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Foreign Policy Mission

This is the Foreign Policy Mission which is the first step to your detailed research about your country in preparation for the conference :)

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Foreign Policy Mission

  1. 1. Foreign Policy Mission The first and most important step to succeeding in the conference is the completion of the foreign policy mission. Only by understanding your country inside out can you interact in the conference, reach your potential and have FUN! Put on your new shoes • What is the historical background of your country? (Focus on the actions of your country during the cold war and the world wars) • What resources does your country have? (Economical, natural, military and political…) • How does your country make use of the resources it has? (peaceful or aggressive means) • What makes your country unique? (For example does it have a certain leverage that gives it an advantage other countries don’t possess) • What are the factors you consider to be a threat to your national security? (Some may include terrorism, failing economy and deprivation from certain resources) • What countries do you see to be rising powers in the international system? • What are your strengths and weaknesses as a country? Identify your foreign policy objectives • Economical • Social • Political Does your country consider one type of objective to be more important than the other? What is the role you country aspires to play in the international arena? (ambitions). Look at the implementation of the foreign policy Domestic • Who is in charge of executing the foreign policy? (Foreign ministers, presidents, the people).
  2. 2. • What regime does your country follow? (Democracy, authoritarian, communist…) • What are the entities that have the most influence and control in the country? (Entities could include citizens, government, and a certain leader.) • Does your country have a constitution outlining its main aims, goals and domestic policies? Look for it!!! • What is the decision making process inside your country? • Is there a specific problem or dispute going on internally? International • What approach does your country take when it comes to securing its position in the international system? (country tries to either maintain or gain influence and control) • What are the methods that your country adopts when trying to secure its position in the international community? (For example weaponry development, the use of hard and soft power and isolationism.) • Are you involved in any disputes or conflicts? If so then find out your role? • Are you active within the United Nations Security Council and if so in what way? (Look at your contribution in the SC meetings and your role in implementing any resolutions that are passed. Specifically look at what kind of a role you take for example you may be a mediator, involved member or a leading member in the council.) • Which countries do you have friendly political ties with? And what are the countries you are not on good terms with? (It’s very important to find out why). • Have you signed any treaties or conventions recently or in the past? • Do you belong to a certain organisation? (Regional, non-governmental or international)? • Which countries do you share economic ties with? (trade partners, could be part of an economic organisation) • Do you receive/give aid to other countries? (Aid could be economic, humanitarian, political support etc...) You are of course not limited by the points above; they are just to get u started on becoming ready for the conference.