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Marketing Ideas for Dog Food Supplement by Growth Channel

This free marketing ideas set is prepared by Growth Channel for a dog supplement business. Create your personalized marketing plan on

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Marketing Ideas for Dog Food Supplement by Growth Channel

  1. 1. Growth Plan 1.01 Overview: Growth Marketing Ideas Growth Channel presents these growth marketing ideas to give you a quick overview of what your business can do to sell DOG FOOD SUPPLEMENT to female consumers at a good conversion rate and small budget. These tactics will help you establish your digital brand, marketing and activation for the Trigger and Consideration phases of the customer journey. This report is built for the indicated target group of female 22-65 years old residing in the United States of America, interested in pets who are employed, self-employed or freelancers. If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to us via email: Free sample: DOG FOOD SUPPLEMENT Page of1 5
  2. 2. Growth Plan 1.01 Trigger marketing ideas There are a number of female communities out there which you can join to kick off the conversation with your target audience. It’s important not to start promoting your business right in the beginning, but to introduce yourself, who you are, what you are working on, what problems you’re solving and how. Make sure you provide value to the existing conversations by sharing educational content and participating in active discussions. Pet Health Advice Canine: Nutrition & Dog Food Discussion Dog Food & Nutrition Discussion -Uncensored Dog Deals USA Dogster Similar to online communities, there are also a number of existing podcasts which always seek prominent guest speakers to join the conversation. Be that guest speaker! By positioning yourself as a thought leader in your industry, your project will also be getting credibility and be able to grow much faster. These Five Podcasts Will Make You A Better Pet Parent 8 Of The Best Podcasts For Dog Lovers Pet Health Podcasts Content marketing should be one of your priorities to build a credible brand and acquire initial audience. This can be a blog or a video series. If you don’t know where to start, check out what your competitors are writing about, and more importantly - which keywords are they getting most traffic from. Based on the keywords, start prepping your content around those topics. Here are a few keywords which is targeting: dog bad breath home remedy best dog food homemade dog food You can also get content inspirations for your website from your competition: Free sample: DOG FOOD SUPPLEMENT Page of2 5
  3. 3. Growth Plan 1.01 Not limited to your business website, consider contributing content to other well established pet websites and blogs. This way you will get in front of the new audience, broaden your reach and ‘trigger’ new potential customers. Consider the following sites (some might be free, some will require payment for publication): Don’t stop on publishing the content. Promote it with native advertising, social media ads (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube), Quora and search ads. Based on your target audience, creating a community can be a great way to engage with dog enthusiasts, your followers, customers, partners and advocates. You can have your community on Facebook as an example. There you can gather customer feedback, learn more about their purchasing decisions, share inspiring stories and educational content. Last but not least, involve your happy customers in your marketing activities. Incentivise them for helping you promote your product. That can be done through discounts, a free pack or gift cards. Studies show that customers brought through referrals have a much higher conversion rate than those who come from outbound marketing. Free sample: DOG FOOD SUPPLEMENT Page of3 5
  4. 4. Growth Plan 1.01 Consideration marketing ideas Add more trust elements on your website. As your brand is relatively new, customers might have trouble switching to new unknown brands such as yours. Re-assure your target audience that it can be trusted by adding more elements on your homepage: customer reviews, vet quotes, nutritionist quotes, press mentions, safe payment gateway and other. In this stage of customer decision journey, users tend to perform more intensive research about the brand, product contents, and reviews. Make sure it’s easy to find and covers mostly positive experience. Share customer stories in your blog, get videos up on your YouTube channel, Instagram and Pinterest board. After users did all their research and they feel comfortable to go to the next step, make easy for them to sign up. Big part of that is optimising your website copy and call-to-action (CTA) elements. You can run A/B tests to verify a CTA button that will have the highest conversion rate. You can do it with free tools such as Google Optimise. You can also use predictive analytics tools to help you optimise your content even before publishing it, such as Neuro Flash for small businesses. Your website now has only 1 prominent CTA button for purchase on homepage. Consider adding at least 1 more. Your competition has at least 3 CTA buttons on their website with much bigger conversion impact: A: Start Assessment B: TAKE THE QUIZ C: Get started now D: Personalise their plan E: Generate their pack Many female consumers tend to change their purchase decisions based on a sale or a special offer. Consider adding discounted offers or a free nutrition consultation on your website, and make it prominent right on the homepage. Last but not least, you do not have to limit your sales just to your website. Consider 3rd party platforms and marketplaces with much bigger customer base where you can tap into producing more sales. A few examples to consider: Free sample: DOG FOOD SUPPLEMENT Page of4 5
  5. 5. Growth Plan 1.01 Facebook marketplace Petsmart Petco Amazon iHeartDogs OnlyNaturalPet Few growth hacks to consider To help you along this journey, here are some cool tools for your budget which you can employ: • will instantly transforms your content into a unique video, audio, stories & collections • AdvertSuite will discover best performing Facebook ads for your niche, which you can instantly replicate • Use Segmentify to track and target individual website visitors according to their unique online buying habits. Segmentify makes personalised product recommendations according to the unique preferences of your customers. • Consider using Influential AI to optimize your creatives, build audiences, and track online and offline attribution. Learn more about AI Marketing tools in our latest publication Thank you! Thanks for showing interest in Growth Channel and participating in our MVP! We very much appreciate your feedback. Let us know how if you liked this stack of marketing ideas, if it was on par with your team’s plans by competing this short survey. We hope you enjoyed the read! Please help us spread the word about Growth Channel and our vision. You can share below link with your network, so they can also benefit from the free set of marketing ideas: If you want to take the next step and let Growth Channel prepare your full custom marketing plan, let us know! We charge only $250 for a full plan, as opposed to any consultant or a marketing agency. Your plan will include everything from persona mapping, content templates, paid media plan, reporting dashboard and budget plan. Growth Channel solution is built on AI and machine learning technology, which allows us keep the price at a fraction of the cost. If you’re interested to learn more, simply send an email to Happy hacking 😃 Free sample: DOG FOOD SUPPLEMENT Page of5 5