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A400 M Training: A Multi-National Solution Set

These slides were presented during the Trade Media 2012 event held at Madrid, Spain and Toulouse, France in May 2012.

The briefing was provided by Ian Burrett, Heading of Training and Aircrew Operations, Customer Services for Airbus Military.

The A400M is not a platform; it is a fleet and a system. Training and operational support are critical components of the overall capability of the product.

The program has shaped an approach to providing integrated training and Ops support via an integrated network.

The plane has a very automated loadmaster system which means that a “typical” operational involving transport would see a three person crew on board, pilot, co-pilot and loadmaster.

The international training center opened in October 2010 and is the hub for the multinational training. As the equipment and tools are installed, the center will be ready for training in the summer of 2012.

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A400 m training 2012

  1. 1. A400M Training for Entry Into Service – MST May 2012A400MTraining for Entry Into ServiceIan BurrettHead of Training and Aircrew OperationsCustomer Services
  2. 2. A400M: The Big Idea Military and Humanitarian Airlift for the 21st century with: True strategic heavy airlift capability True tactical operations capability Built-in Air-to-Air Refuelling capability Comprehensive military systems Commercial level availability & reliability Training and Operational Support are critical components of this capability
  3. 3. Integrated Training & Ops Support Network International Multi-lateral National National Training Centre Cooperation National Training Centres Training Centres (ITC Seville) Training Centres (NTCs) (NTCs) (NTCs) Promote Spread Operational Safety Best Practice Operational Support Services • Customer Location • Remote Support
  4. 4. Training Network – Overall Plan 2012 2013 2014 2015 International Training SEP 12 – Initial Training plus surge capability Centre Seville Full suite of training aids and full training service France National CA Establishment SEP 13 Training Centre Full Flight Simulator (FFS), Loadmaster Workstation Trainer (LMWST), Computer Based Training (CBT), Cockpit Maintenance Operations System (CMOS), Service UK National CA Establishment MAR 14 Training Centre FFS, Cargo Hold Trainer-Enhanced, LMWST, CBT, CMOS, Service Germany National Establishment Training Centre GE Requirement TBC AM Operational Operational Support (on-site or remote), Technical Assistance Support Services Progressive ramp-up of training capability; continuity and surge available at ITC
  5. 5. International Training Centre- Centre opened in October 2010- 12000 m2 facility with: • 6 Full Flight Simulator bays • 22 Training rooms • Conference room • Library and Data Access • Specialized training devices Certified by EASA as TRTO, MTO & STDO
  6. 6. Training Aids Suite Progressionfrom low costto high fidelity
  7. 7. Training Aids – Short-Term Plan 2012 JUN 2013 JUN CBT 06 CMOS 08 LMWST 11 FFS 12 Flat Panel-Flight Training Device (FP-FTD) 02 CHT-E 03 MSN 6 Plan to complete training of first FAF crews before end of 2012
  8. 8. Training Aids Industrial participation • CBT – Airbus Military & specialist sub-contractors • CMOS – Airbus Military & CAE • LMWST – Airbus Military & Rheinmetall • CHT-E – Airbus Military & Rheinmetall • FP-FTD – Airbus Military & Thales • FFS – Airbus Military & Thales • Courseware Design, Operational Documentation and Data - Airbus Military, Airbus, and Cassidian (SP & GE) Industrial structure ensures commercial efficiencies
  9. 9. Computer Based Training Systems • EIS CBT Training Topics developed: • Flight Crew Courses. >90% • Maintenance Courses. >90% • Development now in ‘maximum’ mode. • Familiarization courses • 3 already delivered to Internal Customer • Courses Qualification: • Qualification started with Civil Authorities. • Courses and CBT Qualification Plans released to OCCAR.Leveraging commercial standards Ready for Training in summer 2012
  10. 10. Cockpit Maintenance Operations System • Critical Design Review achieved • First batch of maintenance tasks • Second batch of tasks in progress • 3D Navigation developed • Virtual Cockpit and Animated Diagrams • Aircraft systems and Synoptic Displays • Engine Warning and System Displays Ready for Training in summer 2012Page 10
  11. 11. Cargo Hold Trainer - Enhanced High fidelity ground handling training for Loadmasters to practise loading procedures minimising use of real aircraft CHT-E under construction in Germany Ready for Training in early 2013
  12. 12. Loadmaster Workstation Trainer Medium fidelity full mission simulator for Loadmasters to learn procedures, aerial delivery, and emergencies handling Ready for Training in late 2012Page 12
  13. 13. Flat Panel Flight Training Device Touch-screen displays represent aircraft panels and displays - allows procedures training with minimum use of aircraft components Minimising investment without sacrificing training output quality
  14. 14. Full Flight Simulator Zero / low flight time conversion training and realistic mission rehearsal
  15. 15. FFS and FP-FTD Status • Critical Design Review achieved with OCCAR • Data packages, P& E all submitted • Power On achieved • Visual data base reviews performed • Integration phase ongoing in UK. Ready for Training in late 2012
  16. 16. Operational Documentation and Support• Flight Operations Documentation: • EIS Documentary Units required for EIS 95% complete• Multiple products: • Flight Crew: Ops Manual, Quick Reference Handbook, Performance Data Manual, Deployment Procedures Manual, Master Minimum Equipment List, ..... • Loadmasters: Cargo Loading Manual, Weight & Balance Manual, Airdrop Procedures Checklist, .....• Operational Support Services: • Documentation Revision Service • Electronic Flight Bag management • Mission support tools, eg Performance Data • Aircrew on-field support • Technical Assistance Centre (Queries Response ) • Operational Communications • Operational Liaison Visits • Multi-National Operators Forum • Support development of Tactics and CONOPS • Exploit wealth of expertise embedded in OEMPage 16
  17. 17. Training Aids – Short-Term Plan 2012 JUN 2013 JUN CBT 06 CMOS 08 LMWST 11 FFS 12 FP-FTD 02 CHT-E 03 MSN 6 Capable to complete training of first FAF crews before end of 2012
  18. 18.  2011 AIRBUS. Todos los derechos reservados. Documento confidencial. Este documento y toda la información contenida en el mismo es propiedad exclusiva de AIRBUS. La entrega de este documento o la divulgación de su contenido no otorga ningún derecho de propiedad intelectual a su receptor. Tampoco podrá ser reproducido o desvelado a terceros sin el consentimiento expreso por escrito de AIRBUS. Ni este documento ni su contenido podrán ser utilizados con otro fin que no sea aquél para el que han sido entregados. Las manifestaciones expresadas en este documento no constituyen una oferta comercial. Están basadas en las premisas mencionadas en el mismo y han sido realizadas de buena fe. Para cualquier aclaración dirigirse a AIRBUS. AIRBUS Y AIRBUS MILITARY, sus logotipos y los modelos A300, A310, A318, A319, A320, A321, A330, A340, A350, A380, A400M, A330MRTT, C212, C295 y CN235 son marcas registradas.Page 18
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