstill very simple steps that can eliminate the problem completely. Obesity will bar youfrom performing many activities and remain limited on what they do. This is because thebody becomes too heavy, imbalanced, unstable and inflexible.Today, let’s share on some of the ways we can use to lose weight  Diet: maintain a healthy eating habit. It is recommended that you eat six small meals a day distributed regularly throughout the day. You should have your last large meal about three hours before going to sleep. Eating more raw fruits and vegetables will also facilitate faster burning of excess calories.Some people say that you need to avoid eating snacks, this is not true. Instead, thesnacks need to be eaten at the right time and alongside a workout program. Therefore,you should not specialize and go fasting in the name of losing weight; you can stillmaintain your previous snacks but also stick to your doctor’s diet program.  Drink a lot of water daily: the water mostly dehydrates the body; which is a crucial process in losing weight. Start taking water as soon as you wake up and maintain the trend throughout the day. Page | 16
  17. 17.  Juicing: if you walk into homes of those people who are serious about their health, they never miss juicers. Juicing is one of the best ways that health experts have said to be effective in losing weight. What you need to know is the combination of the produce and the selection of the juicer to use to extract the juice.  Exercise: you can maintain a healthy diet but without incorporating a workout, the results might not be very satisfactory. Initiate exercises that will involve all body parts and muscles. The exercises make the body active and increase the rate of metabolism thus burning more calories.  Supplements and pills: there are supplements available in the markets which can effectively burn calories. Most supplements are incorporated in the diet and they facilitate the weight lose process. However, you should visit a doctor for recommendation on what type of supplements to use because some have very severe side effects which can worsen the situation.  Calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR): this equation helps you to know the number of calories you need per day to maintain your weight, the number of calories you take daily, the number of calories you burn ad the number of calories you need to burn. This equation will help you strategize on how to approach the obesity situation.ConclusionBasically, maintaining a healthy diet and incorporating body exercises consistently is thebest, natural way of losing weight and this has worked out for many people. Therefore, itis time for you to put the above steps in action to burn those excess calories. Page | 17
  18. 18. Benefits Of Vegetable JuiceGenerally, the vegetable juice is responsible for making your body healthy and free fromseveral disorders. For instance, the juice is responsible for:  Cleansing the body  Increasing the metabolism rate of the body  Raising the energy levels  Healing wounds and other damaged body cells  Weight loss  Healing skin disorders and eliminating aging and development of wrinkles on the skinTips for juicing vegetables 1. Identify the combination of produce that will give you a tasty and sweet juice. The reason for this s to ensure that you enjoy drinking the juice thus increasing the quantity taken into the body 2. Choose the right juicer for the produce. It is rather obvious that almost every group of produce can be juiced best by use of a certain juicer. For instance, there are juicers specifically meant to extract juice from vegetables more effectively. 3. Juice and take the juice frequently for you to benefit fully. It is recommended that you take at least 3 glasses of vegetable juice daily.Therefore, if you have a vegetable juice recipe that has worked for you, feel free toshare it with me. Otherwise, from the vegetable juice recipes I have used and based onthe feedback I have received from customers, these recipes are reliable and effectivefor a healthy body. Page | 18
  19. 19. Benefits Of Juicing Green Cabbage JuiceCabbage is one of the most nutritious vegetables that have multiple benefits for one’shealth. Basically, there are various varieties of cabbages including the head cabbage,light green, round variety, leafy, tightly bound variety, among others. all the varietiescontain potassium, iron, calcium, sulphur, iodine, phosphorous, vitamin A, vitamin C,vitamin B1, B2, B6, E, K, amino acid and folic acid. All these nutrients and vitamins arelow in calorie content and are very crucial in boosting the health of an individual.In most cases, cabbage is said to have a bitter flavor. However, this is eliminated bycombining it with other produces like apples, carrots, orange, celery, etc. Let’s now lookat some of the benefits of the juice obtained from cabbage.Health benefits of green cabbage  Digestive system: cabbage contains amino acid which is one of the best body cleansers. In addition, the juice obtained from green cabbage is directly absorbed in the bloodstream thus being digested within the shortest time possible.  Immune system: cabbage works well in preventing allergies. Also, vitamins are well known for preventing diseases and since a large percentage of cabbage is comprised of vitamins, this means that the body’s immune system is best boosted when you drink green cabbage juice. The juice protects cell damage, promotes healthy teeth and heals wounds.  Constipation: cabbage is fibrous and has a laxative effect on the body which makes it easier for the body fluids to flow throughout the body. Page | 19
  20. 20.  Energy increase: once the green cabbage juice is taken into the body, it is directly absorbed thus increasing the energy levels instantly. The juice does not require digestion because all the green cabbage nutrients are easily absorbed  Antioxidants: cabbage contains a good percentage of antioxidants which eliminates many toxins from the body which could otherwise cause problems.  Increased metabolism rate: as stated earlier, the cabbage juice increases the energy levels in the body. This in turn increases the rate of metabolism thus improving the general performance of the body reaction and keeping the body active at all times.The green cabbage juice is effective for everybody; be it children or old people.However, for you to get the maximum benefits of green cabbage juice, you need toextract the juice appropriately. The juice is preferred than the raw cabbage becausejuice is easily absorbed in the body, the taste can be changed and the quantity of intakewill be large.Therefore, you have to get the produce to combine with the green cabbages so as toget the best taste and flavor. In addition, the juicer you use to extract juice should be theperfect juicer for the combination of your produces. If this is considered, you will haveprevented cancer, ulcers; boosted your immune system, brain cells, digestive systemand cleansed your body completely. Therefore, I recommend that you try greencabbage for a healthy living. Workouts For Weight Loss: Which Is The Right For You?Nowadays, most people have developed a critical attitude towards their body weightand general appearance. This self consciousness of their looks has given severalpeople at lot of stress as they have developed low self esteem about themselves. Thereare many workouts for weight loss that are aimed at mitigating the problem of beingoverweight. These exercises are mainly strength intensive and will require thecombination of regular exercise accompanied by observing the right kind of diet toachieve the best results. Usually, too much weight comes with health issues and regularexercise will help keeping these health issues at bay.The workouts have been tailored so as to give consideration to people of all gender andages. Women mostly don’t tend to buy the idea of intensive exercise as the way to goabout fighting excess weight and will tend to adopt self starvation or anorexia nervosaand bulimia nervosa- induced vomiting as the techniques to combat the problem of Page | 20
  21. 21. being overweight. This mostly will have severe health problems related to them and atthe end it will not be a feasible option. There are several weight loss workouts that canbe used to successively combat the problem without really risking your ultimate state ofhealth.Any workout exercise mandates that before any intensive activity, you have to do awarm for about 7-10 minutes so has to prepare your body for intense activity to avoidincidences of unintended injury. After this, a cardio session of about 20-30 minutes willprepare the body for strength training exercises. Then finally, perform stretchingexercises as you cool down as this will you help you improve your flexibility. Make surethat within the workouts, you are not dehydrated and take some rest in between theexercise to help you recover or gain your breath. These workouts include:Cardio Exercises  There exist several cardio workouts for fast weight loss. Special machines such as the treadmill and elliptical machine are designed for the gym workout routines involving cardio exercise. When it comes to these workouts, some are suitable for men while others are more inclined towards women and some for either gender. Aerobics (dancing) is one of the most common cardio workouts for women. It aims primarily to get rid of fat around the legs, hips and waist. It is recommended that you perform aerobics for at least 30 minutes a day as it burns a lot of calories during the exercise.  Rope jumping is also another excellent cardio workout for weight loss. Since it will require strength intensity, it will take shorter periods to perform like Page | 21
  22. 22. around 15-20 minutes each day. It’s perfect in increasing stamina of the heart as you will not run out of breath easily and it improves blood circulation in the body.  Swimming is also a highly effective workout for weight loss. Swimming usually involves the whole body and will therefore exercise the whole body. However, this workout is not common as not all people can afford access to swimming pools which are generally considered a reserve of the rich. In such cases then, one can opt for running or jogging exercises. This will improve the body’s BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) which in turn burns lots of calories. Running also improves the heart rate and hence better blood circulation which leads to better health.  Another important cardio workout exercise is to do cycling. You can organize to do bicycle cycling early in the morning with a group of friends as this will exercise the leg muscles and improve the heart stamina. In addition, one gets to burn a lot of calories. Other mild exercises which are useful include walking and being physically active frequently.Higher Intensity or Strength Training ExercisesRegular strength training exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups and going for gymexercises will require a lot of strength to perform. They are highly effective in burningdown calories and help in gaining of muscle mass. Excising by performing short burstsis extremely strength intensive and will get you worked out flat really fast. However,strength intensive exercises are the most effective workouts for weight loss than anyother methods. These exercises immensely burn out fat and in its place muscle massdevelops.When doing the cardio workout exercises, you need to be patient and consistent toattain the best results. You can always juggle between the cardio workouts and thestrength training workouts whenever necessary so has to obtain the best results. Thiswill ensure that you don’t get bored by the monotony of doing the same exercise overand over again. Page | 22
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