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Alli 5M culture


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Alli 5M culture

  1. 1. CULTURE OF JAPAN Allison Keeler
  2. 2. GOVERNMENTThis is Yoshihiko Noda. He is thecurrent Prime Minister of Japan.The Prime Minister is the head ofthe Japanese government.
  3. 3. SOCIAL STRUCTURE Today there is a upper, middle and lower class in Japan, with a majority in the middle class. However, earlier Japanese society focused more on family. A person’s last name was very important, it showed whether you were a peasant or a noble.
  4. 4. RELIGIONShinto is a religion created in Japan. Itfocuses on nature and spirits calledKami. According to Shinto, every objecthas a Kami which you need to respect.Shrines can be as small as a smallstatue, or as large as a park.
  5. 5. FOODRice is the major crop grown inJapan. There are also a largevariety of fish surrounding thenation, allowing for many seafooddishes.
  6. 6. CULTUREJapan is famous for its comic cartoons, alsocalled manga. It also covers many differenttopics for both girls and boys. They havebeen developed into cartoons, which arecalled anime in Japan, and video games.They are imported all around the world inmany different languages.
  7. 7. WRITTEN LANGUAGE Japan got its written language from China. Its called Kanji. Today they have three alphabets: Kanji, Kana, and Hiragana..
  8. 8. TECHNOLOGY The Bullet Train is a new high-speed train in Japan. These trains have been able to reach up to 361 mph. They will always be at the station within 10 seconds of predicted arrival time.
  9. 9. END