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5S Gillian Civilization

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5S Gillian Civilization

  1. 1. The United States Of America By Gillian Fritzlo
  2. 2. GovernmentBarrack Obama is the highestranked person in the UnitedStates Government. He waselected president in the yearof 2008. He is the 44thpresident and the firstAfrican American president ofthe United States.
  3. 3. Government The United States government is a democracy, made up of three branches; The Executive Branch, The Legislative Branch and the Judicial Branch. There are State and local governments. Under the 10th Amendment of the US Constitution all states must have a republican form of government, although a three branch structure is not required.
  4. 4. Social Structure In the United States of America many believe that there are different economic and social classes based on wealth, income and education. These social classes are classified as: High income, Middle income and Low income.
  5. 5. Stable Food SupplyThe United States ofAmerica has a stable foodsupply. It ranks #1 inagricultural commoditiessuch as; milk, beef, pork,chicken, soybeans andother major sources offood for the world. The UShas multiple restaurantsand fast food places likeBurger King, McDonalds,and Wendy’s. People loveto stop on the road for aquick bite.
  6. 6. Religion The United States is home to many different religions. According to a 1/8/2012 “Pew Forum” survey, 78% of the country is Christian. Other large religious groups are Judaism at 1.7%, Buddhist at 0.7%, Muslim at 0.6% and Hindu at 0.4%. Each of these religions have there own way of worshipping God.
  7. 7. Highly Developed Way Of Life The United States is home to some of the worlds tallest skyscrapers; eleven American buildings have held the title of the highest buildings in the world. The following buildings are examples of amazing architecture. The Empire State Building was the first building in the world to have over 100 floors.
  8. 8. Highly Developed Way Of LifeAs of 2011 The Willis Tower formerlyknown as the Sears Tower is the tallestskyscraper in the United States and the19th tallest building in the world.The US is home to some of thegreatest artistic and culturalattractions in the world. Greatmuseums, the worlds biggestmovie industry and liveentertainment like Broadwayshows.
  9. 9. Technology There have been many different technological advancements in the United States. Mostly in the areas of space exploration, manufacturing, communications, and transportation.
  10. 10. Technology (continued) Mobile communications towers and complex highways are now everywhere throughout the United States.
  11. 11. Written LanguageIn the US we write in English.There are many other languages.The one thing they all have incommon is that they allow us tocommunicate when speaking isnot possible.Characters (letters) are used toassemble words and words areused to assemble sentenceswhich deliver messages. ABC


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