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TechPubs at PlanetPTC June 2012


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TechPubs ( presented at PlanetPTC in Orlando, June 2012. The presentation covers basics of in-cockpit EFB using iPads and other devices, and cites Etihad and JetBlue's experiences in this area.

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TechPubs at PlanetPTC June 2012

  1. 1. iPad on the Flight Deck: An Industry Re-ImaginesContent Management for the Cockpit TechPubs Global JetBlue Airways
  2. 2. Nate JacksonIntroduction VP, TechPubsEFB and Technical Publications: Pete RussoThe Pilot’s Perspective JetBlue AirwaysEtihad and TechPubs Global Nate Jackson
  3. 3. Import Distribute Central PublicationsManufactures Management Tablets PlatformOperators LegacyRegulators Paper
  4. 4. Import and Compare Revision Management Change PackagingApplicability ManagementCompliance Management Interactive ViewingPTC
  5. 5. EFB & Technical Publications Management:A Pilot’s Perspective Captain Pete Russo JetBlue Airways
  6. 6. My Office: Airbus-320Electronic DisplaysGradual takeover since1985Weight, reliability,informationCurrent dataLeft behind: manuals,charts, mapsPilots clamor for the HolyGrail: EFB Pilots love technology!
  7. 7. JetBlue: EFB Pioneering Since 2000EFB, paperless cockpit, since startupCompany issues, maintains pilot laptops • FAA: It’s a Class 1 EFBLaptop official contents • Many pilot-support programs • Pilots can add personal docs, programs but company retains admin rightsLaptops updated before each flight sequence, via wire or wirelessTablets under evaluation • iPad is the current favorite.Bottom line, pubs system first, then portal
  8. 8. Airlines are Quality-Centric• Silo-organized, but act as one• Philosophy, policy, TP Mission procedures…practice • Organize the pubs• Each decision, on every flight must • Enable EFB be correct• Information must be current and reachable, under pressure, distraction
  9. 9. Benefits of EFB (and EGB) Other apps: (mail, updates, schedules, manuals,Portability Accuracy and Airline staffing Crewmember weather, flightand weight applicability of in pubs and links to planning, reduction information distribution company aircraft performance, weight and balance, training, etc.) Class 1 • Portable, cheapest, and easiest to get approved Class 2 • Mountable Class 3 • Built with the plane, most expensive
  10. 10. State of the Industry • Pioneer, JetBlue: Paperless, laptops, .pdf • TP early customers: FlightPubs, investigating hardware solutions • Built-in screens on new Boeing, Airbus (Class 3 EFBs) • FAA senior management on board • International and national audit agencies • Global customer base is huge, vast opportunities ahead
  11. 11. Etihad Airways: A Major Middle Eastern CarrierTackles Content Management Nate Jackson TechPubs Global
  12. 12. The Etihad Story• Flag carrier of United Arab Emirates• Founded in 2003 with 6 aircraft and less than 2,000 employees• Today nearing 70 aircraft and 8,000 employees• Considered the fast growing airline in commercial aviation history • Largest aircraft order in commercial aviation history (2008) for up to 205 aircraft
  13. 13. The Etihad Challenge Rapid Growth Infrastructure Mixed Fleet Challenges Paperless No Change to Initiatives Headcount
  14. 14. FlightPubs Suite TechRevManager TechAuthor TechPublisher TechEFB FlightComply PTC Arbortext Publishing Windchill Editor Engine
  15. 15. Questions? Nate Jackson: Pete Russo: