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5S Ilana Civilization

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5S Ilana Civilization

  1. 1. 7 Characteristics of a U.S.A. civilization By IlanaDruskin
  2. 2. • This is one of the greatest laws in america Government
  3. 3. • Barack Obama is the first African American president which is a big part in our history. He is currently our president. Government
  4. 4. Stable food supply• This is America’s main food supply. No hard work here! If you need something, you just come to a grocery store. It is usually here.
  5. 5. Social Structures Thisis middle class people . Most people are middle class.
  6. 6. Social Structures This is a person of a man who is wealthy he is part of the upper class
  7. 7. Social Structures This is a young boy who is very poor. So he is a part of the lower class
  8. 8. Technology The light bulb was created by Thomas Edison who lived in New Jersey
  9. 9. TechnologyThe I pad and I phoneis one of the biggestcreations in theworld. It was createdby Steve Jobs whowas the founder ofApple.
  10. 10. ReligionThe Jewish star or the star ofDavid represents the Jewishpeople. And the letters weread from the Torah are a partof our history.
  11. 11. ReligionThe Cross representswere Jesus died. And thechurches are free toanyone.
  12. 12. Highly Developed Way of Life  Science, Music , Architecture , Metal carving, and Art are all a part of highly developed ways of life.
  13. 13. Written Language Just because you can speak a language you have to be able to write it to become a civilization.