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slide share

Published in: Software
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  1. 1. slide share Made by Edith
  2. 2. Table of content  Slide share Introduction  Lead Generation  Features  Uses  Top brands company that use Slide share
  3. 3. Slide share Introduction  Slides share begin to exits during the year of 1600s.  Content marketing has become a growing strategy for businesses, with almost 80% of CMOs citing content as the future of marketing.  However, Slide share happen to be a presentation of a series of images, and videos on a projection screen.  Each image displayed few seconds, and sometimes it lasted for several minutes, before it is replaced by the next image.
  4. 4. Lead Generation  As a global platform reaching over 70 million viewers per month, Slide Share is a powerful lead generation machine.
  5. 5. Features  It allowed people to do presentation of images purely for their own visual interest or artistic value.  Slide share are being used to clarify or reinforce information, ideas, comments, solutions or suggestions that are presented verbally.
  6. 6. Uses  well-organized company have being using slide share.  slide share allows company's and individual to fit visual images to an oral presentation.
  7. 7. Top brands company that use Slide share