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  1. 1. Discussant Gráinne Conole, The Open University, UKCAL conference, Manchester, 14th April 2011
  2. 2. Contribution• Learning analytics: • as a tool to understand learning behaviour • to provide evidence to support design of more effective learning environments • to make effective use of social and participatory media
  3. 3. Pedagogies• Learning analytics against: • Assessment and feedback • Discourse • Enquiry and sensemaking
  4. 4. Assessment & feedback• Importance of assessment and feedback as part of the learning process• Issues around marking and workload• Open Mentor and Open Comment: feedback through reflection and social networking• Coding of feedback comments and power of Bale’s categories of group interaction
  5. 5. Discourse• Cohere: structured discourse and knowledge construction• Discourse as an indicator of learning• Language as social action• Visualisation both as an analytic tool and a means of supporting sensemaking
  6. 6. Enquiry and sensemaking• New social networking spaces like Cloudworks to support dialogue and knowledge construction• Cloudworks: object- rather than ego centric, collective aggregation and improvement, supporting collective intelligence and distribution cognition (Salomon, 1983)• Disputational, cumulative and exploratory
  7. 7. Putting it all together• Combining different forms of data analytics • VLE stats • Library analytics • Sitewide tracking • Course analytics
  8. 8. Final thoughts• New social media are complex spaces• Offer potential for new forms of dialogue and collaboration• Need for new tools and methodologies and theoretical perspectives to structure and analyse these spaces• Meta-analysis - learning about learning• Potential to foster good pedagogies - reflection, feedback, dialogue & collaboration• Care with interpretation