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Studioline Consulting Inc Presentation Final

  1. 1. KPO RPO Medical Transcription (MT) Construction Engineering
  2. 2. Introduction: KPO & Data processing services form a major chunk of the services, which are being outsourced globally & locally as well. KPO involves processes that demand advanced information search, analytical, interpretation and technical skills as well as some judgment and decision-making. Examples of KPO functions are intellectual property or patent research, R&D in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, data mining, database creation, and a range of analytical services such as equity research, competitive intelligence, industry reports and financial modeling. Many of these activities lend themselves to remote execution from anywhere. Several global players such as McKinsey, Goldman Sachs, Reuters, IMS Health, Harris Interactive, Ipsos, Maritz, AC Nielsen, TN0S and the WPP group are already using India as a remote base. Organizations need to process a rapidly growing amount of information. Data entry and information processing workers help ensure the smooth and efficient handling of information. By keying in text, entering data into a computer, operating a variety of office machines, and performing other clerical duties. Data entry and information processing workers held about 525,000 jobs in 2004 and were employed in every sector of the economy. The primary reason/objective of this boom as follows: 1.Formatting Resumes & other Bulk Documents 2.Medical Billing 3.Data Entry & Coding 4.Voice to text 5.Copywriting 6.Legal Documentation 7.Insurance Paperwork 8.HR Screening Services 9.Payroll 10.Inventory Tracking 11.Invoicing 12.Accounting/Tax Preparation 13.Bookkeeping
  3. 3. Objective: The primary goal of this document is to outline the goals, the objectives, the business plan, the targeted market segment & the framework of this entire setup. This document will provide you an in depth look into the way this organization will function, the services which will be provided & the ways of delivering world class delivery to global clients. The Focus of this Organization will begin with rather basic Data Entry projects, which would utilize skilled labor in MS Office, Visual basic & MS Access & then transition into KPO Services with high end R&D work.
  4. 4. NASSCOM REPORTS: The National Association of Software and Service Companies projects that the total global off shoring market opportunity by 2008 will touch $141 billion. Of this, data search, integration and management will account for $18 billion. Medical, legal content and associated services represent an opportunity of $2 billion. However, Scope e-Knowledge Center estimates that only 45- 50 per cent (about $65-70 billion) of the total off-shoring opportunity is likely to be realized even by 2010. According to Scope, the global offshore BPO (non-IT) revenue in fiscal 2003 was close to $9 billion and this is expected to grow by about 35 per cent a year through 2008.
  5. 5. Services Offered: To be successful in this segment the following services would be offered by our setup: Data capture from paper, image and microfilm XML/SGML/HTML conversion Searchable PDF conversion Scanning, OCR Database creation, validation & maintenance Forms processing and remote data entry Indexing/compilation Book keeping and accounting Financial services Back office operation
  6. 6. IT & Non IT Consulting Services @ Studioline Consulting Inc
  7. 7. Studioline is US based global consulting and IT services company, offering a wide range of solutions, customized for key verticals and horizontals. We strive to bridge the gap between our esteemed clients and talented workers with our unparallel services. Mission: Our mission is to attain highest level of excellence in providing the best services to our customers and promoting commitment, trust and code of conduct. Our Philosophy: We foster environment where each individual is considered unique and valuable who in turns became building block of a strong team. Human power is the driving force for success of any organization. Its their hard work, energy, creativity, trust and strive of an excellence which gives continuous momentum to the organization. Core Values: We believe in human excellence. H igh level of commitment. U nique solution and services. M atchles talent. A ttitude which complements skills. N ever give up enthusiasm.
  8. 8. Partners: Our success lies in the long term alliances and partnership with our vendors and client. At Studioline Consulting Inc, we are committed to 100% customer satisfaction. We partner with vendors and clients who share the same goal. Our synergy help us to move strategically to deliver the highest standard of services.
  9. 9. At Studioline, quality of transcription is our main focus. We met and exceed AAMT standards by maintaining a 99.6% and above accuracy. To ensure we have the highest level of quality, we have a 3 point quality assurance process: The first step of quality assurance is done by transcriptionists themselves. Medical transcriptionists double check their reports after transcribing to check for spelling and grammar. The second step of quality assurance is done by Proofreaders. Proofreaders are Sr. Medical Transcriptionists having at least 5 years of experience as MT. Proofreaders check for spelling and grammatical errors, which might have missed by the MTs and to make sure all client specifications, are covered. The third level of quality assurance is undertaken by the Quality Analysts who are certified medical transcriptionists with more than 5 years of experience as Proof reader/MT. The QA goes through each report while listening to the original dictations checking for context errors and assist MT's and Proofreaders when needed.
  10. 10. What is Medical Transcription? When the patient go to the doctor in the USA or UK, the doctor will listen all the data from the patient and he will dictate a voice file that we have to listen and type. As 10 to 15 years back, a secretary (transcriptionist) used to be there along with doctor, she takes dictation from the doctor; she types and gives back to doctor. Doctor will take a print out and put signature, and then the document will be sent to Insurance Company for payment purposes. Right now, once Internet established in India, we are getting dictations. We are transcribing and sending back to USA. The main reason to outsource of work here is turn around time (12 hours time difference), less cost when compared to USA, and English known people. About Us: We have over 4 years of experience in all areas of this profession. Our experience, expertise, and years of knowledge have gone into the development of this course. Many sceptical students were surprisingly pleased with what they received for their money. We are tied up with more than 150 Home Based Work Providers from all over India. We are tied up with transcription course providers in other states to help students from other states. The course is a complete quality course. You do not have to invest a lot of money on books, software, and equipment. We are up front with what you will receive, provide you with everything necessary to train to become work ready, and we are there for you every step of the way from the start of your training right up through the job placement process upon completion. We also do not use marketing techniques like offering different courses or levels. This is a common practice if your main goal is to make a sale. At Studioline Consulting Inc, we offer only one complete course and we would rather lose a prospective student than offer you a course that provides minimal training. In our professional opinion, there is only one way to learn this. There should not be options like basic course, better, and best. SERVICE AND SUPPORT: As we state above, we offer service and support throughout your training and upon successful completion of the course. We can fully relate to our students because we are medical transcriptionists, have been through similar training, and have years of experience in the field. The director continues to work in this field as a MT service owner allowing us to provide the most up to date resource information, technology with relation to equipment, job opportunities, and just be able to provide you with good sound advice that you can rely on. We know first hand about this profession and are a great information resource. We take time with each and every call or email we receive. The director takes a personal interest when it comes to each and every student.
  11. 11. Baby Steps…Walk Before You Run Workforce Changes Production Changes Cost Savings Forecasts Expectations Workforce Changes New Skill Set Needed in Workforce Editors Instead of Typists Training and Un-training Hand/Eye Coordination Pay Changes: Editing vs. Typing Retention and Recruitment Challenges
  12. 12. Production Changes Voice Capture Quality Suddenly More Important with Speech Recognition New Processes Surrounding Speech to Text Translation Workflow and Editor Enhancements for Automated Report Production Staffing Challenges for Editing vs. Typing Work Cost Savings Effort to drive down the cost of production through pay changes Corresponding increase in productivity lagging behind pay changes Legacy enrolment accelerated to realize savings Savings realized after only 6 months of accelerated enrolment Forecasts & Future Expectations 35% of the volume processed through our Data Center is on Speech Recognition Goal is 50% by the end of 2006 Goal is 80% by the end of 2007 Savings forecasts are dramatic in years 2 and 3 Speech Recognition has permanently changed the complexion of our business
  13. 13. TRANSCRIPTION: Transcription means changing of one version (voice dictation) to another (text format). Medical Transcription means, transcribing the patient's health records, dictated by the consulting Doctor, into text format. HEALTH RECORD: Definition of the Health Record: The health record is chronological, documented evidence of a patient’s initial data base, initial evaluation, identified problems and needs, objectives of care, prescribed treatment, and end results. Health record is to denote both illness and wellness of the patient. The health record is the property of the hospital and can’t be removed from the premises without a subpoena or a court order. The health record is maintained in the Health Information Department headed by an RRA (registered record administrator) or an ART (accredited record technician). PURPOSE OF THE HEALTH RECORD: •The health record is a measurement of care being rendered in a facility. It is utilized to plan, communicate, and evaluate the quality of care being given to each patient. •The health record is a “proof or work done”. It contains documentation to meet federal, state, and JACHO (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations) standards and regulations as well as those for reimbursement and third party payer requirements. •The health record is maintained for medicolegal protection for the patient, facility, staff and physician. The health record is used for research, compiling statistics, and evaluation of healthcare delivery.
  14. 14. ORIGIN OF THE HEALTH RECORD: In hospitals the health record begins in the Admission Department (if the patient gets admission in the hospital), or in the Outpatient Department (if the patient gets treatment as an outpatient), or in the Emergency Department (if the patient attends for an emergency). After observation and evaluation in the Emergency Room, if necessary, the patient will be admitted. ENTRIES IN HEALTH RECORD: These departments have to collect patient’s identification and demographic information. The correct spelling of the patient’s legal name and date of birth are crucial elements to determine positive patient’s identification. The information is utilized to assign the health record number that is maintained for the lifetime of the patient and should be recorded on all transcribed reports. Additional identification entries are the address, next of kin, and place of birth, social security number, occupation, sex, marital status, ethnic origin, and admitting diagnosis. The final entries will be the employer, job title, address of company, insurance company, person responsible for emergency notification and payments, type of coverage, insurance identification number, and type of payment plan. The patient’s consent will be taken for treatment and responsibilities as a patient. Throughout health care additional informed consents for surgery, procedure, invasive diagnostic tests, transfer, et cetera, will be obtained. The patient is assured of the health care record confidentiality.
  15. 15. MEDICAL ENTRIES: •Physician’s orders for tests and investigations. •Nursing entries to establish a patient care plan, and set up forms for documentation of graphic information, such as vital signs (temperature, pulse, respiration, blood pressure, and weight). Patient’s intake and output, diet and hygiene records, medication records, et cetera. •Physician’s entries: History and physical examination, laboratory data, diagnosis, hospital course, medications and plan (while discharging the patient). TRANSCRIBING THE HEALTH RECORD: Physician dictates the entries made in the health record. This dictation is sent to a transcriptionist. This medical transcriptionist, specially trained for transcribing health records, by hearing the voice dictation converts into text format according to the client’s preference. To execute this transcription work the person needs training, as he/she is not familiar with this medical field. HOW TO TRAIN THE STUDENTS FOR MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION: First, let us question ourselves what type of work that we do. The work is nothing but transcribing the audio dictation of patient's health records into text format. It seems to be very simple but difficult to execute. The reasons are many and among them we discuss following two important problems. •The dictation of the patient's health record is related to medical field. This medical field is new and unknown to every non-medical student. •Doctors dictate these heath records. So, a new problem arises when the student exposed to the voices of different doctors. These doctors are multinational origin with different accent in pronouncing the English vocabulary. The main hurdle for MTs (whose mother tongue is not English) is to understand the slang and accent of these multinational doctors. Let us discuss now the problems in detail. Exposing the student to medical field solves the first problem. They need to understand the medical terminology (in relation to spelling, pronunciation and meaning of the medical word) and the health records.
  16. 16. What Does A Medical Transcriptionist Do? Medical transcription is like nothing else you’ll ever experience. Doctors see patients in hospitals, clinics and physicians’ offices and dictate important information about the patient’s history, physical examination, diseases, procedures, laboratory tests and diagnoses. They talk in technical terms and often so quickly that you must know approximately what they are supposed to say or you won’t be able to understand it when you hear it! New students often think that the quot;dictationquot; doctors do is like some executive dictating a letter to a secretary, in which he/she specifies every line break, every paragraph, every punctuation mark, and most of the spelling. This is absolutely NOT how doctors dictate. They expect the medical transcriptionist to do the formatting, the spelling, and to convert that dictated material from the doctor’s shorthand medical slang to formal medical language. Doctors often say things in their dictation that they never intend to be transcribed. They say, quot;Oh, no, start over,quot; quot;Go back and change that,quot; and make all sorts of chitchat. They tell the transcriptionist jokes, relate cute stories, and they sing! They have conversations with people around them and often do this WHILE doing the actual dictation. Example of something a medical transcriptionist might hear: quot;The patient is a 32-year-old put him in room 2 white male who presented with a yeah, start an IV chief complaint of rats I can't find it what was this guy's problem when he got here? Never mind belly pain (rattle of x-ray film) ...okay, she can go; this is clear.quot; They also often begin and end by saying hello, goodbye, thank you, and have a nice holiday. They don't intend for this to be transcribed. The job of the medical transcriptionist is to figure out what is supposed to be part of the report and what is not. We are not robots who simply repeat everything we hear. We use judgement in deciding what to include and what not to include. Even if you are asked to do quot;verbatimquot; transcription, they NEVER expect you to type every noise the dictator makes. We don't transcribe noises; we transcribe and interpret meaning. We do that without changing the style of the physician’s dictation and without ever changing the medical meaning. The end result is that the report says exactly what the doctor wants it to say.
  17. 17. What we do: Studioline Consulting Inc provides off-shore engineering services for global clients in the construction industry who want to leverage upon India's high quality technical resource(s) to lower their cost-structure and completion time for execution of critical processes (engineering, estimation, costing, etc). Our engineering services practice currently include experience(s) in Facade Design & Engineering and Civil Engineering (precast, R.C.C. structures, Structural Steel). The company has the required infrastructure and personnel to provide design, analysis and e-drawing services to our clients. What we believe: Our core mission and values will nourish our success (our commitments to our Clients and our People are at the heart of everything we do). Leadership at SCI is not about rising above the rest, but about helping others to exceed their own expectation. Adhere to the highest professional standards: In all our work we adhere to the professional standards clients expect from a trusted counsellor. By imposing high standards on ourselves – for confidentiality and independence, for example – we have earned trust and confidence from our clients. Improve our clients' performance significantly: We aim to help the executives of leading companies and organizations make significant improvements to their overall performance by tackling their most challenging issues. We do so by taking a top-management perspective, bringing innovations in management practice, and building our clients' capabilities. Create an unrivalled environment for exceptional people: We seek to attract exceptional people and provide them with opportunities for personal and professional growth that they can find nowhere else. Our aspiration is an inclusive, supportive environment that balances individual opportunity with care and respect for all colleagues. This is not a firm of leaders and followers; it is a firm of leaders who want the freedom to do what they think is right
  18. 18. We want to be a business enabler of firms in the global construction industry through provision of a portfolio of back-end processes (sales & marketing management, payroll management, financial management, inventory management and engineering management). Our Mission: At Studioline Consulting Inc, our mission is clear and unequivocal: to help firms globally gain and sustain competitive advantage, and achieve profound, tangible results. Whether the focus is on operations, on organizational change or strategic business technology, our people are committed to helping clients improve their products and services, their business relationships, and their bottom line economics. We accomplish these goals through an approach that combines a broad knowledge of business issues with a deep understanding of the specific industry. Our people are highly collaborative, team-oriented approach to working with our clients and with each other. Each day, we enable business leaders to envision fundamental change and realize extraordinary results.
  19. 19. In today's intense drive for companies to deliver shareholder value, organizations are being forced to rethink how they deploy resources. They need to focus on what they do best: developing and selling their products and services. By concentrating on their enterprise's core competencies, CEOs can manage their businesses more effectively. Enterprise Services Transformation can help most companies address their enterprise services challenges and drive both cost improvements and performance enhancements. Our end-to-end capabilities span from marketing strategy through design, solutions implementation and project management. Range of Services: Our Engineering Business Process Services currently include Facade and Structural Design Development, Quantity Surveying, Estimation, Structural Engineering, Shop drawing preparation, Fabrication Drawings, Bar placement drawings and Bar Bending Schedules (BBS)'s and Value Engineering. These services are generally applied to the following segments of the construction industry: Architectural Consultants Facade / Architectural Aluminium Contractors Civil Contractors Rebar - cut and bend suppliers Structural Steel Fabricators Specialist Stone applicators All other Construction affiliated industry. In addition, we provide creative design services that include corporate identity development, brochure design, product design and visual merchandising. Note: We follow a strict confidentiality policy and therefore do not provide references of our works. However, we will be pleased to provide you limited services free of cost for your assessment of our capabilities.
  20. 20. Focus on Company's Core Business Achieve Cost Reductions Management is able to focus more time, Through process re-design, the latest energy, and resources on building the company's core technology and economies of scale, outsourcing and strategic business. reduces operating costs by as much as 30-50% while bringing other administrative costs under control. Maintain Competitive Edge Improve Service Quality Business process outsourcing enables management to focus on building a more competitive Outsourcing the business processes helps to business, and provide the supporting systems and provide a higher level and quality of services to services to the business. customers, both external and internal. Obtain Outside Expertise Meet Changing Customer Demands By outsourcing the non-core business Business process outsourcing provides activities to specialist outsourcing company the management with flexible and scalable services to meet management can leverages the value enhancement customers' changing requirements, and to support the which company may not have in-house. company's strategic moves. Gain Access to Advanced Technology Achieve Revenue Enhancements Outsourcing enables companies to design and By outsourcing non-core processes, implement leading-edge enterprise systems to support management can focus on increasing market share, the business processes, and manage the technology developing new and improved products, expanding infrastructure with more efficient capital investments into new markets, enhancing customer service and and training costs. increasing share holder value.
  21. 21. Confidentiality is important to us. We value the privacy of our clients and the privacy of our clients customers and will treat all personal information acquired in the process of providing the service in confidence. We are bound by the professional standards of confidentiality and will always protect you and your client’s right to privacy. Similarly, all our employees as a condition of employment are bound by our established privacy and confidentiality standards and policy. We will not store, retain or withhold information you provide, without your express written permission. This includes electronic data and hard copy documents. We will not divulge directly or indirectly to any person or otherwise use, disseminate, disclose, lecture upon, publish or reveal in anyway whatsoever any of your intellectual property, or proprietary information and will maintain complete secrecy of all such intellectual property and proprietary information entrusted to us.
  22. 22. Work Flow: Quality Control: Work is generally enabled utilising soft copies of documents / information Quality is a ubiquitous element of our work, and we take pride in our that is exchanged between client and us via email. capability to produce quality work. Each project is managed by a Project Manager / Team Leader, who is the Our work flow process incorporates a multi stage document and information single point contact with the Client. The PM reviews documents / information quality control system. received and then raises a questionnaire to obtain / confirm Critical Performance Information (CPI), confirming priorities, schedule, etc., post which a Project Schedule is developed in accordance with which work is Our output is controlled through a multi-tier Quality Assurance programme. progressed. RFI's, CVI's etc are raised as required on a pre-determined FACET format or the Client provided format. Completed work is emailed back to client for review and approval. Professional Indemnity Insurance: Communication is generally over the internet utilising voice, chat, email, PI Insurance may be provided by us on request for those projects where we drawing pads, etc. hold design responsibility. Process Control: Process Control is an important factor that influences the Clients relationship with us and the comfort level the Client builds in your work and SCI as an Business Process Service Provider. In 2005, we expect to deploy a web based application that will map business processes and progress on a given Project at any point in time and accessible from anywhere in the world. Our clients will be able to login to the system and monitor their project's and all other information e.g., document history, financial transactions etc. Communication with us will be enabled through the same web page.
  23. 23. Field Sketch: Finished Drawing:
  24. 24. Samples: