Tiimz Mobile workforce management by Sirma Mobile


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Tiimz is a platform for worforce management helping operations managers and business owners get better efficiency and interaction with their workforce.
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Tiimz Mobile workforce management by Sirma Mobile

  1. 1. Tiimz.com FIELD TEAM MANAGEMENTInnovation for life… http://tiimz.com
  2. 2. Service is provided in Bulgaria by VIVACOM under brand VIVATEAM http://vivateam.vivacom.bg http://sirmamobile.comInnovation for life… http://tiimz.com
  3. 3. Businesses needs Need to MONITOR field workforce PERFORMANCE Need to know more about employees WORKING HOURS UTILIZATION Need to gain control over corporate MOBILE PHONE USAGE AND COSTS Need to DISPATCH TEAMS JOBS on the field.Innovation for life… http://tiimz.com
  4. 4. Business benefits UTILIZE - Keep workers in the FIELD, where they belong. DISPATCH - SEND ORDERS to your teams’ mobile phones and get reports TRACK - SEE WHERE WORKERS ARE NOW, where theyve been, even how much time they spent on the road. Gain control over corporate MOBILE PHONE USAGE AND COSTS. COMMUNICATE - Scheduled and emergency TEAM CONFERENCING. Electronic timecards – give your people tool to SUBMIT WORKING HOURS AND BREAKS. Connect to payroll system.Innovation for life… http://tiimz.com
  5. 5. Tiimz Workforce Solution Tiimz is a platform combining the best features Corporate tool for tracking corporate taskforce on a map using regular from different employee tracking technologies phone available under one roof and simple easy to use • People • Field agents lightweight platform in the cloud. • Cars • Trucks A system allowing to put control and restrictions on • Calls • SMS Control individuals, teams, units or whole company Interface • Web interface • Mobile phoneInnovation for life… http://tiimz.com
  6. 6. Tiimz Workforce Solution With Tiimz Managers can analyze and take meaningful In addition with Tiimz operation decisions about: managers can Is taskforce well utilized on the field Dispatch teams and tasks; How to improve allocation efficiency Receive instant formalized What travel costs can be cut feedback and reports about work done; What phone usage costs can be cut Track employee working time; Get notifications when important unit of your business is not operational or is not on time.Innovation for life… http://tiimz.com
  7. 7. Tiimz.com MODULESInnovation for life… http://tiimz.com
  8. 8. Modules www.tiimz.com Module Module Task Module Module Emergency Administrati Tracking and assignment, Workflow Module Call team ve module Location dispatching modeler control conferencing (obligatory) and control Modules are available in single mode or in combination. New modules and connectors can be deployed easily.Innovation for life… http://tiimz.com
  9. 9. Module: Tracking and Location Tracking and Localization of company employees and activities Track employees Track group of employees Track whole company Fleet and inventory tracking Types of tracking and localization Manual localization on demand Scheduled tracking feature "It allows me to see creates history of employee where all of my guys are known locations on map in at all times" time. Benefits and Reports Powerful rules engine Tracking of company allows modeling all employees business requirements for View route of employee or cost and misuse control. vehicle during a working day Localizations history can be reviewed later in report Cost and usage control. section Export positioning address and coordinates at any time.Innovation for life… http://tiimz.com
  10. 10. Module: Call control Contact control Define black- and whitelists for dialing cases with help of ranked human readable rules Time control Define time slots for restrictions (working, non working hours), days of week Usage control Define usage limits for number of minutes or SMS Define allowed and disallowed dialing cases APP Control* for calls and SMS. Allow or disallow certain application in mobile phones Powerful rules engine remotely allows modeling all business requirements for Web filter * cost and misuse control. Put filters for web content on mobile phones * Features planned for next releaseInnovation for life… http://tiimz.com
  11. 11. Module: Administration Acces to main features, reporting and administration is don through a lightweight web based interface. Platform is in the cloud Co-branding with service provider is available Employee database can be uploaded or automatically populated by external source (like Payroll or Telco provisioning system) Settings can be applied one by one, to a group, or everybody.Innovation for life… http://tiimz.com
  12. 12. Reporting Reporting in Tiimz Predefine reporting – lists of information for positioning, usage and control Manual reports – user can pick up from different options to view data Schedule reporting – user can make predefine reports by his own options and receive ready reports by email Export Export data to CSV and Excel – list of employees, phone numbers, phonebook contacts Exporting results from reports, predefine and manual oneInnovation for life… http://tiimz.com
  13. 13. Workflow modeling engine Custom workflow in utility company modeled with Companies are not equal, so are Tiimz.com processes inside company. Powerful Tiimz workflow engine Call center allows modeling company receives notification specific business scenarios and requirements for: •Task assignment workflow Job done Dispatch team to • Reporting workflow (acceptance location document) • Cost and misuse rule set Get report from team Assign tasks to (camera shot and team checklist)Innovation for life… http://tiimz.com
  14. 14. Connectors for other core corporate IT systems Through customizable connectors system can be interconnected with 3rd party company IT systems in both directions. CRM/Service delivery systems Provision and populate employee data automatically from systems where this data CRM/Service already exists delivery systems ERP Track vehicles and other assets Web/Intranet/Extranet Payroll Display position of mobile agents on map on the web ERP Accounting ТIIMZ Create invoices for deliveries, CORE generate trip details and costs Payroll Calculate working hours, timesheets, overtime and payments. Website Accounting Extranet Intranet portalInnovation for life… http://tiimz.com
  15. 15. Tiimz unique benefits For end user Technology No Hardware, no CAPEX, just software No additional tracking device, uses SIM based solution existing phones and SIM cards Small SIM toolkit applet (10k) No hardware installation, no specialized Positioning based on multiple mounting cellID Existing employee phone is ok (99% Different type of reports phones on the market now) Provisioning through SIRMA proprietary OTA platform Works indoor/underground Android based solution Smartphone solution is For Service provider available for customer with higher performance and Expands the existing market with a new interface expectations. segment - low cost, no setup, no maintenance and less accuracy fleet Network based solution management solution Directly connects to MNO network facilities Self service and self provisioning service - No intervention on SIM is takes 5 mins. needed. Cloud service Provisioning through core provisioning serversInnovation for life… http://tiimz.com
  16. 16. CONTACT US FOR DEMO http://sirmamobile.comInnovation for life… http://tiimz.com