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132kv Substation


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132kv Substation

  1. 1. A visit to 132kv S/S PGI
  2. 2. Single Line Diagram-132/33/11kv Sub-station PGI
  3. 3. 3 incomer from 400/220KV s/s Sarojini Nagar & 1 outgoing 132kv line to Gomti Nagar & Martin purva 132kv incomer incomer outgoing
  4. 4. 132kv incoming lines through Lightning Arrestor & is connected to the Gantry through insulated discs. Disc insulators Lightning Arrestor Incomer gantry Lightning Arrestors Bus bar for all 3 incomer & 1 outgoing line
  5. 5. The line moves ahead passing through polycon insulators & to the circuit breakers (CB) moving ahead to the main bus bar <ul><li>From Gantry the line moves through Capacitive Voltage Transformer (CVT) & Current Transformer (CT) </li></ul>Capacitive Voltage Transformer(CVT) Current Transformer(CT) Polycon Insulator 132KV SF6 CB
  6. 6. <ul><li>The line ,through the isolators is distributed in the s/s through Main bus. </li></ul>Main Bus bar 132kv Bay
  7. 7. 132kv Bay terminating to 20MVA 132/11kv Transformer Isolators Transfer Bus
  8. 8. 40MVA 132/11kv transformer feeding PGI <ul><li>Tendum isolator, used for rectification works to isolate the equipment </li></ul>Transformer Gantry Transformer LA Current Transformer(CT) Tendum Isolator
  9. 9. 33kv Sub-station with two 40MVA(132/33kv) transformers 40MVA 132/33kv Emco Transformer Post insulators Current Transformer(CT) 33kv Bus Bar 33kv GAntry 33kv Disc Insulators 33kv Gantries (1 & 2)
  10. 10. 33kv side transformer & a single 33kv Bay Oil Tank Cooling Fans A single bay R Y B Cooling Fins
  11. 11. Jack Bus, used for the purpose of isolation of a bay for rectification
  12. 12. Two 5MVAr Capacitor Banks(10 MVAr) for power factor correction & voltage stability for distribution NCT (Neutralising Current Transformer) RVT (Resistive Voltage Transformer) Capacitor Cells
  13. 13. THANKING YOU <ul><li>Chanmeet Singh Syal & Swapnil Srivastava. </li></ul>